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Vegan Sweet Potatoe Salad – quick and easy recipe



(music) welcome to our new cooking session what do you think of sweet potatoes? Do you love this boost? Salad is definitely always good choice

first of all we are going to peel 500 g sweet potatoes and cut them into small pieces Put the sweet potato pieces into a pot with hot water and cook it for about 5 min Same with our leek: clean one piece of leek and cut it into slim strips Now we're going to saute the leek in a pan with some oil for about 5 min For the dressing we're going to toss 30 ml white balsamic vinegar, 50 ml olive oil, fresh juice from 2 limes as well as salt and pepper into a jar with a screw cap and shake it

go ahead and strain your sweet potato pieces before adding all your other ingredients (music) okay people I guess it's your turn now, enjoy and have fun with this recipe, see you next time when we'll bake a vegan chocolate bundt together (music)

Source: Youtube

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