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Vegan Ramen Noodle Soup!



– Hi friends, it's Sam, (mellow music) and today, I'm gonna show you how to make my vegan ramen noodle soup It is getting cool here in Toronto, and I love it because that means it's soup season

Now I'm, like, hugest noodle fan ever, so ramen noodle soup is dear to my heart because I get all that noodly, slurpy goodness, so delicious Now, you can definitely buy instant vegan ramen soup mixes, I'll put a link to this one down below in the description And they're fine, but when I eat soup, that little, like, powdery package of dehydrated vegetables just ain't gonna cut it for me So, in this recipe, I use the ramen noodles, or you can use another type of noodle and amp it up, take it up to the next level, make it into a hearty, quick, easy, delicious meal Delish

Let's get to making ramen noodle soup Let's begin by prepping our ingredients In this recipe, I use an extra firm tofu, so I'm just gonna cut open the package and just drain off the excess water Now, I'm only gonna use about half of this tofu, so I'm gonna save the other half of the block for something else, and cut it into nice, thin slices Alright, cool

Now, just add a tablespoon of soy sauce to a dish, a small container I'm just using some Tupperware here, and toss these tofu slices right in the soy sauce I'm just gonna pop a lid on this container and gently flop them over so that, hopefully, all of the tofu slices can be coated in that soy sauce Cool, now I'm just gonna set these aside They don't need to marinate or anything, they're good to use right away, but I'm just gonna finish prepping all of the other ingredients first, to make my life easy

Now, I have 100 grams of shiitake mushrooms Oh, come back Okay, he escaped almost, this guy He thinks he's a fun guy, he's not So, this is 100 grams of shiitake mushrooms, and I'm just gonna cut off and discard the stems 'cause the stems are actually quite woody, and then just thinly slice the mushrooms themselves, like so

If you can't get your hands on some shiitakes, any old mushroom will work fine here I just love the chewy, awesome, delicious texture of shiitakes, they're so yummy (groovy music) And now, with the power of editing, beautiful So, with the mushrooms and tofu, I have some minced garlic and ginger, and I peeled and grated a carrot So, let's hop over to the stove and put together this epic vegan ramen noodle soup

Okie dokie, smokey So, I got my favorite large skillet, and adding a tablespoon of light oil And by light, I just mean light in flavor, so canola, vegetable, safflower oil, something like that Don't use olive oil 'cause that'll taste gross in this recipe, bleh (laughs) When the oil is hot, add your tofu slices

Hear that sizzle roar, love it This leftover soy sauce, set it aside, we'll use it later Fry these tofu slices low and slow so they get nice and crispy When the tofu gets brown and crispy on the bottom, flip them over and brown and crisp the other side Come on, buddy, flip

There we go Okay, this tofu is gorgeously brown and crispy on both sides, so I'm just gonna remove them from the pan and set them aside I'm so excited, I love tofu My pan is still on and hot, so time to add the shiitake mushrooms Now, just slowly saute these up until they have reduced in size and start to release their juices, and get all delicious and chewy and mushroomy

Delish My shiitake mushrooms have nicely browned up and reduced in size, and now, this is just the tiny, little bit of leftover soy sauce from the tofu, and I just add that in Give them a stir, coat those shiitake mushrooms in a little of that soy sauce left And now, I'm just gonna remove this pan from the heat and set it aside So, I've got a nice soup pot here, and I'm gonna add another tablespoon of oil to the pot

And when that's hot, I'm gonna add my garlic and ginger Oh, so fragrant and delicious You just wanna saute that for about a minute or two until it begins to brown Then, add six cups, whoa, noisy, six cups of vegetable broth, and then bring it to a boil Now, for the noodles in this recipe, you can buy vegan ramen noodles and just throw away the seasoning packet, or you can just buy another noodle, such as this one, which is a wheat noodle, it's just called Instant Noodles, but I checked the ingredients

There's no egg or anything, so they're good to go Today, I'm gonna use two of these ramen noodle packets I'm gonna discard this junk away Yeah, that's what I think of that (laughs) And just use the noodles 'cause I love how curly these ones are

My broth is boiling, so I'm gonna add the noodles One (groans) And, two Get in there (laughs) Why won't you fit? Sink

There we go, now they're softening up Oh yeah, noodly goodness, I love it Whew-ee (hums) And then, just to finish off the soup, add three big handfuls of spinach and just stir the spinach leaves in so they wilt It'll just take, like, a second

Now, the soup is ready to serve and assemble, so let's hop over there Gonna serve myself up some delicious vegan ramen noodle soup Check out my gorgeous bowl, oh, it's a hot bowl, hot, hot, hot I filled my bowl with noodles, spinach, those amazing shiitake mushrooms, grated carrots, and of course, those tofu slices that we fried up earlier And can I just say, I've already eaten three of those tofu slices

It's one of my favorite ways to prepare tofu So easy and so good, they're so chewy and crispy on the outside Delish I like garnishing my ramen noodle soup with a little sesame seeds, a little extra drizzle of soy sauce, and sriracha because I'm that kinda gal Hair back, soup tasting, let's go for it

Standing, eating soup Something I don't do normally (hums) Oh Delicious I love soups like this where it's kind of a choose-your-own-adventure eating

You get to go for a noodle, a tofu, some spinach, some broth, whatever you want (hums) So good I love the chewy, curly, long noodles, the wilted spinach adds some nice greenness in there, the chewy shiitake mushrooms, the fresh carrots, and that crispy tofu is to die for Delish, highly recommend I hope you like this video, and if you do, let me know by leaving a like and don't forget to subscribe for a brand, shiny-new, fuss-free vegan video every single Wednesday

I'll see you next week, bon appetegan (chicken clucking) Asian noodles I'm gonna smash all those noodles Oh, I do eat like a rabbit Ramen noodle soup, ooh-ooh

Puh (laughs)

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