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Vegan Thai Style Pepper Chicken recipe 🐔🆓👍



See below in the description area for ingredients/recipe Cut the Vegan Gluten Intestines Insert a bamboo stick to keep them open Ready to marinate Marinade Method: Minced 20g Ginger Add 30g soy sauce 2g Chinese Five Spices Powder 2g Black Pepper 5g Sugar 100g Water Shake to make the marinade even Allow to stand for 15 minutes After 15 minutes, turn over Let it stand for another 15 minutes Sauce production: Minced 20g Chili Minced 20g Coriander 60g Lemon juice 30g Sugar 20g Soy sauce 10g Black vinegar Some Minced Lemon peel Stir evenly Prepare Chinese cabbage to cover the bottom of the pot Let Chinese cabbage to be crisper Tapioca Starch Powder Marinated Vegan Gluten Intestines with Tapioca Starch Powder Prepare a pot of oil New videos out on Tuesdays & Fridays Heated to 170 degrees Deep fried with medium heat Deep fried to golden color Dip and drain Remove the bamboo stick Slice the Vegan Gluten Intestines Cover with Chinese cabbageat the bottom of the pot Put the Vegan Gluten Intestines Add the sauce on the top You're done! Thai Style Pepper Chicken (Vegan)

Source: Youtube

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