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Watermelon Chicken – How To Cook Chicken In A Watermelon – Shredded Chicken



what is up everybody this is Lyle with no hippie BBQ what I'd be doing today is I'm going to be cooking this chicken in this watermelon now I've never thought about doing this but I saw a reaction video by a guy named so or something like that on Facebook and I figured you know what he made it look bad but let me see how bad it really is anyway it looks like after doing a little bit of research on this is that we're cooking this chicken in this watermelon this watermelon is not going to really add any flavor to this but it looks like this might have been a technique of cooking that was used in you know possibly a third world country or somebody like you know someplace like that where they didn't have like a Dutch oven or you know things of that nature anyway we're gonna try now we're gonna see what's up what I would be doing is I'm gonna be making this into some shredded chicken or some pulled chicken we're gonna be using to cook this chicken in this watermelon is we have a chicken this is about a medium size chicken I have some spices from a company called miners a mix and we are using their poultry perfection I've used this a couple of times this stuff is really good as a matter of fact I've used a half of another bottle of this already so if you're interested in this seasoning rundown the description below links gonna be there we're gonna be using some oil I happen to be using a sunflower coconut and avocado oil and we have our watermelon let me move this out of the way yeah we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be cutting this water down our chicken in one of the mistakes I've been seeing on the few videos that I saw when I was doing my research is they're cutting this watermelon straight across so then what they need is like skewers or something to keep the top on while it's cooking what I plan on doing and we'll see if it works or not as I plan on cutting down at around the top of this chicken so we're gonna kind of or not chicken around the top of this watermelon so we're gonna kind of come down to the angle and go around like this alright let's see we've got going on and hopefully this lid will sit right on the top the way I want it to boom there we go so this should be hollow enough so when I put this back on later on during the cook it should be a perfect match right there have that watermelon hollowed out I'm going to go ahead and season up the chicken now I think I have a pretty good technique on how to cut a watermelon so I'm going to leave a link to that video in the iCard above take a look at that I basically used the same technique to hollow out this watermelon here anyway I'm just going to go ahead and hit it with some some of this oil and this is just so that the rub will kind of adhere to it a little bit don't eat a lot and I've already taken out all the insides of this and now we're going to go ahead ship it probably taking this lid off a little earlier now we're going to go ahead and season it up and you can get pretty liberal on this we're going to go ahead and add this to our skin and that's not going to be part of anything that we're going to be eating down the road anyway and like I said we are using the minors mix poultry perfection nice color on this not that it matters because by the time we're done cooking this this really isn't gonna really have much of a really good appearance anyway all right we got this chicken seasoned up real good now it's just time for us to get this chicken in that watermelon so it looks like my watermelon cutting technique was on point see how this lid fits on here correctly we're gonna go ahead and set this off to the side though we have our chicken seasoned up our watermelon hollowed out I did leave a little bit of watermelon at the bottom just to create a little bit of a buffer so not a lot of liquid leaks out when we're cooking let's just go ahead and get this chicken now in the video that inspired me they put like a lemon inside this chicken we're going to forego that I don't want an overabundance of liquid in here I'm gonna go ahead and get our lid on and that fits perfectly no need for any skewers or anything like that this worked out exactly the way I wanted I have my I'm gonna be cooking this on my weber kettle grill i have that coming up to temperature we're going to be cooking this probably around 350 to 375 for about three and a half hours alright guys so i got this grill humming we're gonna be cooking at about 350 degrees i'm gonna start checking it in about three and a half hours i do want this to be kind of a pull apart or shredded chicken but i don't want it to just literally fall apart so i'm gonna start checking it now this cook is all about the technique and not necessarily the cooker the videos or a couple of the videos that i saw where they made this they actually did this in the oven at home so if you're intrigued by this recipe try to love him i'm not sure if this is a hit or a miss yet but we'll see in a few hours about two hours in on this let's go ahead and take a look at it alright let's go ahead temp this right quick like i said i want this to be shredded but i don't want it to be completely like mushy so it looks like we're alright we're at about 115 degrees so i'm gonna be taking this to about 175 degrees so I'm probably gonna check this in about another probably probably another couple hours so we'll see you back then about three and a half hours in on this chicken and I checked the temperature about what is hot about 20 minutes ago and weird 175 degrees so that was kind of my target temperature what I'm gonna do now is just shut this grill down take this inside and I'm just gonna let it sit in these juices for about an hour hour and a half for to cool off and then we'll pull it apart and see what we're left with an hour is still pretty hot and actually it is probably about as done as I wanted it the last video I saw it looked like they really severely overcooked this chicken and this seems to be shredding up just nicely get into some of this breasts yeah this is perfect right here you know what I'm gonna finish shredding this chicken and then I will see if I can get my boy in here and we'll do a taste test and see what he thinks about this wrap right there what I think I'm gonna use this chicken for is I think I'm gonna be making some like chicken sandwich slide or something like that so I think this watermelon chicken recipe is gonna go well anyway get in there just grab a little finger full and get a little taste you have a chance to cool off a little bit mm-hmm nice and tender good seasoning see little Frankie things looks like you shooting sister bottle can't leave penny out huge watermelon taste or anything like that one thing I will say is this is not a recipe that would go out of my way to do but you know it if I was thinking about making some shredded chicken or something like that and I had a watermelon around I'd probably do it again anyway I just had to try that out after seeing that reaction video on Facebook I like to thank you guys for stopping by no hippie BBQ and checking me up and head gamejr over here anyway comment subscribe I'm What is Watermelon Chicken How to cook watermelon chicken

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