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VEGAN SPRING ROLLS – Gỏi cuốn chay



Hi everyone, Welcome back Vietnam cuisine with VI In my other video, I have made spring rolls with pork and shrimp

Today I'm gonna make spring rolls again but it’s a vegan version To make spring rolls, we have 2 steps: 1 Making the sauce 2 Preparing the rolls You can do either first Let’s get start! To make the sauce, you stir purple onion

You have to stir it quickly, otherwise, it'll be black Take the fried onion out to use for later Use the same pot to fry the garlic And add in the hoisin sauce This hoisin sauce we usually use with Pho

Then half glass of water And next one, you can add the peanut butter If you have allergy with peanut, you can replace with the regular butter I add in 3 tsp of peanut butter, and mix them well Next I add in 2 tsp of sugar, add in very little of salt

You have to be careful with salt, because some hoisin sauce is saltier than others, and once your sauce is too salty, you cannot fix it So put very little and then you stir it well And then you taste again After that you decide whether you put more salt After I taste, I put a little bit more

Mix them well This is a kind of sauce you can eat with rice vermicelli or you can eat with boiled or steamed vegetables I add in some chili on top And fried onion, and peanut Amazing! Now I'm going to prepare the rolls

First at all, I fry the tofu Cut the tofu to small pieces about 2-inch long Fry it But remember not to fry too much Because if you fry too much, your tofu will be too dry

Just slightly yellow is good Then take them out And after taking them out, I fry the wood ear mushroom This mushroom I soaked in the water for half hour before I cut Stir it

Remember to sink it into the warm water 30 minutes before you do Add in some seasoning powder Stir it again Wrap the rolls First at all, I soft the rice paper with water

And add in 1 lettuce leaf, Thai basil, bean sprouts, and vermicelli Wrap them well And then add some chive, and wood ear mushroom You can use other kinds of mushroom Next one, I add in the fried tofu

Wrap it It doesn't stay because it's too dry, so you add in some water I'll wrap the next one Again, the lettuce, Thai basil, bean sprouts, vermicelli and wrap it I'm so hungry

Now bring to the table It looks so good! I'm going to try it on behalf of you Beautiful You can see the combination between the sauce, and vegetables So nice!

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