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Hi! My name is Ashley Rice, and welcome to my YouTube channel! (Music) Okay, guys! I'm super excited to be sharing this new recipe on my channel This is actually a collab with a bunch of wonderful amazing women

And we're going to be sharing some fun vegan summer party recipes that you'll be able to use this summer whenever you have barbecues or other parties at your house And the wonderful ladies that are gonna be joining me on this collab, I'm gonna put their thumbnails up there so you can go ahead and check out their videos after you're done with this one They are going to be from Team Broccoli, A Rockin' Vegan Vegan Wife Life VegInspired and Ginny Williams I would love it if you would run over and check out the recipes, as well! They have some amazing, looking recipes, you guys! I am so excited to see their videos myself Because I'm definitely gonna be making their recipes

They look delicious! And if you want an easy way to check out all the recipes that are part of the collab, I am gonna leave a link to a playlist down below Just go ahead down there, click on that, and watch all the videos there And you'll have some amazing recipes to use this summer But, I think I'll share my fun recipe with you guys, now This is a fruit and veg summer bowl that I have been loving

This has been my lunch for, like, the past month So, I hope you guys enjoy it My cats do make little cameos in the video So, I hope you guys enjoy that as well But, here we go! (Music) Okay, you guys! That is the recipe! I hope you loved this really easy, really quick recipe that you can make during this summer

It is so refreshing, especially during the summertime So, I know you are just gonna love it Let me know if you do try making this and what you think about it as well And don't forget to go check out all those wonderful ladies and their videos as well! Make sure you head over to A Rockin' Vegan, Team Broccoli, Vegan Wife Life, Ginny Williams, and VegInspired's channel to make sure you are checking out their amazing vegan summer party recipes, as well But, other than that, I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe video

If you are new to my channel, and you like seeing content like this, make sure to subscribe and click the little bell that is down below I post videos every Tuesday through Saturday, and I do recipe videos, unboxing videos, review videos, and much more Also, make sure to give this video a thumbs up It lets me know that you want to see more content like this on my channel And other than that, I'll see you guys next time


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