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Vegan Spinach Lasagna with White Sauce (wfpb, oil free)



[music] Hi friends another week is over and it is time already for a new video here on Ve Eat Cook Bake ehm Just a quick question, do you love lasagna? I am sure you love it we love it and I made white lasagna with spinach lemony sauce and some carrots salmon lox it is really good the smoky carrots give it this really great taste this lasagna is a great alternative to the classic italian

lasagna with tomato sauce bolognese You should really try this lasagna I love when the lasagna is crispy on top and I am sure you will love it like we do like my kids they love it They ate so much from it Especially the crispy top and the sauce and the spinach and the carrots espially you don't think you eat the carrots it's really smoky and they taste, I don't know just like you eat smoked salmon I will link down the recipe for this smoked carrots salmon It is already on my blog and I have already a video of it here on my youtube channel just take a look for it so let's start making this amazing lasagna So when you start preparing this lasagna or you plan to make it calculate the time for the carrot lox I usually prepare the carrot lox one or two days before so it get's the real smoky flavor now the day yo make the lasagna soak the cashews If you have lasagna sheet that need to be precooked please precook them

I just found some to precook but when you find some you don't have to precook just omit the step let your spinach thaw now dice the onion and sautee in a pan with a little bit of water [music] Now its time to add all the ingredients like cashews and lemon juice and stuff to the high speed blender and blend until you get a creamy sauce [music] Now add it to the onions and let warm briefly But be carefull it shouldn't be boiling just warm it up that it thickens a little bit season the sauce with sea salt pepper and nutmeg Now let us start to lay out the lasagna first you add some of the sauce of the bottom of the pan of your lasagne sheet Now it is time to put a layer of lasagna noodles on top of the sauce than we add some spinach some smoked carrots and cover it with some sauce and than you start again with lasagna noodles and than spinach smoked carrots and sauce and and we do that until your pan is full or your noodles are empty the last layer should be the sauce so it gets really crispy in the oven bake the lasagna at 350°F or 180° C For around an hour I love my lasagna brown on top

I don't know how you like it if you like it crispy crunch or more soft just take a look how your lasagna looks like Most of the time I let them cook a little bit longer than an hour so that they get really crispy pasta noodles on top [music]

Source: Youtube

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