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Vlog #1 – How to cook Mac and Cheese



[Door Slam] [Minecraft Cave Noise] – Hey guys welcome to my youtube channel I don't know what I do I just ramble on and edit out all of the garbage Today, I'm going to show you how to make Mac and Cheese [Minecraft Cave Noise] Okay we are now in the kitchen [Polka Music] First, go get your Mac and Cheese Aww, I don't want that kind I guess were gonna make ramen instead Hey! Okay gamers we got our ramen I think this is expired Step 1

Fill a pot with water [Running Sink] Next, we wait x2 You like my shirt? I think it's a nice shirt It's doing it Refrain from using The microwave I can hear my stuff burning but I don't think– It's been like 5 minutes and my water is still not boiling What do we got A whole jar of peanut butter Puke in a bottle Dragon's breath Cotton uhh Demonitization Catsup I just realized this whole time I wasn't recording on this It's been about 10 minutes and my water is still not boiling so we're gonna give up Hi, I'm a mac It's so bright in here What do you like to do? Watch videos huh? Well I got a treat for you You're watching a video right now Did you like that cave noise joke I made in the very beginning of the video? You may be wondering who– [Minecraft Cave Noise] Fu– You may be wondering who I am [Ragtime Piano Music] well let me tell you who I am I Play Games Because I'm a gamer Join me on a journey into discovering who I am I don't know where I was going with this I forgot my microphone it's over there Don't forget to rate the video five stars [Megaphone Breaking] Go to my Patreon page it's this link and uhh Please support me I have a high school diploma and no job Okay bye [Polka Music]

Source: Youtube

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