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We Tried To Make A 350-Year-Old Ice Cream Recipe



– Holy moly, this is some strong-flavored stuff (classical music) Hi, I'm Kiano, I'm a producer for Tasty, and today, I'm going to be making a very old recipe for ice cream

This recipe was made by a woman named Lady Ann Fanshawe in the 17th century I'm gonna try out this recipe just to see what it was like to have ice cream in the 17th century So that means no refrigeration, just making it on ice I expect this to be a little weird I do have two of the flavorings that she did mention in her recipe

One is blade of mace These little bits are the ones that surround the seed that we know to be nutmeg And then orange flower water Now this seems like one that I can go to a very fancy ice cream shop and they would probably use today That smells like aromatherapy

First I'm gonna make the ice cream that calls for a blade of mace Here are my three pints of cream I'm gonna heat it probably, she doesn't say how hot, with a blade; she calls for a singular blade One doesn't seem like enough A pinch

I'm gonna mix 'em in there Okay, my milk is starting to get hot I'm starting to see the fat separate So I'm gonna add in my sugar, though it doesn't say with how much I don't want it too sweet

Maybe I'll go half a cup at a time 'cause you can put it in but you can't take it out Let's go one more Oh wow, this is really taking on some color now I'm not really getting the blade of mace at all I feel like back in the day, people weren't just like dumping out loads of spices 'cause spices are quite, still are, but used to be quite expensive

So I'm gonna turn off the heat and let it steep for a little bit, kind of like tea It's there, you know At first, it's like sugar milk, and then as it lingers on, you get like a little Christmas effect I just have to chill this bad boy So I'll strain it as I poor

I want to wrap this very, very, very well because I will cover it in ice She calls for just covering the container with ice, but we know that you need a little bit of salt to keep the ice extra, extra cold for this to work, so I'm gonna add some salt to my ice bath in order to ensure this actually freezes I'm just gonna pop this in there Sprinkle on a little bit more salt This is not gonna work

It feels cold but it's just sitting there The main difference I'm foreseeing is that blade of mace, it's steeped to develop flavor over time, where with this one, as much I put in is probably what it's gonna taste like So I'm pretty much gonna go put a teaspoon I'm almost gonna treat it like it's vanilla extract 'cause I have tried vanilla extract on its own, and it is not delicious It tastes like sugar milk

Let me take a little taste of this just to see like, so I know what I'm working with No Agh It tastes like I drank a bar of soap I don't even know how much of that flavor I want to get in there

That really overpowered my mouth I can't not taste it right now I'm gonna give it one more taste Just a touch more I'm definitely proceeding with caution

Okay, Travis Just let me know, do you taste it? – Okay, well, thank you Time to add more orange flower water If it's only cream, it can't hurt to add another quarter cup Oh, it's a little bit there

So my cream has cooled I'm gonna put it in my little bucket Oops, spilled a little And then let it ice over and chill for two hours Then this should be ice cream

Oh, come on Lift with your legs It's been two hours of patiently, oh so patiently waiting That wasn't heavy at all Lightweight

Look at that This is like Titanic frozen Oh, oh ho So I have to carefully unwrap this Oh

It would appear that outer edge has melted frozen but my inside is completely liquid Let's see if it's fully not in the middle It's all the way to the bottom The middle has not gotten frozen So I'm gonna rewrap it and just let it chill for a little bit longer so everything can freeze

This one has been icing over for several more hours The vessel I used is probably too narrow and too tall Therefore, it takes longer for the ice to penetrate all the way through inside that metal part So if I'd used something more flat and shallow, it probably would have frozen within that two-hour period And I can finally see if it worked

Let's give this a taste So this is the mace ice cream Wow It looks so much like vanilla ice cream, I was almost ready for it to taste like that And it really does have a very strong flavor

Very similar to nutmeg, but something's just a little bit different I like it, it's good It's so funny, they look basically identical because the flavorings themselves didn't really add much color Let's see about the taste So it scoops very easily

It's a icier texture and that's probably because of the water Okay Oh, whoa I can't say that this would hold up to modern standards of what's considered delicious but it's definitely a flavor This is nasty

I'm very surprised that these turned out to become ice cream They are so similar to modern ice cream, a lot closer than I thought they would be But the one that really surprised me was the mace It is creamy It has a very pleasant flavor that's very comparable to things that people are eating nowadays

To create this dessert was definitely a treat of the time I'm glad people aren't eating perfume ice cream anymore That was a bad idea I think it's so cool that this can just hold its own right next to what we're eating today And I definitely could do it again, but probably would use an ice cream machine, most definitely would use an ice cream machine

Source: Youtube

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