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VLOG: Summer weekend in Seoul + what I ate in a day (vegan)



climbing, summer, baby cat, blue hair + What I ate in one day #vegano Jiiiiin good morning <3 Do you want to go climbing? No, handsome This is Peanut food My goodness, <3 How hungry! then, Cat likes Peanut food and Peanut likes Cat food So I have to keep an eye on you and in that kitty so I'm kind of late, I'll just eat this about ice cream (?) I did it looks pretty weird because there's plenty of it peanut paste made with powdered peanut paste with this cocoa chips I'm FISSURADAAA so good Seriously, too good It's so good

crazy beautiful eyes? <3 Let me explain, today is going to be a day of unheard things first time i go It's so noisy First time I go to a climbing academy here in Korea my only experience was with this parade we have at work that's really cool but it was not much, I do not know just climbing by yourself We had to follow the instructor

I'm glad But anyway, my co-worker invited me to go today and I'm very excited because I used to climb, I do not know, like every day in Brazil so I miss being able to climb and this is the first day after my second surgery I'm going to do some exercise, finally! and this is the first vlog I'm doing alone it's weird because Jin is usually with me But he's sleeping, I'm going to meet my friend and her friend in the place of the climb (?) so is This is the app I use to get to places and I love that says "comfortable" Comfortable bus, not full it `s cute uuuuuuuuh, so livelyaaa I am so happy Ahhh, I miss climbing This is boulder, right? siiiiim so livelyaaaaa only two! only two! M: Can you? I've never done this before but if you explain to me, I think I can M: He'll teach you M: Good luck! good luck! Is the rope always in the middle? Can you ask him? once again! M: another one? What is "pal"? foot? M: legs How do you say "hands" in Korean? are they are dead! He's like BORA BORA BORA

last the guy wanted to make my hands bleed Going again, again, again! M: How was it? It was really good, tiring so tired, so tired D: first day of disciple after surgery crazy "thanks!" always wiggle your feet, it makes a lot of difference breathe, Min! M: expert we finished very tired How long have we been here? I do not know, 4 hours? M: 3 hours 3 hours almost M: sign up for the channel! give that one like sign up D: and comment! Ah, this is important

follow the instagram well I'll get the public bicycle and I'm going back home, that Jin is kind of sick half cold So it is, this Saturday is going to be very good Saturday night at home and I just bought blueberries !!! I love blueberries so good! I just arrived at the bicycle station

so, roll this cool way to rent, with QR tags QR code Battery died + I got home Are you taking care of him, Peanut? Peanut, you want to eat? Peanut: siiiiiim peanut boy peanut butter with jam my peanut paste inside his ear he's so dirty help so I'm really tired now I'm going to discolor my hair and the color will be surprise so keep watching to see if this is something of your interest (keke) He stayed a long time sleeping with you Jin: Huh? Jin: Are you staying, Peanut? He just laid all over you Peanut is watching with you or sleeping definitely sleeping I think most of the footage I did today is kind of Peanut in bed he keeps doing cute things, I can not stop filming look that! older brother or dad Jin: He does not like You have to take a shower, Peanut! so my hair is fading It's kind of a disaster now

but anyway, I'll try to fix it tomorrow because It's 2 AM finally I decided to try applying a face mask I had some options and I decide to try panda mask and from there you will see How did I get into this thing? Serious what the hell is this? Ah yes my hair is blue looking now does not seem so bad but I used to say it was a darker blue and it's like a light blue with some green parts I'll try to fix it tomorrow What the hell is that mask?!?! I do not look like a panda! I do not look like a panda What is it, Jin? I look like a dead man not a cute panda It's because I'm not Asian and my face does not fit in that mask again? Jin: Yes, panda originated in China truth I think this mask, the panda looks more like a zombie than the zombie mask seriously should have stayed with the zombie Jin: You know what Jin: It seems that you have a bad hangover Jin: hangover panda I feel very bizarre very bizarre with that smile I do not even know what's worse with the mask on my face or without makeup I'm going to leave half

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