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Vermicelli Bean Thread Noodle Salad, Peev Choj Xam Lav, Cooking ASMR (no talk)



Hi Everyone, welcome to my channel This is where I create simple meals with everyday ingredients! Don't forget to like, comment & subscribe! Starting off with carrots, Peel & Shred I like to use this fancy tool to shred Now for the green onions Cutting the white portions off then slowly slice them at an angle, I like to do it this way so that I have more control in size When it comes to the green portion, I just julienne a few at a time Fresh tomato from the garden *DROOLS* Cilantro, just picking off the leaves from the stem Feel free to use the stem in stocks or even cut them up and add them into the salad

So the bean thread noodles I don't know why but the noodles at the American grocery stores are different from Asian stores Of course you should use what you have access too but I do recommend finding them at your local Asian grocery They have a better texture and aren't so spaghetti like They'll hold onto each other better (from the Asian stores) So they're kinda portioned, I'm going to use 3 portions Then wrap it back up and place into your pantry! You're gonna want to boil some hot water Okay – So there are two ways of doing this (My husband likes his noodles "al dente" so there's a bit of a BITE to the noodle) If you like the soft glass noodle texture like in stir-fry's then you should BOIL THE NOODLES DIRECTLY! Boil the noodles for about 2-3 minutes! For this method, Iet the noodles soak in the boiling hot water for 10 minutes Drain the noodles then rinse with cold water Cut the long lengthy noodles to a desired length (I like to keep mine medium length, not too short) Avocado Oil'd the pan Using ground up chicken breast, feel free to use ANY KIND OF PROTEIN your heart desires! Cook until all the liquid is evaporated Breaking up the chunks of chicken here Then like all salads, TOSS EVERYTHING together! Noodles, Meat, Cilantro, Tomato, Green Onion, Carrots Lime Juice, Black Pepper, Salt, Ranch Dressing In my opinion, this is best served chilled with time for the ranch and lime to really soak into the ingredients so make this salad ahead of time Once you're ready to serve, I like to eat mine with nice warm rice It's a nice balance of warm & chilled I mean IT LOOKS SO DELICIOUS! See, nice hot & cold balance

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