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[lauren] why did they put this on here? [lauren] hello everybody it's hot for food

i'm lauren [lauren] and i'm back to perform another [lauren] RECIPE?! [lauren] and this is where i start with nothing [lauren] i just see what's in my fridge and pantry and then i come up with an idea [lauren] and then i try to make a delicious recipe out of it [lauren] vegan of course but you never know what's gonna happen it could be a total flop

[lauren] or it could be a great success it's something you go on to make yourself in your own house [lauren] either way, you get inspired to start cooking and to start using what you have on hand [lauren] so let's see what's going on over here [lauren] usually i start in the fridge cos that's a good starting point but [lauren] i thought "you know what, let's go into the cupboard and see what's in the cupboards first" [lauren] so we got spices and nuts up here which i can just use all the time but [lauren] i was mostly curious about what's in here we have nori paper, sushi paper [lauren] with quinoa

[lauren] so that could be useful [lauren] oh, we have this now this is an interesting thing this is a pre done risotto that somebody gave us [lauren] whatever that says: mushroom risotto

[lauren] so you just add your own stuff to it [lauren] that could be interesting [lauren] dried chickpeas we don't have time for this cos that takes 8 hours [lauren] lasagna noodles

[lauren] and also i have macaroni macaroniii [lauren] so we could make some type of pasta we could make this risotto which i kind of am leaning towards using this [lauren] because it's interesting and i have a lot of mushrooms in there so that could be interesting

[lauren] but then i was thinking quinoa [lauren] mushrooms, we can make a burger [lauren] okay i did know that i had all these mushrooms the reason i bought them pre sliced [lauren] is because i thought i was gonna make those sausage rolls again for a party and i never end up doing it [lauren] so we have to use these up cremini mushrooms [lauren] we still have that caesar dressing from that last RECIPE?! where i made the chicken caesar wraps/ [lauren] mind you, this is only a couple days after even though when you're watching this, it's like 5 weeks after

[lauren] a lot of cabbage [lauren] celery, basil, red onion [lauren] cilantro, kale, carrots i got a whole produce section up in here [lauren] well we're working with a lot here which means we could go in any direction [lauren] the mushrooms really are gonna be the basis for where we go here [lauren] because i do not- they're about to go bad [lauren] i think i like that idea of trying to make a burger

do i have a bun? i don't even know if i have a bun/ [lauren] we have these ciabatta rolls [lauren] woah! they're about to open up [lauren] alright, i am officially overwhelmed i have too much food, whic is [lauren] sometimes not the case here in this kitchen but i'm leaning towards [lauren] doing some type of sandwich with the mushrooms but i don't know what [lauren] i do have so many of these buns i'm just gonna take out a couple because they're frozen and let them thaw [lauren] i wanna use those

[lauren] i definitely need to use the mushrooms so i'm gonna get everything out of here and start cooking those [lauren] and then see how i feel while i'm cooking [lauren] so i always have onion lying around, i'm going to slice up this white onion and cook that with the mushroom [lauren] just a little bit of oil [lauren] kay, we'll add all those mushrooms in [lauren] so as i'm waiting for these mushrooms to shrink down and cook, [lauren] i was thinking about what type of sandwich to do and i know i was a little hung up on the making of the [lauren] patty, like the mushrooms ground up with quinoa

[lauren] but i don't think that goes well with the bun that i have, it's too much grain [lauren] i thought about doing like, the patties as an open face, sort of like [lauren] the patties as the bun and put vegetables inside [lauren] but then [lauren] i thought, this is obviously the makings of a philly cheese steak, [lauren] but then i realised i don't have green pepper, which is kinda an essential [lauren] in a traditional philly cheese steak, and i don't really have [lauren] anything to make the cheese

[lauren] so then i realised i could maybe make this filling of mushrooms into like a pulled pork [lauren] they're meaty, they're chewy, [lauren] i have a lot of barbecue sauce i can kinda mix and match and water down and make a sauce [lauren] so i thought that would be cool, and then i had the cabbage, [lauren] all leftover so we can make a slaw, and we could put the caesar dressing on the slaw [lauren] as like the creamy slaw and the pulled pork [lauren] pulled mushroom pork [lauren] and we have the perfect bun for that [lauren] so i think that's where i'm going with this

[lauren] so i'm gonna add a teaspoon of chipotle chili and cumin, [lauren] and just a little bit of cloves cos i feel like it has this molassesy, [lauren] smell that would be good for the barbecue sauce [lauren] there's also lots of juices in here from the mushrooms [lauren] so this is taking a long time, [lauren] to cook down so i had this amazing idea, [lauren] as i often do, when i'm standing here [lauren] but remember how i said i had that macaroni? [lauren] and then i thought macaroni salad, [lauren] is the perfect accompaniment to a pulled pork sandwich that's like classic american barbecue

[lauren] so i'm gonna boil up some noodles [lauren] and then i think i can use my caesar dressing in both ways [lauren] i can use it in the coleslaw for the sandwich and i can use it as the sort of base with more vinegar for the pasta salad [lauren] and i've got celery and red onion to give it some crunch and some carrot [lauren] it's gonna be so good! [lauren] kay so i got the ends of two bottles of barbecue sauce, i'm just gonna mix them in there with a little bit of hot water [lauren] ohh yea [lauren] so we wanna get this a little more caramelised and thick so we'll just let it keep cooking [lauren] to be honest i think i'm more excited for the pasta salad

[lauren] so let's get everything chopped up here for the salad and the slaw [lauren] so for the pasta salad i'm gonna do celery, red onion, cucumber, [lauren] basil and cilantro [lauren] and carrots [lauren] and you can use whatever you want this is just what i have in the fridge

[lauren] so pasta salad sauce is sort of one or two things [lauren] it's very thick and heavy and creamy, [lauren] or it's very thin and vinegar-like and i kinda wanna do something in the middle [lauren] so like i said, i have this leftover caesar dressing that we made with tofu from the last RECIPE?! [lauren] when i made chicken caesar wraps i'm gonna use some of this [lauren] i'm also gonna use what's left here of our greek salad dressing, [lauren] maybe i'll add a dollap of vegan mayonnaise and some dijon, [lauren] lots of ground pepper

[lauren] and now we'll mix this together and then i'm gonna throw in all the vegetables and the pasta and toss it [lauren] this is amazing and genius and it smells so good, [lauren] it like, takes you back to like, old, you know, when you're a kid and you're at a family barbecue it smells exactly like that [lauren] and i also can't believe i made like a whole side for a barbecue for like [lauren] 8-10 people out of leftovers [lauren] oh my god! [lauren] even if you make the greek salad, take that dressing and use it on this and add some mayonnaise it'll be great [lauren] that is so good! [lauren] we gotta make our sandwiches

[lauren] the pulled barbecue mushrooms are ready, [lauren] i'm just gonna quickly make a slaw [lauren] kay so you wanna finely chop or grate cabbage like this [lauren] the thinner it's chopped, the better it will absorb and wilt with the vinegar [lauren] i'm gonna add kale because it's me, everybody [lauren] so chop these really finely into shreds as well [lauren] this is gonna be like a kale slaw

[lauren] did you know this makes your lemon juicier? [lauren] so i'm gonna do lemon juice and sea salt and give it a massage with the kale [lauren] i have two pickles left in the fridge so i'm just gonna cut these up and add them to the slaw [lauren] i'm gonna take the leftover caesar dressing and i'm gonna add mayonnaise, dijon mustard, [lauren] i'm just gonna add a touch of apple cider vinegar, [lauren] i'm ready to cut open these buns and make my sandwiches [lauren] mm! pulled barbecue mushroom sandwiches [lauren] and duh! i know you're gonna ask me to put the macaroni on the mushrooms

[lauren] i kinda think that should've been the whole recipe: is macaroni salad , pulled pork sandwiches but [lauren] do what you want you know how to make coleslaw with the caesar dressing, you know how to make pasta salad with the dressing [lauren] so it's time to dig in and obviously i am going to go with the one with the pasta salad on the sandwich first [lauren] now these are messy [lauren] but this though, [lauren] okay well there you go

[lauren] your whole barbecue in a sandwich right there [lauren] mm! another RECIPE?! success story [lauren] i hope you guys try this out, it's a good way to use up mushrooms when you have those in the fridge [lauren] there's nothing strange here, so give this one a try, let me know what you think [lauren] leave a comment below or share your creations on social media and tag us @hotforfood [lauren] especially if you make these, i wanna see what you're making and i wanna know what you thought of the tastes [lauren] because it is fantastic in my opinion [lauren] thank you so much for watching, we'll be back next wednesday here on hot for food with a brand new video for you as we are every wednesday

[lauren] subscribe hit that subscribe button if you love us, if you like what you see, if you're hot for food [lauren] and we'll see you next week bye!

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