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We Tried To Make The Ultimate Vegan Ice Cream: Behind Tasty



– I'm gonna be making the ultimate vegan ice cream It's gonna be the best vanilla vegan ice cream you've ever had

Is this wrong? – This is very weird – I don't know – It tastes like when you walk into Home Depot (groaning) – We wanna give the people what they want (laughing) I'm gonna try these two methods that I've been researching

So, the first one, I'm gonna be using frozen bananas We've got these bad boys frozen solid Oh, okay, that just looks like a weird, old finger I was rushing Okay, nobody wants this in their ice cream

It's gonna reach out of a closet and get you While we're waiting for those to freeze, I'm gonna try my second method, which is with coconut milk Oh, yeah I mean, don't provoke me ♪ You keep pushin me aside and I can't ♪ We're gonna get there, Vaughn, promise

Smooth, not a chunk in site Okay, so we've got these frozen, peeled, pre-peeled bananas that I made Oh, yeah, love that sound Oh, that's nice, actually I'm gonna go freeze this, and then we can go check on these two bad boys tomorrow

That's not ideal That's not the sound you wanna hear I can chew it Tastes like a banana Van Leeuwen's is really delicious, but do you think they would give us tips? – Should we go to Van Leeuwen? – Yeah, let's just do it

– Alright – Okay, so we called Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and it turns out the founder of the company, Ben Van Leeuwen, is gonna be working today So, we're gonna go get some tips and tricks from him I cannot believe this is happening – Epic

– Alright, here we go Woo hoo! (upbeat music) I need to make the ultimate vanilla vegan ice cream – Okay, cool – Would you give me a tip on kind of how to bring out the vanilla flavor, but to not let the coconut overpower it? – Oh, that's good Mmm

So, we think the best way to make vegan ice cream now is using coconut cream, cashew milk, cocoa butter, and coconut oil So, each of those things plays a different role in creating a super luscious, chewy, creamy vegan ice cream It's a good meal Other than the sugar, it's completely healthy – I was gonna ask you, can my cat eat this? Because sometimes she licks my ice cream

Today I'm feeling a lot more confident because I got to talk to Ben freakin' Van Leeuwen, and now I'm gonna show you some of the things that I learned So, the first thing we're gonna do is take these cashews that I soaked overnight and we're gonna make cashew milk So, I'm gonna try to gracefully dump this in here I don't know if that's even humanly possible, but oh, good god – You got it

– Honestly, not so bad Oh, yeah – [Vaughn] Oh, mama – [Merle] Is that good? – Oh, wow, that looks so good This is thick

How many Cs? – I think it warrants three – Cheers – Okay, so now we're going to put the coconut milk in with the cashew milk Two cups Now it's time to sauce it up

I'm gonna make simple syrup So, that's just some water and some sugar Let's mix that baby up Why? Saying what? I don't wanna talk about it It's finally melting

I am also melting The cocoa butter, I'm pretty sure, is gonna help it stay fairly solid while the coconut oil should give it that meltiness that we want in an ice cream We don't want it to be rock solid like the coconut nightmare we saw yesterday Oh, now's the time where you can add the flavor that you want, now that you have the base I'm gonna use actual vanilla bean 'cause we're fancy schmancy around here

So, now we're gonna take this and we're going to chill it for an hour or two We were supposed to freeze this for 24 hours – Go put that (bleep) thing in the freezer right now, Merle – I'm sorry! I'm sorry Alright, I'm gonna get the compressor

We're gonna test out our first batch of Van Leeuwen influenced ice cream It's so creamy and delicious – Wow – Oh, look at that It said just to press start

Oh my God (clapping) We might have actual hope here, guys Oh my God, I think I actually did something right today Look at that, and we haven't even frozen it yet (groaning) Oh my God

– No, I got it Here we go – [Both] Oh! – Get outta there, you Wow, I'm very impressed with us – That is beautiful

Oh, mama – No, that's really good That's like milk – Yay! So, now I'm gonna freeze this because, I mean, we gotta eat it, and then tomorrow we're gonna try to perfect the flavor I think we've got the consistency down, but now we wanna get that delicious vanilla flavoring and try to lose the undertones of coconut

So, my plan is to kind of balance the fats out a little bit more I'm gonna use less coconut oil and I'm gonna use more cocoa butter so it has less of a coconutty flavor So, that's basically what we're gonna be working with with this batch Now I have that batch whipped up and I'm gonna let is churn for an hour And in the meantime, I'm gonna test another recipe

I'm just playing with the levels of cashew milk and coconut milk So, we've got ice cream flyin' all over the place right now is basically what I'm saying Here she is! – Oh, yeah Hm – It kinda has a bad breath aftertaste

– I don't love it – Papery, wooden kinda thing (laughing) – The flavor's very odd – What do we do? I don't know what to do – [Vaughn] Oh, wait, Claire! – Claire, help us

– Let's get Claire to taste this – Claire, please Taste this and be mean, but then be nice and tell me the texture's good – 'Cause I know you guys have been working really hard on this, but this is very weird – So, okay, so what this is is

– You need a lot more vanilla – More vanilla? – Yeah, one I don't think one bean's that strong I think that we can up the vanilla just to kind of overpower that flavor – I'm scared Wood and Play-Doh

Okay, we have been asking for help and people keep telling us it doesn't taste good, but nobody knows how to fix it I don't know what to do I wanna keep testing 'cause it's already Friday and we've been shooting this since Monday, and also, we're running out of resources And this isn't a Game of Thrones budget, so we can't afford to keep buying stuff Okay, no, I'm just frustrated because I just want it to be something that I'm proud of, and I'm not proud of what we have so far

I'm getting so desperate I almost feel like we should DM Ben and just ask him for help – Like Ben Van Leeuwen? – Yeah, I don't know – [Vaughn] DM him, you should seriously DM him – I feel like a maniac doing this Hey, Ben, I'm so sorry to bother you, but we're having an ice cream crisis

Oh my God, am I actually sending this? – [Vaughn] Send – Now I'm just gonna be sitting here watching it This is turning into a reality TV show – [Vaughn] Whoa, look at that (mumbling) – Sorry, I'm so annoyed right now

It just tastes like wood and licorice The texture's good, and now I just wanna cry because we're out of money and we're out of time and – It's okay, Merle, you're gonna make it work

So, there's cocoa butter in it? Can I taste it? – Yeah, I actually didn't even taste it yet – Oh, that's a little weird You know, it's like It tastes like when you walk into Home Depot and you smell the weird wood in the air – That is what it is – What? – It's so bad – It tastes like wood – This is what it is

– It smells like wood – Wait – That is the weird aftertaste – Why didn't we taste this before? – Close your eyes and walk into Home Depot – Smack my fanny and call me Sally

That is what it is! – Here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna take it down from six tablespoons of cocoa butter to four and I'm gonna bring up the coconut oil from two tablespoons to four We're gonna add in the coconut milk and the cashew milk, and then we're going to emulsify it I'm going to actually start the blender with these in it already, and then I'm going to slowly pour in the sugar water mixture to make sure that they really blend together Woo, emulsify! It sounds like a great spell We'll be cutting around that

I'm gonna go chill this, and I'm gonna chill, and then we're gonna churn it and call it a day We're almost done – Knock on wood – Knock on whatever you have nearby Oh, there's some wood

(country music) – We don't wanna over churn it – Okay, I'm gonna churn it off (laughing) Should we take a little teeny taste of it? That is so much better – [Vaughn] No, really? – You're about to scream to the heavens – Oh my god

– I know! It's so much better! – My god, wait, that's so good! – [Merle] I think we've figured it out – [Vaughn] Oh my God – I'm so happy right now – [Vaughn] This feels like victory – Oh, mama

Whoa, we are done I'm ready to wrap this puppy up Let's get some people in here to try it This is a very important taste tester because Rachel's vegan – This is gonna be some Gordon Ramsey review right here

– The eye contact is everything No pressure – Holy (bleep) – It's (bleep) delicious – [Merle] Yes! – I am so impressed

– Yeah, this is nice, this is good – This struggle was so real Easily the hardest Tasty video I've ever made, and certainly the longest I don't know if I could've done it without you, for sure I think I probably would've given up

– Oh, stop it Let's eat some of that ice cream It's really good – I mean, we have like 19 tubs of ice cream now Woo, let's go see Mama Mia Two, not a plug

(upbeat music)

Source: Youtube

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