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‘VEGAN’ Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass it On Ep.12



– [Jamie] We are Sorted, a group of mates from London exploring the newest and best in the world of food whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way (laughing) We've got chefs, we've got normals and a whole world of stuff for you to explore

But everything we do starts with you – Hello, I'm Barry and this is Jamie – Now you keep suggesting themes and orders for us in pass it on So, we keep making them – We should stop this soon, shouldn't we? Oh my god! – Oh, I'm panicking

Oh no – It's amazing how stupid you become – This is a disaster – Here we are How's everyone else's day going? You having a nice time? (rock music) – Are we mentally ready? – No

– No – No – Never mentally ready for these – Janice! – [Janice] Today's theme is vegan – Yay! – Okay

– Okay – All right – All right That was Yup

(laughing) – How about an order? – [Janice] All participants' names will go into a hat The first person to go will be drawn now At the end of their turn, they will draw the next person and so on – So, it's still a surprise, but this time – Aww, it's up to fate

– It's up to fate – [Barry] (murmur) reach in – Oh no! – Three Two One

– [Janice] And the name is – Mike – No! – Again? – Oh no, Mike, no! – That is devastating – [Janice] One at a time, the boys have ten minutes to cook and add to a final dish The remaining team will have no idea what's happening behind them until it is their turn

– Okay What I'm thinking is this is romesco Romanesco (dinging) It's like cauliflower and it tastes amazing when roasted I'm gonna take these florets, put them on a baking sheet, cover them with olive oil and garlic and maybe some lemon juice or lemon zest and just roast it off

It will probably need about 14 minutes so I can just leave that going I might put that next to it because haha, Barry And I'm also gonna try and start to make a hummus 'cause I've got some chickpeas Haven't got a dish in mind so I'm just doing some stuff I'm also gonna (murmur) up some garlic

I'm not gonna leave myself any time to do the hummus What an idiot I've already ruined this No! That will do Just gonna scatter garlic over the top of this

Mike's done a brilliant job Well done, Mike You got us off to a really strong start Have an eight out of 10 Thanks guys, that's really appreciative

I'm glad that you're appreciating my work I thought about it a lot and I feel like I did a good thing for the team It's probably a conversation that we're definitely gonna have All right and that's going in the oven Are these cooked? They are cooked so I need to drain those

Oh man, this is a nightmare Oh Awww So, we need lemon juice (murmur) I need some more garlic! It's amazing how stupid you've become

I'm gonna leave that there for Barry He can decide what to do with that I recon that probably is like, "Hey, make a hummus!" Probably (horn honking) Not a strong start Going to give myself four and a half

And now for the part that could make or break this video (gasping) It's James Good luck, James It's you (chuckling) (horn honking) – Okay

Lemon juice, olive oil, chickpeas I think he's hoping that I save it Roasting us some cauliflower What's that? It's garlic I might need to take the trip to the table

Some toasted coconut sounds good Oh, I don't know where I'm going with this Is he trying to get me to make a hummus? And if he is trying to get me to make hummus, then I usually would cook these on and get them hot But I'm not gonna able to finish it in time Got vegan yogurt

So, I'm gonna make a harissa yogurt So, this is coconut yogurt Coconut based yogurt That is literally all I wanna do is marble it through The reason I'm doing this is in a tin the chickpeas are already cooked

Overcooked chickpeas make better hummus So, I like to cook them on a little bit So, what I'm gonna do is start the hummus base and hopefully the next person understands that the chickpeas get drained and they go into the hummus base I don't actually have a dish in mind now I'm just making hummus

I'm gonna get some carrots on the go and I'm gonna put harissa on them So it's like roast them in a pan, really nice pan roasted carrots Lots of color with a little bit of spice to them Think this might be a decent base for people Oh, I hope I pick Ben

Or do I? I don't know, I don't know (horn honking) I think I really moved it forward So, I'm gonna give myself a seven I can't decide if I'm hoping for Ben or not I know, I know if I get Ben, he's gonna move things forward in the right direction

But I think if the other guys are presented with this to finish off, they're gonna panic Jamie Oh no! No! Who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be? It's you! – Oh (horn honking) – Oop, hang on Let me just find the right track

Ah, there we go (comical 50's music) – Is that a hummus? It's garlicy and spicy A F In the fridge Oh, it's an oven This is harissa and coconut milk

Harissa and coconut milk I don't know what the dish is I'm gonna have a look at the table Cool Cool

We're doing, we're doing Cool You know what's really nice? (laughing) Roasted chickpeas are really nice 'cause they're crunchy I'm gonna drain those chickpeas and turn it from whatever they thought it was gonna be into something else Let's go for teaspoon of Garam Masala

Teaspoon of cinnamon Half a teaspoon of cumin seeds I'm gonna roast these chickpeas They're gonna have a really nice crunch to whatever it is the people decide to make They're in there

What can I do in my last three minutes? Um If you're not sure why I'm going this, here's why – What does he want to do with this? What does he want to do with this? Janice, can you get me a blow torch, please? Hard to improve this – I don't know why somebody's blow-torched a red pepper But is anybody here, apart from you, saying that blow-torching was a bad idea? – It was very cold

– We were a bit confused by it – On the chefy side, we were just confused (laughing) Let's use this last 15 seconds to confuse Barry Hopefully that should work out (horn honking) Done So what would I give myself out of 10? 7

8 4 5 785 if you round up – [Janice] And that right there is the reason that these videos are an absolute cluster (beep) – [Jamie] Who is next? Who is next? Who is next? Yes! Yes! Let's go slap him round the face

♪ Is it you? ♪ ♪ Is it you? ♪ ♪ Is it you, you, you? ♪ ♪ It begins with a B ♪ ♪ And it's you, you, you ♪ Come on, go cook! Go cook! – I don't want to – [Jamie] Go cook! (horn honking) – All right Oh, yes! Romanesco (bell dinging) That's taking the (beep) What's this? Wow

(choking) That is a punchy hummus 'Kay, flavors There's so much going on! Okay, to me, it looks like they've got some sort of fusion warm salad thing going on That's just (beep) We need another thing to (murmur) bring it together

'Cause nothing's bringing together yet We need something sweet I don't know where I'm going Pears! So, let's get these quartered I'm expecting Ben to come in here, see the flavors, go, "smart flavors"

And he will start to compile a delicious fusion salad of sorts Peps Salt I need these charring quick, (murmur), quick I put a vinegarette with this to give Ben the option

So, extra virgin (murmur) A dab of mustard (comical music) Okay, let's quickly flip these And our Ebbers is coming in here We have a pretty sexy salad and maybe a fire alarm

We'll see, I'll be quick (horn honking) Stop burning! Well, there's that So, probably a four – [Janice] And he's still drawing the name when there's only Ben left – Ah! (scream) – [Janice] And now, a wave of positivity

(horn honking) – This is carnage! There's literally stuff everywhere Warm chickpeas, far from baked or roasted 'cause they're not gonna do that in that time Something's gone askew with that A dressing that's split Panic! This is about to become my absolute favorite

A selection of dishes from all over the world That's the great thing about small plates from awesome restaurants I'll do three I don't know what to do with that That's not right

What? This is a disaster Right, it needs some honey to correct that 'Kay, this hummus-y thing is very very bitter But similar kind of flavor is date syrup I was gonna put honey in it then I thought "vegan"

I say I thought, I was corrected Gonna go very very simple Seen this before Okay, this is like lightly charred Some of these carrots, which are cooked

All I'm gonna do here is celebrate a couple of flavors on each plate and hope for the best I realize now what that was trying to be It was trying to be a dressing It didn't work This is such a hodgepodge

I have no idea who contributed which bits That's the scary thing in this particular one Four minutes left Gonna cry This is a bit better with date syrup

It's not ideal It's got a kick The date syrup helps, but it's far from perfect This is the best thing we have Little crunch

So, it's grilled pear Toasted almonds And you want a little bit of pepperiness from some chive One minute, I need something else to go on that What I'm gonna do in the last 30 seconds is the most pathetic thing that I'm almost ashamed of

Gonna take the very final crispy bits off the bread I wish I'd have thought it earlier and toasted it (horn honking) (blowing raspberries) Three small plates from a kitchen of carnage I'm not particularly proud of that Six

– Does anyone, apart from Ben, have any idea what's gonna be served? – [Barry] Not a clue – [Jamie] Please – To lift the? – Box – Okay – Okay

– [Jamie] Yeah – What the (beep) is that? – I like the look of it – I like the idea of three plates – Yeah, we've got tapas – This is decent

– Yeah – Yeah – [Ben] So we have some garlic roasted cauliflower with grilled pear, toasted almond Chickpea hummus with roasted chickpea with some gorgeous bloomer crusts (laughing) And we have roasted carrots, charred pepper, and a tangy vinegarette

– Is that? – Don't – Please tell me someone blow-torched that – Don't – Did you do that? – I didn't (chattering and cheering) – Don't give him that! – And I have to be honest, it brought some wonderful color and flavor

– Bull, absolute bull! (luahging) – Well, I have to say in the last ten seconds I've had a revelation (laughing) – What, wait, what? – Because I came into the kitchen and then I saw some chickpeas boiling and I saw like the mini chopper thing there with hummus in it I probably don't know the best way to flavor, like to balance the flavors of that hummus – So, you saw a pan? You saw a pan of chickpeas? (laughing) – And I thought, I thought half of them have already gone into the hummus, and there's another half that are there boiling and I'm not sure why they're there yet but I'll make use of them – That's all the chickpeas? – Yeah

– You roasted all of them? – Yeah – You roasted all the chickpeas? – So, that is just the base to the hummus with date syrup? – Date syrup So, it's more like a, as I now know, it's more like a tahini puree (laughing) – Should we start plate by plate? – Just start here – Start here

– [Ben] Try it But it is not good (murmur) – Do you know what? I like it (laughing) – [Ben] Didn't really do much to this other than a dressing, which has got a bit of a kick but the rest is just roasted veg – Nice

– Good carrots – If someone brought that to the table with some crusty bread, as one of many dishes, that's not bad And this one, I'm hoping, is gonna be the nicest of the three – [James] I enjoy that pear – That pear and that is a really good dish

Don't know what the hell you think you are – I've had some interesting combinations in small plates but none of them worth writing down – Yup, Ebbers, would you reckon that we pass or fail? – Pass, fail, fail, so it's a fail – I'd say a close shave of a pass Definite fail

I think it's overall still a fail – That was great That was good, the pepper made it This needed more time and or work – Uh, more chickpeas

(laughing) – I'm gonna say fail I sat back down so happy (laughing) I'm gutted – Do you want my opinion? – Yeah – A miserable fail

– Yeah, it's gonna be a fail for me I gave myself a 45 – I gave myself a 7 – I've completed forgotten

– Ebbers – Seven – [Janice] It was actually a six, but don't worry though Janice will fix it in post – [Ben] Jay – I gave myself, I rounded up to 7

85 – Oh man! Do you agree? You just put us all out of our misery and put us also in order worst to best (applause) – What was on fire? – Pears – Pears – I think we made the most of that and all the veg

– Yeah, but speaking of veges, time for announcing our next book to all you club members out there Our next book is gonna be about vegetables and fruit as well And we need you to recommend all the vegetables and fruits we should be including in this book We wanna make vegetables the hero of this book – Vegetables

– Vegetables – Vegetables – Vegetables – And don't forget, our offer is still running If you sign up to an annual membership to the club, you get a free copy of our book, "A

M Menu" thrown in for free – All information is downstairs If you wanna find out more about what the club's all about and what you get as a member, check it out – [Jamie] That offer is only running 'til the ninth of June

– So, be quick – Quick – ♪ Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum ♪ – Man walk into a library, says, "Fish and chips, please" Librarian says, "Uh, sorry sir, this is a library" He went, "Oh, sorry

"I'll have fish and chips, please" – Oh, a classic – [Jamie] That's a classic, but it's stupid As we've mentioned, we don't just make top quality YouTube videos (screaming) We've built the Sorted Club where we use the best things we've learned to create stuff that's hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers

Check it out if you're interested Thank you for watching and we'll see you in a few days Had a look in the oven and saw that there was the romanesco in there and I thought that's roasting fantastically Had a look in the fridge, wasn't anything in there (laughing) But thought I'd double check

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