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Venison Burger Cooked On The Traeger Timberline 850



Hello everybody and welcome to The Barbecue Shop here at Hayes Garden World, as always we are joined by top BBQ chef Mr Richard Holden Hi folks

And in this video, it's something I've been looking forward to since I saw the recipe list for today's shooting, we're going to be making venison burgers And we're going to be using the Traeger Timberline 850 So Richard, venison burgers Venison burgers, we've got a kilo of really good quality venison here from the butchers, they've minced it for us We're not going to do too much to this, we're just going to add some salt and pepper just to season it very, very simply

We've got some slices of streaky bacon, already smoked, we're going to add an extra layer of smoke by putting it onto the Traeger We're going to grill it off, get it nice and crispy and then also, like I say add that little bit of extra smoke to it We've got some ciabatta buns here and on the plate over here we've got some shredded lettuce, some tomatoes, sliced, we've got some pickles and some sliced Cheddar as well And top and bottom we're going to put some of the Traeger 'Que' BBQ sauce as well, so sandwich that venison burger between the two So I think we're ready to go

OK What I'm going to do is pop this into here, and we'll add 'cos I need a bit of room to mix this all in So if you pop the pepper And what I'd normally do with the pepper is, we're going to make 4 burgers from this so they're gonna be Big burgers Substantial burgers, we're talking half pounders here What I try to do is I think about how many twists I would use per Did you count the twists? Nope No, okay So what I would tend to do is if I'm doing 4 burgers I might do, say, 8 or 16 twists 'cos I'm thinking maybe one twist per side, I don't know, maybe that's just me being a bit picky but that's how I try to figure out how much to put into something like this

Just as you might like to think about that one So I'm going to put 4 pinches of salt into here And then we're going to just work this around, get this nice and evenly seasoned, it's not the best bowl for doing this in, so I apologise But just mix this round, get it nice and Get that salt and pepper nice and even through there, and then what we'll do is we'll tip that out onto the work surface and we'll start by just dividing that into 2 even portions And then we'll do that into 2 even portions as well Yeah they look about right don't they, yeah

Not being too precise with these this is venison, kinda in the wild, you know So just going to pat these out by hand If you wanted to you could absolutely make these ahead in advance, and then just pop those into the fridge, just to chill them, set them up a little bit There's no breadcrumbs in here, as we've just seasoned with salt and pepper Just try and get these as nice and even as possible

And also just have a quick eyeball on the size of the ciabatta rolls as well, just so that we are gonna be looking good once we start to assemble our burgers a little bit later on Are they looking about right? Yep Done Okay so we'll go over to the BBQ, we'll put these on We're going to put the bacon on the shelf sbove the burgers just so that any fats, bacon fat, smokey fat, just renders down onto the venison, just gives it that extra little bit of 'je ne sais quoi', and if you're on a grill that has the shelf at the back you can always put your bacon up there and put your burgers underneath so that you can get the same effect

So, I've got meaty hands, if you wanna do the honours with the lid What we'll do is we'll pop those onto Thank you sirfront of our little rail there Good tip if you want to stop your choppng boards from moving around put a little sheet of kitchen paper underneath Which is exactly what that was Just prevents slippages So bacon going on

And what I should do really is put them on the second shelf and then they do actually drip onto the venison burgers, there we go What we'll do, once we turn that over we'll move that onto the lower shelf, put lid down We've got this set up for 230, so we've got a little bit of time to get the bacon nice and crispy, so we don't cook it too fast, and also because those venison burgers are quite sturdy, they're quite thick You want a little bit of time to get the heat in there as well So 230, we'll give those a good 5 – 6 minutes on the first side then we'll flip them over have a look at them, give them a check with the temperature probe, see whereabouts we are and then do any extra cooking from there

But we'll just leave those to do their thing Right so we've had about 5 minutes Wow Look at them Look at these little guys, and we're just going to use the probe just to see whereabouts we are

That one is 48, we're going for a cooked core temperature of 72 with venison So what we're going to do, looking at the bacon, quite happy with how that is at the moment, so we're not going to turn that over onto the and move it around I'm just going to get you to take that off and pop it onto the chopping board for me if you would be so kind Ian But while you're doing that I'm just going to turn these burgers over, just to get You can see a difference in the appearance of the underside of the burger compared to the top So what we'll do is we'll turn these over and you do have the option on the Timberline of dropping it's lower cooking grate down a level, a little distance nearer to that heat deflector tray so you can get more of an intense sear, but we've got it on the higher setting for this, and it's working just fine So we're at 40 What did I say? High forties? Probably another 4 – 5 minutes, we'll come back and we'll check them and again we're looking for that 72 internal temperature

So we're back with our venison burgers, we are, let's have a look, look at the colour on those Look at them Now I'm hoping that these will be a little bit less than done, in that kinda high mid, mid to high 60s, and they are at the moment So what we're going to do is we're just going to grab, can you grab those 4 cheese slices for me I can

What we're going to do is just going to pop these on for the last few moments of cooking There you go Thank you very much Just pop these on Now we're using a mild Cheddar here but you can use your favourite cheese

I'm actually thinking venison, blue cheese, go quite nicely It would be nice that yeah

But whatever floats you boat We're going to give those, like I say, high 68 – 69, looking for 72, so going to leave those on for maybe another 45 seconds to a minute just to get the last little bit of temperature into them as the same time as melting those cheese slices, then we'll come back and we'll assemble our burgers Right let's have a look O look at that!! Look at that cheese Right, just did a little shoulder happy dance there

Right so we are 73 and 71, so we're good to go So let's bring these off, these are quite sizeable Definately, definately one for when you're feeling a little bit peckish You could of course make more burgers with the kilo, you could of course use less meat to make 4, but you know, in for a penny, in for a pound, or half a pound in this case So let's just make one of these up

If you just grab a spoon here we need to smooth that around We've got some sauce on the base or our ciabatta There we go, let's just use that Spread it round Spread that around a little bit

There we go So what we'll do, some shredded lettuce, take 2 or 3 slices of tomato, some little bits of pickle, our monster venison burger on the top There you go and then Turn that the other way They are a big burger'cos that is not going to fit over the top Little bit more sauce on there Look at that

That is literally a beast of a burger, so that's our venison burger with smokey bacon, and Traeger BBQ sauce with cheese and That's dinner sorted

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to tackle that while on camera, so erm So whilst you're trying to figure that out

Don't think Think I'm going to try a little bit of one of these 'cos that's just going to end up in the beard

So if you want to find out about the recipe for this dish visit the website: hayesgardenworldcouk; it's in the blog section of the website Think you should go for that No

No, we've done it before; you can find the other video where it just goes horribly wrong, I think it's one of the breakfast burgers It's the breakfast burger It's the breakfast burger If you want to find out about any of the equipment we've used today visit the team here in The Barbecue Shop, they 'll be quite happy to talk you through all the equipment Mmm

Good? Nice bit of pepper So all that's left for us to say is thank you for watching and we'll see you again next time

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