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Wang Yibo has to cook again. The song sung by Xiao Zhan ranked first.



Hello everyone Today is May 31st

Let me talk about Wang Yibo According to the trailer for DDU In this program Wang Yibo will interact with a child This time Wang Yibo encountered a big problem "cooking" Wang Yibo said: do I need to boil water first? The child began to question him: have you ever cooked? Is this your first time to cook? Wang Yibo said: yes are you worried that my cooking is not good? Wang Yibo bought a scooter for this child before This time Wang Yibo came to the child's house to try to start the scooter

Wang Yibo tried several times but could not start the scooter The child said to him "this is the scooter you gave me" You can't start it? Yesterday iqiyi's variety show "Summer Surfing Shop" also broadcast a trailer This new program will be available to you soon According to the relevant promotional materials

There are ten episodes of this program One episode a week Program guests include Wang Yibo Huang Xuan Han Dongjun and Huang Minghao This program combines stars sports and beautiful scenery At present the program is attracting investment

In addition some news is circulating on the Internet These guests are very fond of sports They are full of energy so the cameraman and other staff of the program are very hard These stars love to play so much that in the evening Han Dongjun will take other people to the gym So the cameramen said they were too tired

They shot too many videos from day to night The guests seemed indefatigable Let me talk about Xiao Zhan Recently fans are busy voting for Xiao Zhan's song Shanghai TV Station and Shanghai Culture Radio Film and Television Group held the "list of Oriental winds and Clouds"

The event has been held for 27 years since 1993 As of today Xiao Zhan's singing "the spot of Light" topped the list "wuji" ranked second

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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