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Vegetable Upma Indian Breakfast Recipes @ Guru’s Cooking


[UltraVid id=254 ][Music] hello ladies and gentlemen this is chef guru from gurus cooking comm with vegetable upma ha we have taken our pestle and mortar in which we will be adding 5 green chillies and chopped ginger we will muddle this until it becomes a fine paste and this fresh chilli ginger paste will keep it aside for later on use we would now take a kadai to which we’ll be adding 2 tablespoons of clarified butter which is also called Desi Ghee and we will cook this at a low flame with the keys hot enough we’ll be adding 6 fenugreek seeds which are also called methi Dona followed by half a teaspoon of Ora dal or split black lentils when this horrid all turns a little brownish in color we’ll be adding another ingredient which is a half a teaspoon of mustard seeds now you get two kinds of mustard seeds in the market the smaller sized ones which are maroon in color and the larger ones that are dark black in color I mean say jet black in color so we prefer the larger ones which are black in color when these mustard seeds are splatter you’ll be adding half a teaspoon of cumin seeds and remember right now we are cooking at a low flame if you cook at a high flame there are chances of burning these condiments we will now be adding our ginger and green chillies paste that we prepared earlier on let’s have some vegetables beginning with half a cup of chopped green beans you may now increase the flame from simmering to a medium to high flame to cook these beans it takes a lot of time and that is the reason we have added the beans before any of the other veggies we will saute this for a long two minutes that would be sufficient it’s been almost two minutes now we’ll be adding half a cup of diced carrots and we’ll saute this again for another 1 minute now I’m cooking and preparing this dish for around 4 people to be served – so you don’t have to add a lot of vegetables here as you can observe I’m just adding half a cup of all these because if you add a lot of vegetables instead of tasting the Obama your guests or your friends or your family members they would rather taste vegetables and the upma would be missing so make sure you do not add too many vegetables now we’ll saute this for around like I said 1 and 1/2 minutes that would be sufficient to fry the carrots and the meanwhile the beans also are being covered it’s been almost one-and-a-half minutes now we’ll add half a cup of finely chopped onions and we’ll now stir fry this for around a minute so you have this beautiful colors of the Indian tricolor Safran white and green it looks beautiful it has to taste good too so there goes in another important ingredient they’re fresh curry leaves now you get some curry leaves which have been dried you don’t have to add them fresh curry leaves offer an awesome aroma to this dish so around 15 curry leaves is what we’ll be adding and we’ll saute this again and cook this for another 30 seconds not to mention we are right now cooking at a high flame so far so good these were the veggies that we were expected to add we are all of them and it’s now our turn to add some water once the vegetables have still fried properly let’s add three cups of drinking water and we’ll still cook at a high flame now the question that comes to your mind is how large are the cups or in other words what is the size of the cup I’m using to add this water it doesn’t really matter what matters is a simple rule of thumb that you need to remember for every one single cup of semolina or suji that we’ll be adding to this recipe the same cup sized three cups of water is what you’ll be adding so in a short while when I add the semolina suji you will see what exactly was the cup that I used to add this water after a few minutes when the water is hot enough we’ll be adding around 2 teaspoons of salt I decided one teaspoon of salt and here goes the another one two tablespoons of clarified butter or Desi Ghee which is very important otherwise your power will not turn out to be smooth and silky rather it will be rough if you don’t add this so the total amount of ghee that we have added to this recipe initially two tablespoons and now again two tablespoons equals to four tablespoons we are now cooking at a very high flame until the water comes to a boil we will sit back and relax so as you can see the carrots and the beans have started dancing the water is almost boiling now and it’s time to add the most important ingredient of this recipe that makes up for the upma semolina or suji this is the cup that I use for adding the water we’ll add one cup of semolina or suji to the three cups of water that we added which is now boiling please make sure you reduce the flame to very low right now because if you don’t do that your suji will form lumps and if you beefs carefully observe the most important step here is I am NOT adding all the suji at once I am adding a little by little stirring it a little by little stirring it this way doesn’t form lumps if you add all of the suji at once it will definitely form lumps and your whole upma recipe will be spoiled so please take care of this thing and keep it in concerned when you do this now as you can see the semolina that we added the suji that we added is pretty thirsty for water even though I’m cooking at a very low flame it is still drinking water at a very high pace and it has become thick in consistency in less than a minute so keep stirring it because you don’t want things to stick to the bottom of the pan use all your muscle in your arms do not stop keep stirring this nicely and when you think when you see this level of consistency cover it with a lid and simmer it at a very low flame for around exactly three minutes after three minutes just put off the flame sit back relax for five or ten minutes as you can see it’s already thick after three minutes so if I try to stir this it is pretty smooth as you can see silky that is all the magic of the ghee that we added and now we will just cover this and let it relax for five to ten minutes once it settles down we will eat it because we don’t want our third-degree burns in our mouth right now it’s pretty hot ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching a healthy beautiful breakfast recipe coming in from South India now at your table vegetable open thank you [Music]

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