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Vegan Korean spicy mushroom stew recipe (buseot-gaejang)



Shiitake mushrooms Kelp 1L of water Please call Dried fern Call for at least 3 hours Soaked fern Submersible water Please boil over the river When the fern softens, it comes out Cooling down Green onion 3 root Oyster mushroom Trim it 4 garlic cloves Fry garlic on a river wave Red pepper powder 1tsp Reduce the fire and add more oil so that the red pepper powder does not burn Collection Put the called elevation Throw away kelp Boil over medium heat Chief Dubanjang 2tsp Boil it Boiled fern Oyster Cool it in cold water noodle Soak I'm saved Cool it down Tear Season with soy sauce 1/2 tsp marmite (Delicious smell) Season with soy sauce

If you freeze it in a bottle with a wide mouth, it's good to eat it later when it's annoying Freeze before adding noodles Be careful not to be too full when freezing in a bottle When I eat noodle, I like to put it right away (I don't like the noodles) Soaked noodles wave Chickpea flour 3tsp ~ 30mL water curcuma A little salt Completed vegetarian chickpea instead of eggs! Oyster mushroom Chickpea Zidane Wave garnish

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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