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We Tried Grilled Barbecue Chicken – Amazing Results



Hello, guys What's up? Just say it Okay! Hello, guys, and welcome to MO's kitchen! Literally MO's kitchen

It's been a while since we filmed here, so we decided to make this video a little bit special by simply filming here Hello, MO! Hello! What are we making today? Chicken drumettes which we are going to cook in the grill Salt, chili flakes, pepper, chicken spices, garlic, dried basil Do you know what we have here? I know What is it then? Meat

Chicken How that part is called? Drumettes He-he-he-he Okay Heh-heh-heh Are you filming here? Yes In the first part of this video MO will be one making and in the second part of the video will be a little bit different Will there be some humour? It's possible We'll add the garlic at first

We'll mix the rest of the spices here We'll add the spices here And mix everything well We'll pour in some oil We'll pour lemon juice in

Here we have 2 tablespoons Mix it with your hands Why should I use my hands when I can use the spoon to mix everything well, little Romas? Viewers, tells us there you like our videos more from From MO's kitchen or from mine? My kitchen is white and MO's is this one He-he-he

Come on He-he-he MO's kitchen is old, isn't it? So, what? The only thing is that it is dark here, you know The trees from the street cover the light, Romas

We'll leave it to marinate for about 3 hours We'll definitely spend 3 hours to prepare for leaving Okay That's it Why are you eating raw meat, MO? Is it good? It's really good! Or do you want to add something in? Nothing

Oh I bit a piece of garlic It's very good

Garlic works against the vampires! So, we arrived at our place, MO Heh Good It's now a time to assemble the gril

You are like a real gril And then we'll make it! Okay, okay! We'll cook it I mean I'll see how you cook it We'll see Eeah I would like to begin by saying huge thanks for all patrons for supporting us Patreaon

Because of you we were able to buy this grill And ahem I've never tried grilling

So that will be a challenge But we'll see how it goes So, yeah, we'll make it now, MO

We will, just the grill already Terra would have run away with that bucket, right? Yeah, she would have run away She's so strong as she can flip the a bucket full of water by draggind it

I can hardly carry it and she Anyway, we got the fire going and now we're going to wait As you can see Terra is resting here

Hello, Terra! Hello! Hello! Beaglesaurus In addition to the grill we also bought a few accessories Such as this spatula And this thing, a lighter And a huge fork? Or something like that

You won't believe what our table is made of It actually made of a cart and a big piece of table top Here are MO's strawberries I'm filming our table You have a friend here, MO! Take it off my head immediately

It's hard for me to keep my head straight as it is so heavy It's huge I'll show it to you soon Okay, nevermind Wait, I'll take it off

We'll relax a little bit on this Sunday Yeah Whenever we come here, MO, all you want is work

Yes, of course What else is there to here? Let's relax and film a video Okay, we are filming today

Heh We'll start working on Monday Screw you, MO

Heh We'll clean our fields Indeed, your fields have no weeds at all Yeah, everything has been cleaned

It's nice! Chicken Okay I think our coals are ready So, we are going to put it on these bars Let's put it directly on I think we should on these first Or you want me to put it over there? But first we have to oil it Wait Let me

Take this I want to get up And we going to oil these bars So the chicken wouldn't stick so much to them It has some heat to it, MO, doesn't it? Mhm

They are frying And the recipe is not done yet, we are going to do something else But first we're going to cook it over the fire Because we're trying grilled food for the first time, I have no idea what we are doing So, because of that I'm just checking the food every 2 minutes or so to make sure it's fine

So, at the moment I have lifted the lid just a little bit It's fried rather nicely already We'll start a new stage It's not terrible by any means, but a few parts are little bit too dark So, we are just going to remove them

We are no grilling experts, but you know, you have to start somewhere Sriracha sauce And some brown sugar Mix it We've made some more

We're going to use part of it with sriracha sauce and part of it with barbecue sauce Barbecue sauce That little of it? You have only added 15 tablespoon of it I've added 3 tablespoons, Romas

Not full at all then Don't worry it will be enough, you will see It will spread and that will be the end Roll it A few mnutes and that's it

No, no, we have to keep it over 10 minutes Stop it with your nonsense I'll see how you'll take it off the grill Okay, I'll see it too I can take it off yourself, I don't care

Okay, that's your mineral water Oh, thank you Look how nicely all pieces are covered in the sauce

It's not bad since we're grilling for the first time Not bad Yes! Over there we have that hot one and here we have that with barbecue sauce, right? Yes, yes Good Romas, do you want some rice? Later, let's try it now

Mhm You worked all day, right? Okay, let's try it! Try it then, I'm trying already Heh-heh Okay It's very good! You can taste the smoke Yeah? Mhm The taste is very different to the one from the oven [Eats loudly in Lithuanian]

Heh Heh She's waiting Heh-heh-heh Mh-hm It's very good! It's really good! I'm happy, how it turned out What about you, MO? Mh-hm It's very good

Try those which are supposed to be hot They are not hot You'll see Thank you for watching! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel To comment and like on our video

And consider the possibility to support us Until next time and good bye! Good bye! This one can't wait any longer Yeah, Terra wants a bone Did you film it? Mh-hm Okay, let's keep "shooting" it There will be nothing left from this 11 kg You won't have nothing to bring home, will you? Nuh-uh

Let me add you some rice, so you would get full faster I see that you are very hungry And the worst thing about grilling is that cleaning afterwards is much harder compared to cleaning after just a simple meal

But anyway, it's usually worth it Okay, now I have to turn it off and, you know, do it like a normal person with 2 hands So thanks for wathing again! And I'll see you next time!

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