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VEGAN Tom Kha Soup Recipe (thai coconut soup)-ต้มข่าเจ



Sa-Wad-Dee kaa (Hello in Thai) I'm Ize and P' Maew Today We are making our famous Soup in Thailand We call " TOM-KHA soup" ต้มข่าซุป

TOM it's mean Boil Kha It's mean galangal Our ingredient is Katii (Coconut milk ) Nham ( Water) See-Ew (Soy Sauce ) Nham-Tarn ( brown sugar) Ma-Kham (Tamarind concentrate)

Prik-Prao ( Tom Yam Chili paste) Tao-Hu ( Tofu ), We used Extra firm tofu Hom -Hua-Yai ( White onion) Hed- Nang Fah ( Gray Oyster Mushroom ) Hed-Or-Rin-Ji ( King Oyster mush room ) Ma-Khue-Ted (Tomatoes)

Kha (Galangal) Ta-Krai ( Lemongrass) Bai-Ma-Grood (kaffir lime leaves) and Prik ( Chili ) , we used big and Medium size and Pak-Chee ( coriander ) if you don't like you can skip it

The first , We turn on gas to high heat, you can use electric or induction Then 1 cup of room temperature water Then Fresh lemongrass 1 stocks , smash and chopped about 1 inch per size Then Fresh Galangal, Thump size, Sliced to small and thin about 4-6 pieces No ginger!! Then Fresh Kaffir Lime leaves

kaffir lime leaves, we just break it and take stamp out No chopped we used about 4-5 pieces Then we add 2 cups of coconut milk and we bring until water boiled Then we add mixed vegetables whatever you like but today we use Tomatoes, cut half of whole medium size tomato

Then King oyster mushroom cut half of it and chopped to small size and gray oyster mushroom we only break it no need to chop because it so soft you can use any typed of mushroom that you like original version we used just mushroom then white onion, sliced to small pieces

put all vegetables that we prepared in to the wok or pan Mixed well wait until vegetables a little cook about 2-3 mins Then we add seasoning, 2 Tablespoon (TBS) of soy sauce 1 teaspoon(tsp) of Brown sugar Mixed well

Then half teaspoon(tsp) of Tom Yam Chili paste Then we add Tofu It's extra firm tofu chopped about 6-10 square small pieces or depending how big you prefer

Source: Youtube

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