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VEGAN No-Bake Oreo Cake | ICEBOX CAKE RECIPE | The Edgy Veg



– Hey, guys, it's Candace the Edgy Veg and today I'm going to try and veganize an icebox cake It's perfect for summer, if you have like a 4th of July party, or Memorial Day, or just a barbecue

It's a super quick, easy dessert, no bake, so you know it's perfect for me, and all you have to do is just throw it in the freezer So I could've decided to make just the traditional icebox cake, but that's not how we do things around here So I decided to make a peanut butter and Oreo icebox cake If you are following me on Instagram at all, you know how many Oreo, Oreo-style cookies, I eat alone and with friends So this is the perfect cake, it's very dear to my heart, and let's make it

The first thing that you are going to need is some vegan-friendly cream cheese We are going to put that, peanut butter, and some sugar into a mixing bowl and mix it until it's fluffy All right, starting with, oop, okay Well, it's going in there It's about one and a half packages of Tofutti cream cheese

Now we have some white sugar And peanut butter I've decided to use the Just Peanuts peanut butter, but you can use whatever peanut butter you like I'm also using smooth, but, I mean, I wouldn't use crunchy for this, but whether there's added sugar or not is really up to you There's a lot of sugar in this anyway, so you don't really need the addition of the sugar in like a Kraft peanut butter, for example

All right, now let's mix it (upbeat music) Now I'm going to add powdered sugar I'm doing this in batches so it doesn't just like fly everywhere, so just a little bit at a time (upbeat music) And then just start slowly (mixer whirring) Until it's incorporated

All right, I noticed that my powdered sugar was a little bit chunky, so I just sifted it If your powdered sugar is chunky, just sift it through like a fine mesh sieve or with one of those powdered sugar things Yeah (upbeat music) Scrape down the sides as you need to And just mix until it's smooth

Okay, traditionally, this uses Cool Whip, but instead, we are going to use Coco Whip because it's the same thing, just vegan You can buy this at most health food stores I love this stuff I almost never use it, and I didn't know how to use it, I wasn't like a Cool Whip eater when I grew up, it's just not something that my parents let me eat because I wasn't allowed to eat much sugar, really But it's super fun for summertime desserts

I'm excited that I get to experiment with this So, I'm using two and a half tubs of this and adding it straight to the peanut butter mixture Look at it (laughing) I'm a child All right, so we have to slowly beat it in

So I guess I'll do like half a tub at a time All right, let's start mixing (mixer whirring) It's almost like marshmallow fluff (mixer whirring) (laughing) They really need to work on this packaging This is ridiculous

It totally looks like marshmallow fluff Stop this for a sec, and okay, cool Just twirling it around Didn't want you in there anyway (upbeat music) I remember going to Virginia once and I went to this like Amish furniture store, I think it was

And they had this like peanut butter pie, and this, it's kind of what this reminds me of And I'm really excited for it because it was one of the best things I've ever eaten It was just like, Cool Whip type thing and peanut butter, on like a pie crust, and it was amazing It's kind of the inspiration for this thing All right

(mixer whirring) And half of this other one (upbeat music) All right, that's about half, I think Eh, a little more It's always better to have too much than too little No one wants an anemic-looking cake

All right, the final push (upbeat music) We're going to make this mixture even more awesome by making it chocolatey So I'm just gonna scoop it out Oh my god, look at this Totally reminds me of marshmallow fluff

Ooo I think that's, eh, maybe one more Okay Now let's add the cocoa powder (upbeat music) Ooo! All right, now we are making the bottom of this cake, which is just cookies dipped in milk

Now, you can use Oreos, or if you're staying away from palm oil, you can also use the off-brand Oreos I kind of alternate between the two, depending on which one's available at my grocery store The off-brand ones sell out very quickly So today, I'm using Oreos So you just dunk them into the milk and then place them onto your springform pan, which I've lined with parchment paper

(upbeat music) On top of the Oreos, we are now adding a layer of the peanut butter mousse Spread that out, and then we are going to top that with another layer of Oreos (upbeat music) Now we're adding a layer of the chocolate peanut butter mousse (upbeat music) Get it right over to the edge So who's coming over to help me eat this cake? Because there's a lot of this

All right, now we're adding another layer of dunked Oreos (upbeat music) Okay, now that we have our final layer of Oreos, we're gonna add the rest of the peanut butter mixture and throw it into the, I was about to say oven, but it's no bake, into the fridge for about two to three hours (upbeat music) I have a little bit of the chocolate left over, so I don't waste it, I'm just gonna throw that on top as well Spread it out And if you get a little bit of a marbling effect, that's okay

All right, now throw this into the freezer for about two to three hours (upbeat music) So our cake is more or less solidified I'm going to decorate it with some vegan-friendly chocolate sauce This is Accidentally Vegan And just some cut-up cookies

Now, if you can find some dark chocolate peanut butter cups or some like vegan milk chocolate peanut butter cups, you can also throw those on there, as well Springform pan And then carefully removing the parchment Ooo, I love when things work out! Okay, now I'm just gonna go crazy with this I'm gonna, is there anything, okay

Have a rag nearby because this could get messy But I'm just going to squeeze chocolate across the whole thing You can do this with ganache or whatever your favorite chocolate sauce is You can do it as messy or as neat as you want, as well I'm gonna go both ways, I think

(upbeat music) and then a little bit in the center because I'm going to take these Oreos and kind of just shove them into the chocolate (upbeat music) Ooo, aaah, delicious This is the prettiest cake and it looks like it took so much effort, but it really did not Take the crumbs and just go around the edge, if you want I'm very happy with myself

(laughing) (upbeat music) All right, I cannot wait anymore, I need this in my mouth immediately, so let's cut into this I'm gonna try to get the perfect little cut I think that's like right, right, oh, I might need a stronger knife for this Because I think I cut right where an Oreo is, so hold on How many layers of Oreo am I cutting through right now? (knife thudding) Oh, could you hear that? Trying to get the perfect Instagram cut coming through

This is what they don't show you on Instagram Oh no! (laughing) No, stay together! Okay, okay, okay, okay, it's fine, god Yes (upbeat music) So this is the kind of cake that you eat as a pile Oh my god, oh my god

If you make nothing else this summer, you have to make this Oh my god, it's so good Well, I'm going to go eat this With my hands, apparently This is better than the tasty brownie I made

Leave me a comment in the comments section below, letting, you, (mumbling), I'm overwhelmed It's so good, I'm overwhelmed All right, guys, that's how you make an icebox cake It is to die for, I'm going to eat it with my hands and then with a fork, because I'm an animal If you liked this video, give it a big thumbs up

If you loved this recipe, give it a big thumbs up Let me know in the comments section below what summer recipes you want to see next And I will talk to you next time Bye! Mmm, oh my god Oh, I also have a barbecue playlist that I'll link in the description box below

Holy crap!

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