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We Tried Salvador Dali’s Strange Egg Recipe



– Oh my God, this is so gross – I like it

(screams) (peaceful jazz music) – One thing I've learned in my informative, albeit, chaotic adult years is that no two relationships are the same – [Jared] Hey, Devin? – Yeah? – Stillness – Oh, sorry Some couples, like Jared and I balance each other out like Yin and Yang, like sugar and spice – Who's who again? – I'm spicy, you're the sugar

– That's really sweet But also, stop moving – Sorry – Thank you – But what happens when two people are equal parts crazy and artistry? Do they explode or does their dark star of a relationship burn on for eons? This is History Bites, a show where Jared and I mix our obsession with each other with our obsession with food and old romance

Jared recreates the dishes left behind by notable celebrities while I dish on their love life In this episode, we're exploring the relationship between Salvador Dali and his wife slash muse, Gala Are we done yet? – [Jared] Yeah – [Devin] Let me see – Check her out

Pretty true to life, eh? (laughter) I love her – I love her (laughter) (upbeat theme music) So, Jared, what makes a healthy relationship? – Hmmm Kale, apples, tumeric – That is so cheesy

I can't – [Jared] Bye – [Devin] No, we have to film this episode – [Jared] Okay – This is the crux of this episode, deciding whether or not this couple had a healthy relationship

And by the way, let me just start by saying I don't know if it's Gala or Gala So I'm probably gonna mess it up I'm so sorry if anyone's really offended Probably the Gala Apple people – Heaven forbid, those are my favorite

So today, we're gonna do one cocktail and one entree – [Devin] A lotta these recipes are inspired by the dinner parties that he and Gala used to throw at their house – We're doing eggs on a spit A very complicated recipe, technically – Yeah

This shoot may age me 50 years, we don't know We'll see – Basically, what we're gonna do is par cook the eggs in a pan with a bunch of other stuff and then shove that mixture back into the eggshells, put them all on little spits, roast 'em, and then serve them like that (laughs) – Kay – The cocktail for the day is called the Casanova Cocktail

So let's start doing this – Alright, alright, alright – Whole Foods didn't have fresh ginger So I got pre-minced ginger – You? – I know, I know, I know

I've given you so much shit in the past for wanting pre-shredded cheese – Jared – I went to six grocery stores yesterday – I am shook Because their love story is so fascinating, I really wanna Ken Burns their backstory and get to the juicy stuff

– The orange juice that will be in this cocktail later? – Wow – I'm sorry – Dad jokes galore today – I can't help it! – [Devin] Salvador Dali was born May 11th, 1904 in Figureres, Spain as Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali y Domenech Gala Dali was born, no, I'm gonna, I'm just gonna butcher this

They have so many names and they're so European Please just look it up He's very Spanish, she's very Russian Her exact birthdate is unknown, but her daughter said that she was born August, 18th, 1894 so off the bat, we know that she is a Leo and we know that she is 10 years his senior – A double cougar

Cool Okay next, we're gonna add a pinch of cayenne pepper Boop, boop, boop, boop For the boozes, so we're gonna do some brandy and some bitters, which I got some Campari – So let's start with Dali

In his early life, he studied art in Barcelona and Madrid He really didn't develop his artistic style until his twenties Around the same time that he discovered the work of Sigmund Freud Gala was a very good student, but at the time, they didn't provide higher education for women I have a quote about Gala that I wanna read

Gala always felt more comfortable in the shadows but like Dalie, she also wanted to become a legend one day Gala was the focal point of mythologies, paintings, sketches, engravings Have you ever been the subject of an engraving before? – I rarely even show up in the subject of emails We don't have muddlers But – [Devin] This is you muddling? – This is me making sure we get every last spicy bit

Also, this is mostly brandy, which is stressing me out – We're definitely gonna drink these after we've poked the holes in the eggs and refilled them, right? – Yeah, we need to be centered, clear, ready to fail – Great – Okay, so I popped those in the fridge, we're gonna wait about 30 minutes – And I found aprons

We can't do this without cute aprons – Thank God It's time for eggs – It's time for eggs, oh – The dreaded moment

– Egg shells, they know if you're scared of 'em And they'll just break in your hands – I'm not afraid of you! – I'm not afraid of you – I brought this for you You're welcome

So you're gonna poke a little hole in one end and a little hole in the other end – [Devin] Oh my God, yeah Okay It's happening Alright

– Oh – Did you do it? How are we supposed to get – The egg back in? – Back in? This egg is officially empty

– You've done it – I did it – [Jared] Faster than me I'm impressed – So Gala was married with a daughter when she first met Salvador Dali

But don't let this little ring fool you Gala and her first husband, for, who all intents of purposes was one of the forefathers of the Surrealist Movement, had an interesting situation Some say she had extramarital affairs, most notably with Dadaist painter, Max Ernst Like there is an article written by Cecil where she remembers her mom and her dad and her mom's boyfriend all living in the same home – Ooh, a Surrealist three's company

What a trip – They didn't have the vocabulary for open marriages back then, but like, whatever the situation was, she orchestrated it so it could work for her – She was getting what she needed and what she wanted – [Devin] Exactly – [Jared] Ow

(bleep) – History does not really remember her in the best light – Excuse me – Get in there Yeah, get in there, do it – Stop, why? – Some of her contemporaries went on record saying that they did not care for her

Some have insinuated that she had a penchant for young artists – Well obviously – And that she was a social climber And it has been inclined that many men and women were threatened by her forceful demeanor as well as her sexual freedom I wanna just go on record and say that I notice that a lot of these critiques came from men

We're like a Surrealist painting right now What next? – Inside of egg time – Inside of egg So Gala and Salvador Dali met in 1929 Salvador Dali invited a bunch of Surrealist artists and literary figures over to his humble abode for the summer

Paul Eluard, Gala's husband right now, and a bunch of others all went to Spain Salvador Dali, at that time, was in the middle of a mental breakdown – And decided to invite people over? – I think he sent the invitation before Yeah, he like, wasn't speaking, he wasn't painting Gala steps in and she goes to talk to him

This is a quote by Salvador Dali about that moment She was destined to be my Gradiva, the one who moves forward, my vidctory, my wife Isn't that sexy? That's so hot, that's so poetic – You made it You made it really nice

– I mean, I'm paying a lot of student loans for this acting degree I got Apparently, after they met that summer, his artistic well was full, the porchlights were back on, and Gala, likewise, was drawn to Dali's genius She wanted something, something which would be the fulfillment of her own myth And this thing that she wanted was something that she was beginning to think that perhaps, only I could give her You know, he really didn't like touch

A lot of his friends talked about how if you were in his presence, you did not touch him Physical touch felt Okay, well you don't have to

– I'm just, I'm playing – You like it when I touch you – I'm getting in his mindset No, I'm very touchy – Okay, so

They had off the bat, a very cerebral, very emotional connection I just think this is an important thing to talk about because I think when we think of like, explosive relationships, our mind often goes to the physical, but with these two, it was something very different – That's really nice – Yeah – They seem like total crazies, but

– But they found each other They're crazies that found each other – That's all one can really hope for as a fellow crazy – We found each other (Jared imitates whale call) This is our sacred whale call

– I like, just got really emotional (laughter) I think we're ready to start throwing this together I'm scared – Let's do it So Dali was famous for his method of how he painted

It was called the Paranoid-Critical Method – Sounds painful – We, as rational human beings don't like, think about clocks melting, but Dali would, 'cause he would work himself up, put himself in this space, and then just start painting Gala found him in this state when he was like, already paranoid and was able to kind of like, help him A, get through it and B, make him lucrative Because she was his business manager

– Loveager – Loveager I come at you with the cream Basically, Gala Dali abandoned her daughter and her first husband to be with Salvador Which is not an awesome move, no

But that said, I don't really wanna judge 'cause I don't know her life You know what I mean? His family did not approve of their relationship They were married in a ceremony, like, pretty shortly after they met each other, but then they only had like an official wedding with paperwork and everything years letter after his family finally came to terms with the fact that Gala was in the picture and she wasn't going nowhere – Interesting This is all coming together very quickly

– [Devin] Yeah, should we turn the heat down? – Oh, you turned it back up again when I wasn't looking! – I did not I actually didn't – You – I didn't, maybe I did I can't remember at this point

It's all happening so fast This recipe's wild I've never put so much butter in anything in my life But I'm not mad – It's gonna add a lot of richness and I think it's gonna make it like a pipe-able texture

We're gonna soften this whole mixture up just a little bit more and now, we're gonna put this all in a piping bag and squish it back on in to those little eggy shells You look so nervous – I am very nervous 'cause we're working with eggshells here, people – So okay, when you're filling a piping bag, unroll it a little bit 'cause then it kinda stays sturdy – This is like your own little tea bit

– This is hot Ow (laughter) How do they do this? – [Devin] Oh, it's not that hot – You just wait Or am I just a sensitive boy? I know the answer to that question

You don't have to say anything Ready? – Ready, steady, go Ahh! Oh, why? Oh Why? Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God – We did it! – Oh my God

She's beautiful She's our child – I love her – We did it, we're doing it, it's happening (screams) It squirted on me

– I love this This is really good for me Is this good for you? – No Oh my God – That one was really good

That was amazing! I'm so happy – I do enjoy seeing you so happy filling these eggs with goop (Jared makes squirting noise) – Six beautiful eggs – So now we gotta put skewers in these babies – I got us some clean skewers

I'm gonna go through the small end – Oh, this one's cracking Oh no – Devin, don't ruin it – So, another incredible thing I wanna talk to you about about Dali is he paved the way for artists to really think of themselves as brands

After him, you think about like, Andy Warhol and the Factory scene There was no separation of Dali the man and Dali the artist He was – Like popstars of the day – Exactly, like popstars

The person who had a really big part in developing that brand was Gala – Ah! Okay – Okay, I did it, I did it, I did it I did it, I did it You know what? I was confident, I just like, rammed it in there

I like, whoo! Made it happen – Eggs, be safe Okay, now we're gonna roast these in the oven – For 10 minutes – [Jared] For 10 minutes, since we can't do it over an open flame, which I'm so sad about

– Then we get to drink a cocktail and finish up this story – Oh, I forgot about the cocktail I need it so badly Bye – Okay, now that Jared's gone

Yeah Yeah We should probably save one, though actually, in case we mess it up I just thought of that now after I did that Egg time

– Booze time – Alright – So all we need to do to finish these is put the juice of one orange into each So I got two oranges – What? You look like (bleep) Norman Bates

– [Jared] I'm just waiting for you to get out of my way – Le juice of one orange It's us – What? – To Salvador – It's us

– It's us – We're doing it – We're here – To Sal and his gal – To Sal and his gal

I love that (coughs) – [Jared] That's really spicy – That's very strong – Its definitely overwhelmingly brandy-y – Yeah

I taste a lot of brandy I taste a lot of ginger – It hit me in the head already – I'm not mad at this, though – I'm not mad

It feels like a juice cleanse plus alcohol – Plus booze – So I'm into it – Salvador Dali was really big into plating and how he presented – As an artist

– Yeah – That makes a lot of sense – So we gotta figure out a creative way to plate these – I grabbed some things from props to plate with but our set decorator put them back there – Should we do a little competition to see who can present it better? (laughter) Can I have a mini sandbag please? And here, oh my God, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

– Whoa This balancing act is making me nervous though (orchestral music) – We need to clear this I think it's only fair that we tell you the meaning behind our presentations Jared, why don't you go first? – Our artist statements

– I'll go first (laughs) So, life as we know it is a delicate balance at all times One day, you could be on top of the world, the next day, you can be in the gutter Elephants are very wise and they hold our future in – Balance? – That was part of the experience, the presentation (Jared applause) Thank you, this is worth four grand – The story behind mine is I went into the desert and had a panic attack and this is what I came up with I think Sal would approve

(Devin laughs) I kinda wanna try smashing mine open – It is a surprising experience to peel back what feels like a hard boiled egg and to see this consistency That is kind of a, oh my God – Okay, shattering it's not the best idea – [Devin] You definitely need to peel it

– It's fun It smells really good – [Devin] It is really good – [Jared] Yeah? – It tastes like an herby, scrambled frittata? It looks like a brain – [Jared] I like that it holds the shape of the eggshell kinda

– It does hold the shape – Flavor's good, no raw egg on the inside, fully cooked So I think it was pretty successful I'm very surprised and very proud We didn't shatter one egg on camera

– We didn't, we didn't Yeah You know what? I liked making it with you That, I will say Cheers

– I liked making it with you (laughter) – So while we're here, finishing up, Gala and Dali's marriage grew very tense in their older age He bought her a castle in Spain and he would only come to the castle if she sent him a written invitation – Uh – Yeah

That's how they dealt with their marriage – I mean, that's cool There's something romantic about that – The last fact I have for you is Gala was buried in a giant chessboard in that castle – Cool! Wow, I love art people

I wanna be buried in 24 Nintendo 64s Just like made into a coffin – Noted Okay, I'll have to remember that So that's today's episode of History Bites

– Tell us in the comments what you'd like to see us cook next Hopefully more eggs – [Devin] No I could Let's do a dessert, or like, another cocktail – [Jared] Ooh, pie – [Devin] Pie – [Jared] Or cake

– [Devin] Ooh, cake or pie You're coming with me, honey (upbeat music)

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