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Vegan Recipes in 30 Minutes | Spicy Tofu Crumbles



(uplifting music) – [Dale] The items you're gonna need are a large skillet with a lid, spatula, a measuring cup, teaspoon, cutting board, and a knife (uplifting music) You'll also need these ingredients

One slab of firm tofu, one cup of water, fresh ground sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, three teaspoons of chili powder, crushed red pepper, cumin, Italian seasoning, paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder Carefully open the tofu packaging Now drain the water out (uplifting music) Then remove the slab from the packaging Squeeze the water out, the best you can

I don't worry about a tofu press, because we're gonna get it moist again, anyway (uplifting music) Slice it twice, so it's in thirds (uplifting music) Then we're just gonna cut it into small cubes Make sure they're small It's less for you to break up, later

(uplifting music) Don't worry if the tofu falls apart It's of no consequence, since they're gonna be crumbles when we're all set (uplifting music) Set a large skillet on the stove top, at high (uplifting music) Then place one cup of water into the skillet (uplifting music) Then we take chili powder

Throw about three teaspoons of chili powder into there You want it more spicy, add an extra teaspoon (uplifting music) Now add some crushed red pepper (uplifting music) We'll throw in, a little less than a teaspoon of crushed red pepper (uplifting music) Now we're just gonna take a pinch of cumin, and toss it in

A little goes a long way (uplifting music) Paprika, we're just gonna take again, a pinch (uplifting music) Now put in a 1/2 a teaspoon of onion powder (uplifting music) Then add a 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder (uplifting music) We're gonna take some Italian seasoning

Little more, little less, than a pinch, will work out just fine (uplifting music) Now we're gonna grind some sea salt Gonna wanna eyeball this Really depends on how much you like to have salt (uplifting music) Then we're gonna grind the black pepper over the top of it

(uplifting music) Now, allow the ingredients to come to a boil You'll wanna mix it up really good, before you add the tofu in (uplifting music) Don't rush this step You wanna make sure that all this is blended together really well, before you add in the tofu Otherwise, you're gonna have a lot of seasoning on one area, and not so much on the other

(uplifting music) Once when the ingredients come to a full boil, you're gonna stir it, just a little more And we'll want to carefully add the cubed tofu (uplifting music) Be careful, you don't want any of that splashing back at you (uplifting music) Now, you're just gonna wanna mix up the tofu, and gently press the cubes, so they start to break apart (uplifting music) You can cook the cubes, however, I like to break it up into smaller crumbles

(uplifting music) If you plan on cooking them as cubed tofu, then I recommend that you have it marinate overnight in the fridge, then cook it (uplifting music) Now, cover the skillet (uplifting music) And then come back in about another few minutes Again, we're gonna kind of just grind up the tofu to smaller chunks (uplifting music) We want the marinate to slowly dissipate

(uplifting music) Cover it back up, let it set for another couple minutes Again, open up Make sure it's not sticking to the bottom of the skillet You're gonna grind up the cubes even more (uplifting music) We wanna make sure the liquid is completely gone before we completely cut off the heat

(uplifting music) Cover it again (uplifting music) Let's take a look at it one more time Now this looks a lot better You see how there's less liquid? We're able to move it around and see that there's more tofu, than there's actual sauce This means that it's starting to get soaked up into the tofu

It's gonna make it taste really good (uplifting music) This last step, is our most vital step You don't want the tofu burning to the bottom of the skillet, so you have to continue to kind of grind it up, and move it about (uplifting music) See how I scrape the bottom? Then move it around I'm gonna do this, until all of the liquid is gone

Depending largely on the plate that you're gonna put this with, the liquid can kind of ruin some of your dishes (uplifting music) But, in other areas, if you plan on using it for a soup, it'll actually be beneficial I'm making tacos tonight Let's shut off the heat Again, you don't want this to stick to the bottom of the skillet

So we're just gonna keep moving it around (uplifting music) Once the tofu looks like it's soaked up all of the marinade, even it out, set it off to the side, and get our plates ready (uplifting music) Today, I'm making some tacos I'm gonna use the spicy tofu crumbles, as a meat in the tacos, toss a little kale on top, little bit of tomatoes, some non-dairy cheese, and non-dairy sour cream, with a side of rice and avocado Enjoy

(uplifting music)

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