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[UltraVid id=173 ]today we are back in the kitchen hello everyone it’s rose and welcome back to cheap lazy vegan today we are back in the kitchen and we are going to make slump then we’re gonna make spaghetti again I am a big fan of spaghetti I think spaghetti is my favourite pasta yes I just like noodles you know what I’m saying today I wanted to try making parmesan spaghetti recently I actually made vegan Parmesan cheese with cashews and I have been wanting to make something with that so here we are so this is going to be super super super simple and I just have a feeling guys that is gonna be good okay it’s gonna be good by the way if you haven’t subscribed yet what have you been doing for the last few minutes click the subscribe button I do videos like this I do vegan recipes that are easy cheap lazy and I changed my hair to keep things interesting okay so first thing I’m gonna do is show you guys how to make a very very very very very easy and simple Parmesan cheese using nuts originally I was just gonna show you guys the simple cashew Parmesan cheese recipe but I decided I’m gonna be a little bit adventurous and just throw in a few other types of nuts in there you know oh my god by the way guys I finally could expose my skin you see you see the exposure finally it is nice out kind of I don’t know about where you guys live but over here in Canada where I live it has been the longest winter at some points I honestly thought it was never ever going to get worn I was like is this just my reality now am I just going to be cold all the time anyways movie I have here my handy dandy trusty food processor which I am obsessed with and I use in like half of my videos at least we are going to process the nuts guys so this is a really great recipe because you can just make it once and then just keep it in a little container in the fridge and I swear it just lasts forever because this thing I made probably weeks ago okay and yeah like yes it’s all good you know you just have to do this once and if this pasta thing works out this could be your like really lazy dinner so let’s take out some measuring cups my homegirl Betty Crocker from the dollar the dollar store I’m gonna add okay folks let’s try that again so we’re gonna take half a cup of raw cashews we’re gonna add that to the food processor then I decided because I just have other nuts just hanging around you I have some almond nut almond nuts some almonds and I also have some macadamia nuts okay I just thought I would just throw that in there for some additional flavor so I think I’m just gonna throw in about a quarter cup of a mixture of both almond and macadamia nuts if you don’t want to use other nuts totally fine usually most recipes call for cashews just use 3/4 cup of cashews instead of half a cup of cashews that’s when you put two up guys and then I think I’m gonna add about a quarter cup of nutritional yeast honestly I will just free pour especially with Nuge I just feel like you just can’t really use too much of it almost it’s just one on damn times I’m gonna use a heaping quarter cup of Anubis this is Nuge right here guys this is what’s gonna give it that cheesy flavor if you’re vegan you need this in your life at all times it’s very very vital so we’re gonna throw the nooch in here and then I’m gonna use 3/4 teaspoon of salt but really you can use however much or how her little salt you want oh I got salt everywhere and then this part is optional but because I love garlic we’re gonna add to half a teaspoon of garlic powder whoo oh I want garlic bread now I just failed at life I probably should have been boiling the water and cooking the spaghetti while I was doing this so let’s just backtrack let’s boil the water and so in here we’ve got three different types of nuts mainly cashews and like I said you can just use cashews that’s usually what people do I’m just switching things up and then we also have a lot of nutritional yeast but we also have some salt and garlic powder I think that’s it now we can process it until it becomes Lotte DS where is these completely graded okay we’re gonna do that so let’s do that here it is I’m actually gonna try it and adjust things if I need to now I can actually prefer cashew Parmesan real Parmesan just has that stank that’s stank and I’m not a fan of that stank even when I eat Parmesan I didn’t learn to smell you know I know some people get bothered by the accents I’m sorry guys it’s actually just it’s it’s an illness it’s an illness okay let’s try this out hmm whoa that’s really yummy it’s definitely more nutty now that I’ve added other nuts in there so I Stephen actually add a little bit more nooch I told you you can never have enough nooch okay I’m gonna but I never a little bit longer it should be ready it’s just so good I don’t know if I would say it tastes like parmesan but it’s delicious so I’ve just set that aside and now we can just prepare a few of the other ingredients which are super simple so I’m just going to chop up some garlic mince some garlic honestly I hate doing this this is the worst part I’m gonna use three cloves of garlic cuz I always like to up my garlic intake feel free to use less but I like things garlicky and I do happen to have a garlic mince or somewhere but I can’t find it found it so apparently this looks like we chopper I don’t know what y’all talking about I got this on Amazon I’ll leave a link down below if you’re interested I just peel it and then I add it into this thing and then you just twist it and it minces your garlic for you so there it is guys garlic is all minced I have to still take some out this is the annoying part when I gently take it out of this thing because there’s all these crevices but sometimes it still beats missing did you hear that alright guys so the garlic is ready and I think the water is now boiling so let’s throw in the biscotti I’m using one serving of biscotti dude dude how long do I cook this for I don’t even know while the spaghetti it’s cookie we’re actually going to cook up the garlic and I’m gonna use some vegan butter we’re gonna make a buttery kind of thing so I have here a nonstick pan we’re gonna heat that pan up I will be using Earth Balance traditional spread which is basically like a vegan butter so we’re gonna use this and we’re gonna add this in here in here let me get you closer we’re not maybe about a tablespoon I don’t use too much it smells amazing guys oh I’m just gonna throw this pasta in directly into and then let’s throw in the can already tell it’s gonna be delicious oh my god guys it’s butter a vegan parmesan and then I actually have this frozen parsley and I don’t know if I’m supposed to use it I’ve googled it and it seems that you can freeze parsley so we’re gonna add in some of this frozen parsley in here so we’re just gonna toss that you know I should have the heat turned off but I’m just tossing it I cannot wait to try this [Music] so because I put the idea in my head I’m just gonna have to do it I’m gonna make some vegan garlic bread so it’s gonna be very quick I’m just gonna toast this put some butter on it and then put some garlic powder in the toaster this looks and smells amazing and here is some very lazy garlic powder garlic powder garlic garlic blade garlic toast can we do momen can we please take a moment to acknowledge the beauty of this this looks so good [Music] alright guys the moment we’ve all been waiting for well the moment I’ve been waiting for is here woohoo I can honestly say this smells so good oh my god you guys I’m just gonna dig in okay I am so hungry oh my God look at em are you guys this is so much better than I had ever imagined it would actually oh my god it’s so good oh everything mmm be scholar bed mm-hmm mm-hmm not parmesan and the garlic and the butter I’m sure you could do this with olive oil not vegan butter if you don’t have vegan butter that’s totally fine oh my god it’s so good you guys you need to drive it more parmesan mmm try this hmm like I would eat this at a restaurant be like this is so good all right you guys so that is it for my delicious Parmesan buttery pasta thing oh my gosh it’s so good I really want you guys to try this out it is so so delicious and it’s so easy to make once you make that Parmesan cheese once you can keep it in your fridge and just make this over and over again it is a lazy dish you can make this after work and when you’re just not feeling motivated to do anything they still want a delicious delicious dish definitely try this out you guys it’s so delicious okay I care I need to stop talking earlier anyways if you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and if you’re new to this channel of course don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this and more cheap and lazy vegan recipes and I really hope you guys have a great day thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video bye [Music] [Music]

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