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Vegan Sweet Jaffa Tart Recipe | Bake Stuff with Sara Kidd



– So this week, I thought we'd make a gorgeous jaffa tart I have a big old orange tree out the back, and I want to put those oranges to good use

So let's get in the kitchen and let's get baking! (jazzy music) So there are four super easy elements to this tart You've got your pastry, you've got your orange curd, you've got a chocolate ganache topping, and a sugared orange peel garnish, which is just beautiful to finish off this gorgeous tart Now, the first thing you wanna do is get your pastry ready So I'm gonna link two pastry videos up above You can either make a short crust pastry which is what I've done today

Look at this gorgeous guy Or you can make a more fluffy pie crust pastry Now either of those recipes work really well with this tart So go choose one, make your pastry, get it ready, and come back, and I'm gonna show you how to make your orange curd We've made our pastry and it's nice and cold

The next step is we're gonna whip up our orange curd Now this is such a great recipe and it's very very easy using normal ingredients you'd have around the house anyway The first thing you want to do is you're gonna grab five tablespoons of a vegan butter or a margarine that you can get at the local supermarket We're gonna pop that into our saucepan, we're gonna melt it on a low heat, then we're gonna add five tablespoons of corn flour or corn starch if you're in the US

, and you're gonna continually stir that until it becomes a really nice thick paste Then, we're gonna add 150 mL of orange juice Now here's your first tip You wanna try and use organic oranges because we're going to add a tablespoon of orange rind as well, and I find with the rind, it tastes so much better if you're using an organic version And you also wanna aim to get a Valencia variety of oranges because you want your curd to be on the sweeter side so you wanna try and buy a sweeter variety of orange

And then we're gonna add 170 grams of white sugar into the mix, and you wanna continually stir this on a low to medium heat until your curd eventually starts to thicken Now it might take about a minute or two, but once it starts to thicken, we're gonna take that off the heat and then we're gonna pour it into our tart case and we're gonna allow it to completely set Now that our orange curd is nice and thick, we just wanna pour it straight into our tart Oh, it's gorgeous! Now I did add a little bit of orange food coloring just to make it a little bit more orange Perfect, now you just want to smooth that out

And it's already starting to set as you can see Oh, it smells so yummy, I can't wait to eat this, I really love this recipe So you wanna pop your tart straight into the fridge and allow the curd to completely cool down In the meantime, we're gonna make our garnish which is our candied orange peel So let's get that done, and then we can make our chocolate ganache topping once our curd has completely set

To make our garnish, what you're gonna need is 170 mL of water which is approximately 3/4 of a cup and you're also gonna need 170 grams of sugar which is also around 3/4 of a cup And you're gonna need the peel from two oranges Now what I've done is that I've peeled my orange, and then I've cut it up into really slim slices like this And you wanna try and keep them as long as you possibly can Now the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna add your water and your sugar straight into your saucepan

And you're gonna stir this on a medium heat until the sugar has completely dissolved Then we're gonna pop in our orange peel and allow this to simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes but you just wanna keep an eye on it, you don't want it to turn into toffee, all you're trying to do is soften the orange peel And then what we're gonna do is we're gonna drain the peel and we're gonna coat it in around two to three tablespoons of sugar So our tart has completely set, it's cooled down, our garnish is ready Now we're just gonna make our ganache for the top

Now this is really easy, it's probably the easiest part of the recipe What you're going to need is 150 mL of coconut cream, and I've got a really nice thick coconut cream for this one, and 150 grams of vegan dark chocolate Now all you wanna do is heat up your cream until you start to see bubbles form around the outside Now you can do this on the stove top or you can do it in the microwave, it's really up to you I'm gonna use the microwave today because it's the easiest way and then we're just gonna pop our chocolate straight into the warm coconut cream and allow it to melt

So let's start doing that, shall we? Okay, so I've heated up my coconut cream and I'm just gonna pop my chocolate straight in there Now make sure it's broken up into pieces This will help with the melting process Gonna make sure that the chocolate is completely covered in the coconut cream You just wanna allow that to sit for about five minutes and you'll notice the chocolate's going to gradually melt into the coconut cream

We've let it sit for a few minutes, you can give your chocolate ganache a stir with a fork just to help that chocolate work through into the coconut cream If you're finding your chocolate hasn't completely melted and your ganache is still a little bit lumpy, you can gently heat it back up just to get a little bit of extra heat back in there and melt that last little bit of chocolate But just be careful, you don't want to boil your cream because what will happen is your ganache won't set on top of your tart Now as you can see, oh, my ganache is ready to pour onto my gorgeous tart Now here's my last tip before we pour your ganache onto your tart you wanna make sure your tart is completely set that way you'll get those gorgeous defined layers that you see in other tarts

If it's not completely set, the ganache will actually go into the curd and it will become marbled So let's pour our ganache onto our tart (jazzy music) Oh, so gorgeous! Okay, now what you wanna do is tap your tart on the bench to release any air bubbles in the ganache Okay, and now we're just gonna pop it in the fridge for about 20 to 25 minutes to let the ganache completely set Now let's do that

So I've taken my tart out of the fridge, the ganache is completely set, it looks amazing, and now we can just garnish with our sugared orange peel And I'm just gonna pop my tart straight out of the pan Voila! Oh, so gorgeous It's a bit tricky Pop it down, oh there we go

Oh, stunning! So my tart looks perfect, and now it's ready to garnish So with the sugared orange peel, you can either just pop some on top, or you can serve it on the side, it's really up to you But I'm just gonna pop a little bit on the top Oh, and we're done! So isn't this such a simple recipe for something that looks so fancy especially if you love orange and chocolate this is gonna be a big hit Now all that's left to do is slice it up and you can serve this with some vanilla bean ice cream, even some chocolate ice cream, or some coconut whipped cream goes really well as well

Now if you have any questions just pop 'em down below If you enjoyed this episode, make sure you give this video a thumbs up and share it on social media that way more people are gonna be baking and vegan with us And I'll see you next week for another vegan baking adventure

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