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VEGANIZED: Tasty’s buttermilk pancakes



– All right, all right, all right (snaps fingers) Hi, friends

It's Sam And today is another episode of Veganized That's where I take a viral recipe trend and try to make it vegan, right here with you, on camera, for the first time It's an experiment It's fun

I'm excited Today, I'm gonna veganize Tasty's Buttermilk Pancakes Now, I already have amazing, delicious, fluffy, gorgeous, my favorite pancake recipe in my cookbook, Fuss-Free Vegan It's very easy to make and I love it, but today I wanted to see if I can take a classic, buttermilk pancake recipe and make it vegan I'm gonna stick to the original recipe, as closely as possible, just with a few vegan tweaks, and let's see how it works out

Now, I'm already getting super excited for pancakes, so let's get to veganizing Tasty's Buttermilk Pancakes (snaps fingers) Okay, so I've gathered up the things that I think I'm gonna use Let's begin Why am I saying that so slow? I'm gonna half the recipe, just in case this doesn't work out the first time I don't wanna be left with a whole bunch of batter, that's no good

So, first the recipe calls for two and a half cups of all-purpose flour Obviously vegan, so I can do that Now, I'm definitely someone who dips the cup in and scrapes off the top Tasty says that's wrong and you have to do the fussier, slower, annoying way of doing it I'm gonna follow their directions, so, all right

They insist that you spoon it into the measuring cup So, that is what I will do 20 years later, maybe it'll be done Then they said if you don't do it this way, it can turn out wrong And my opinion on that is, if you measure the same way, every time, it'll turn out right the same way, every time

So, I just do the easy, dipping method for all of my recipes, and, uh, it always works out Scraping off the excess The recipe calls for three tablespoons of sugar, so I'll do one and a half Two teaspoons seems like a lot of salt, in my opinion, and on top of that, I'm gonna be using a vegan butter, which is already salted, so I'm gonna reduce the salt by half So, for the recipe, it calls for two teaspoons of salt

I'm halving the recipe, so that'd be one teaspoon, but half of that is half a teaspoon of salt Are you following my math here? (giggles) One teaspoon of baking powder, so I'm gonna half that again, half a teaspoon And one teaspoon of baking soda I'm gonna fill that with half a teaspoon And now we just give that a whisk

So, now moving on to the buttermilk Now, Tasty tells you in their video, that if you don't have buttermilk, you can add vinegar or lemon juice to milk, to make it curdle and become buttermilk The same is exact thing is true with any non-dairy milk So, I'm gonna take soy milk, add some lemon juice, and let it curdle, and you'll have homemade vegan buttermilk So, easy

Two and a half cups of buttermilk, so we do, one and a quarter cups of soy milk (measuring cup rattles) Ugh, don't spill it One tablespoon of lemon juice Just gonna give that a mix Ew

It's already starting to curdle Looks gross Aw man, why can I never open anything? Geez Louise The recipe calls for eight tablespoons of butter, which is half a cup I don't know why they just didn't say half a cup, but whatever

Let's get that melting So, here's where the recipe gets a little bit complicated The recipe calls for two eggs, with the yolks and whites, separated Now, first, I'm gonna need the yolks, and in this context, I think the yolks are just gonna be adding a little bit of richness, so I'm gonna replace them with more vegan butter Egg yolks are mainly fat, so I think that's gonna be an easy, good substitute

Okay, so this has been sitting aside for just a couple of minutes Now, you can see that it's gotten disgusting (spoon clacking on glass) Just what we want Bleh (giggles) So, the recipe calls for eight tablespoons of butter

I'm gonna half that and use four tablespoons of vegan butter, plus an additional tablespoon to replace one of the egg yolks Mix that in All right, now I am supposed to mix the buttermilk and butter combination with the flour mixture, and now I'm just supposed to fold it together Now, they warn you here not to over-mix it, and I 100% agree with them People are always worried about lumps

Don't worry about lumps It'll sort itself out Now, there is one particular trick left, that seems to make Tasty's recipe a little bit unique They now add egg whites So, to substitute the egg whites in the recipe, I'm gonna use aquafaba

Aquafaba is the liquid in a can of chickpeas It can be used as an egg white substitute It whips up and makes a meringue, and everything So, I think, in this recipe, it'll be perfect, since they say you can make a meringue, but you don't need to I'm gonna estimate that there are about two tablespoons of egg whites in an egg

So, I'm going to use two tablespoons of aquafaba Adding bean water to pancakes, gettin' weird and vegan in here And fold that in Is it just me, or does my batter seem a lot more liquidy than theirs did? I don't know, we'll see, but anyway Now, we have this annoying step where we're supposed to let the batter rest for 15 to 30 minutes, as if that's what you wanna do, first thing in the morning

But, I'll let the batter rest for 15 minutes I don't think I'm gonna be patient enough to wait for 30 I'll clean up this, and then I'll meet you at the stove, and we'll test out a pancake It has been 15, boring, minutes, waiting for batter to set Now, they also recommend cooking the pancakes in butter, saying that if you cook it in oil, your pancakes will taste like doughnut

Now, am I a pig, or does that sound like a very, good thing? But, I'll follow the rules I'll go with vegan butter, instead of oil So, one heaping third cup of batter Yeah, my batter's definitely runnier than theirs was, but very lumpy Oh yeah, it's so runny

Something went wrong, I think Ah! Ew, I got the spoon handle wet That's the worst Okay, now the butter's burning That's the problem using butter, I think

So, there's one pancake Often the first pancake is not great anyways, so I'm gonna set this one aside Make a second pancake and give it a second shot, before I give up on this batter Whoo, did it get to hot? Oh no! Oh no! Sam's not paying attention Ugh, I burnt it! Damn it! Man

Yeah, definitely burnt that Okay, we'll just skip that one Shh, don't tell anyone Third time's the charm though, right? How you doin' buddy? Do you need to be flipped? Yes, you do Ah, okay

I don't know I don't know I don't think these are the ones I think we're gonna have to do a round two (clapping) All right, so here are my two pancakes

They look very thin and not too great, so I think something went wrong But let's give them a taste test, before we move on to the next round Ah! I don't have very much maple syrup left Look at my maple syrup rations Okay

I'm gonna have to be very timid on the maple syrup here I'll just do a little Gotta save it for the next ones 'kay, taste test Okay

So, they are crispy on the outside, quite moist in the middle, not super fluffy The taste is pretty good I'm really glad I reduced the salt because, even now, I think they're a bit salty, so I might reduce the salt a bit, again Yeah, basically I think the only other problem is the batter was too thin I don't know if I measured something wrong, but we're gonna have to look at that again, and make sure that the batter comes out thicker this time

I mean, it tastes good It's just not perfect Yeah, it's got a like thin, crispy outside, which is kinda weird for a pancake Well, I'll tell you what, I ate both of those pancakes anyways, 'cause I'm hungry Let's try again

(fingers snap) Okay Attempt two Two and a half cups of all-purpose flour Once again, I'm gonna do the annoying way of measuring all-purpose flour The sugars

A quarter teaspoon of salt this time Baking soda Baking powder Whisk this up Boom

(whisk clanking) Done The recipe calls for two and a half cups of buttermilk So, what are we gonna do? It was too much liquid, for sure So, instead of two and a half cups, maybe I'll reduce it by half a cup And since I'm halving the recipe, that means I'll do one cup of non-dairy milk

Sorry if you're not able to follow along on the math So, yeah, one cup? I'll do one cup I'm worried that it's still gonna be too much, but I don't wanna change the recipe too, too much So, okay One cup of soy milk

Lemon juice Give that a little mix Let him think about his problems for a little bit, and get all gross and sour about it Are you sour yet? Yes, it is So gross

You know, I don't know if it takes longer with cow milk, but with non-dairy milk, it curdles, like, (snaps fingers) instantly So, that's a thing Handy dandy Nooo, I have to melt more vegan butter Man

All right More vegan butter, melted Now, the question is, do I add that extra tablespoon to replace the egg yolk? Or, do I just not worry about it? Since there was too much liquid, in the first recipe, I don't think I'm gonna worry about it Think I'm just gonna skip it Putting a hot pan on the counter, maybe not the best idea

You okay counter? It's fine Now, I lightly fold-in this buttermilk, butter mixture Oh yeah That's looking better already It's way thicker

Okay And my aquafaba to replace the egg white I'm gonna do the allotted 15 to 30 minute wait for the batter to rest So annoying (giggles) Especially first thing in the morning

Who wants to sit around, waiting for their pancakes? Don't you, like, want your pancakes with your coffee and everything? I don't know But, I'll see you at the stove in 15 minutes, my time, half a second in your time, and we'll attempt this version Okay Here I am at the stove, again, and it has been another 15 minutes Let's do one heaping cup

Oh, that's so much better than the last time Pour that in Yeah Whoo! Aw man, I burnt it again I wait too long

All right Almost ready Definitely looks a thousand times better than the last time All right! I've got my last extra, fluffy pancake here I've made three already

And then you get a pancake like this dude Look, he's pretty huge and fat Now, let's hop over there I'm gonna give these a taste test, and, hopefully, they're good, and then I don't have to do it all over again Okay, here, mmm! Here are my pancakes

They're gorgeous, super fluffy I put a little square of butter on top Time to drizzle on the maple syrup Yeah! Gorgeous! Whoo! And for the taste test This is got a lot of pancake

All right Taste test! That is good They're very fluffy, but they're still very moist as well It doesn't have the weird crispy, kinda wet thing, it had going on before It's not too salty, anymore

That's a good pancake Very good Second time's the charm for sure It worked out, beautifully this time I'll put a link to the final recipe down below, in the comments

So, if you wanna try making these pancakes, yourself, you totally can, or to be honest, these pancakes are very good, but I think the recipe in my cookbook is just as good, but a little bit easier to make, so I'll probably stick to that one, next time So, if you want that recipe, check it out in my cookbook I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, let me know by leaving a like If there is another viral video or recipe that you would like me to veganize next, let me know in the comments, down below Don't forget to subscribe for a brand, shiny new, fuss-free vegan video, every, single Wednesday

And, I'll see you next week! Bon appetigan! (chicken clucking) (soft jazz music) (humming) Hi, buddy! Do you want pancakes? They're not for you

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