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Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls That Won't Explode When You Cook Them! – Marion's Kitchen



Crispy traditional Vietnamese spring rolls These are such a delight to eat

Especially with a really beautiful tangy Nuoc Cham dressing This is my version of Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls These Vietnamese spring rolls, I love to eat them But can I say, there are quite a few dangerous things that can happen with these spring rolls There's a few tips and tricks to master here

But I'm going to walk you through it It's ok If I can do it, you can do it The noodle we want here is called a "bean thread vermicelli" noodle It's also known as mung bean noodles, glass noodles, cellophane noodles

The trick start early here my friends With these noodles, if you boil them in a pot, they will go all soggy and soft and they will not be good What you need to do, is just soak them in some hot water Doesn't need to be boiling Just move those noodles around with a fork

Make sure they're getting an even soaking There's no clumps anywhere These would just take a bare 2 minutes They're nice and soft I want to make sure they don't cook any further

So I'm going to put them into some room-temperature water Now you want to drain these really well One of my little tricks here to get these noodles really dry, is just to pop them into a clean tea towel Give them a really tight squeeze The reason we want to make sure there's not too much moisture in these noodles is because moisture inside of these spring rolls is going to mean explosion when it comes to frying time, trust me

That's about as dry as we're going to get them Pop them into a large bowl here To make these noodles more manageable, I like to go at them with some scissors I always feel like my mum's going to come over and get angry at me whenever I'm chopping noodles with scissors Cause of course, there is this Asian superstition that chopping noodles is bad luck

So there's a lot of bad luck happening here today guys Now for the rest of the filling We're going to do some pork mince, and some red Asian shallots You could also use some French shallots as well The key here is that we want them chopped really nice and fine

I also want some prawns, I need these really finely minced To flavour our filling, we need some fish sauce Some sugar Some white pepper And a pinch of salt

To bring it all together, we need to bind it with an egg Give this a really vigorous mixing Want to kind of work the proteins in the pork and the prawn So that everything becomes quite firm and quite sticky For the wrapper, we're going to use rice paper

This is what you're looking for when you're going to buy your rice paper from an Asian market, from a supermarket Try to look out for one that's a blend of rice flour and tapioca flour The tapioca flour seems to make it softer and more manageable A lot of the plain rice flour ones can be overly sticky, and hard to work with It you're not used to working with them

So there's a tip for buying those For preparing them, there's a couple of things we need to do here, because we need to wet these In order to roll the spring rolls But on the other side of the coin, any kind of moisture that goes into hot oil, results in an explosion So that's what we don't want

There's a couple of ways around this First of all, we want to prepare the water that we're going to use for soaking For that, I need some hot water A little trick that you might not have thought of, is to add some sugar into the water The sugar is going to help the wrappers to caramelise and brown quicker in the oil

Just give that a stir to dissolve To combat that moisture on the outside of the wrapper, I like to put a tea towel down first That will soak up some of that moisture as we roll The other secret here guys, is that you don't want to leave the wrapper in here long enough that it gets soft Because that's when you're going to be in a bit of trouble because it'll stick together

Dunk it in, make sure you get every part of the wrapper submerged Pull it out at this stage, it's still quite firm Don't worry, it'll soften up Pop that onto your tea towel I'm going to put my filling here

The key to this, is to shape your filling into a cylinder first Because the other thing we need to do here is make sure we're expelling as much air as possible Air pockets are going to be another reason why your spring rolls will explode in the oil Now rolling time Roll over from the bottom

Try to as I said, get rid of any air pockets Keep rolling, fold the sides over Keep rolling, keep everything nice and tight Pop this on a tray lined with baking paper Baking paper, because this stuff is sticky

It will stick There's one more thing we need to do here I know there's a lot of little tips to remember for this recipe But I want to put these into the fridge for about 30 minutes uncovered That's going to help those wrappers to dry out a little bit before we put them in the oil

While that's happening, I'm going to make our dipping sauce I want to start off with some fish sauce Some sugar Finely chopped chilli Some garlic

Some lime juice as well I nearly forgot, I want a little bit of white vinegar as well Just whisk that quite vigorously, so that sugar dissolves Mmm I just love that magical combination of the sweet, tangy, salty Mmm perfection

Here we are at the moment of truth, where the spring roll is going to meet the hot oil, and all those little precautions that we've made Well hopefully fingers crossed, they all work out! I'm going to test the oil first, I want to make sure it's hot Don't want it too hot because overly hot oil and explosions aren't good But I want to see some nice bubbles here Definitely do these in batches

As I said, these guys are sticky And they will want to stick to each other like there's no tomorrow Like to put in about half a dozen Depending on how big your wok is You're going to need to get straight in there with some chopsticks

Keep them moving, separate them as they're frying just until they get a little crunchy Once they've gotten crunchy and hard on the outside, they'll stop sticking together Now we're looking good These guys are going to happily fry, not stick together now You can see, we're getting a little bubbling effect on these spring rolls

The wonderful thing about these guys is their imperfection There will be some little bubbles, some little gnarly bits on the outside And that's ok It's just the way they are Once these are golden and they're starting to get some dark brown spots, that's when I know they're ready to go To serve these up, I like to just snip them into smaller pieces

Obviously we're serving them with our Nuoc Cham dressing On the side, just some lettuce leaves and some herbs The way we want this to go, is grab a lettuce leaf Add a little chunk of spring roll, some dressing And some nice fresh herbs

Now that gets all wrapped up And goes straight in my mouth Mmm Texturally, this is beautiful The crunch, and that soft savoury filling Flavour-wise, my goodness! The fresh herbs, that porky prawn mixture and that tangy dressing That just brings everything together Every mouthful right here is an explosion of flavour


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