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Vegan Tahini Brownies Recipe



I liked it! Interesting welcome! "Look at her costume!" "Expressing the Ramadan atmosphere!" I am proud of myself! These are secrets and you will also shoot a romantic series They are the strangest recipes! Well we'll start mixing dry ingredients We have a cup of whole wheat flour It has a less bitter taste So it suits children and the current dishes Another type of part is considered different but Very healthy and taste great too! Cocoa please! We put it here so it does not lump and becomes heavy Its texture becomes somewhat light "The description will be in its location" "very easy" A little bit of cinnamon Now we will add milk We have rice milk You can use almond milk, soy or any vegetable milk "Or hazelnut milk" nut milk would be very tasty with this recipe! Now we have one-third cup Of coconut sugar And I'll add a simple sprinkle of sea salt This will enhance the flavor of chocolate! The best salt is added to dissolve completely Well, that's enough, and a teaspoon of tea Flannel liquid In Saudi Arabia we say the name of God For everything, I do not know why We also added bread powder I think I forgot to mention it Instead of oil I added flour "But did not you add flour here?" Because we speak Arabic together I have read all my passages in English Because many of my followers do not speak Arabic Hazelnut is optional You can add walnut Or almonds I like to add a simple dish to the dish Brownie For almost anything Add anything crispy, change the dish for the best "You learned to learn Hijaz" Yes, I'm used to it now And now I will adorn him with some dates Diabetes goes of course "My God, for a moment, let me call it!" So as not to waste the rest of the flour We do so! It looks very delicious! And finally we will eat! We have cooked for many hours Five hours without joking This I described I do not want to tell you about the basic ingredient but it is purple Vegetarian dish And healthy Vegetarian and healthy All ingredients are natural Usually cooked with chicken But she said the way we did it today That much !! Shall we start eating? Usually the brownies become thicker But I used the day New baked powder Maybe that's why it did not swell Let's try the Brownies now! I put them above some for shooting and none of them looks nice "Half an hour" She was so adamant "And I was okay, when will we eat?" "It's not very currently" I have reduced half the amount of sugar than usual Yes less than half But I do not like it if it is very current "Needs ice cream!" please no "We did the work for two days" Anyway take a deep breath I think we did not breathe I advise you to do it! And see you in the next video! Also go to the Esra canal! They saw the description that we prepared, really amazing! That's all, thank you very much for watching! Translated by: Salma Ibrahim @AlebrahimSalma

Source: Youtube

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