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Mustain tasting my bang-bang-bang taste what's mine getting now tasty my brain eats y'all tasty mukbang is here today i ought to do it break it down like susta be break it down yeah I am starving tasty mukbang is here today I'm gonna cook my seafood boil the other day it was yesterday when I did the seafood boil I got all the way to the end of the sea football and forgot to cook my blue crabs so today we don't have a seafood ball eating the blue crabs I'm gonna show y'all how I cook the seafood ball so and if you guys want to see me eat the seafood ball then you're gonna go later on after this live after I finish cooking it we're gonna go eat the sea football on the nest of my life my journey I do have the live chat turned off you guys so if you guys cannot come in that is why because I just want you to watch the video and leave your comments on the video or come back and watch the video later and then leave your comments on the video I will be doing a comment shout out very soon I might even do it in this video for people who leave comments in the comment bar below so you guys I have plenty of challenges to in my description box so if you want to do some of my challenges make sure you leave those in the comment bar below as well and you're not ice so somebody left for coming on my page a few days ago right about 4 or 5 days ago asking me where was the journey of the Joneses all I got to say to that is y'all first of all y'all want to say tasty is Missy tasty is Missy but don't you think it's being messy coming to my channel asking me where is the journey of the Joneses like do I look like that mama since they say I'm old enough to be somebody mama or something like a grandmama do I do great big mama I ain't take no and last time I checked yo I don't have no pockets no pockets bein in my pockets I don't know where the journey of the Joneses is I don't know why they here or delete it all day videos that ain't got nothing to do with me okay somehow come to my channel asking me where is the journey of the Joneses I see if they did promote they D be a post a video two days ago maybe they get me ready to changed a tune and post relevant content and maybe Gardel with a heart and maybe they turning over a new leaf who knows I don't know I don't know don't ask me if you so in tune with the journey of the journals is and you so close to them you ought to know what it if they wanted to know what it was they would've told you when it was it so they didn't tell me because I don't know them I don't know the journey of the Joneses so you know I hope all is well I pray out as well and if they believe and they trust are all is well so journey of the Joneses if you see this video I hope ou is well don't come to me asking me where is the journey of the generals I don't know where nobody it y'all I barely know I barely could keep up with myself yeah I'll give the video a thumbs up we got 26 people in the house we don't get started y'all we're cooking the seafood boil we're gonna cook uh I'm gonna do this a little differently because the way that I saw take my food the other day y'all it was so good and delicious so the first thing I'm gonna do is because this not gonna take long at all yeah this about to be a good a quick video the first thing you want to do I'm gonna turn on my oven and preheat my oven then I will preheat it on 300 degrees the first thing I want to do is you guys I got some leftover seafood and the first thing you want to do when you have leftover seafood is thank you out for 10 thumbs up can we get to 15 the first thing you want to do is you want to if you have leftover seafood you want to warm it up I do not like using the microwave and plus I sold my microwave a couple of months ago because I won't be needing it in van life so it was actually a brand new microwave and I only used the microwave to pop popcorn that's it so I have this leftover food from my other seafood boil the other day this is shrimp sausage potatoes and eggs and I'm gonna be using this in my seafood boil today with the other stuff that I'm gonna cook so I want to put this in the oven and I want this to be warming up I'm gonna put it on a low heat because I don't want it to warm up too fast so I'm gonna put this in the oven and let this be the warming up here I'll see me and look ya'll they came like this already peeled and cleaned for $599 a pound which really will do a finite amount of pound I think I'm gonna go back and get some more they cleaned everything out of it so if you don't really like blue crabs because of the cleaning part by I'm already cleaned not I've already cleaned earth so understand once a month again even though the le clean this is going to be my first time eating a little crap and the beloved sauce and I didn't know if I showed you guys I don't know it depends on the viewers subscribe to my other channels I showed you guys when I get through with the velar sauce cooking it I take it and I refrigerate it in these leftover pasta bottles and I also found the other days start saving your mayonnaise bottles or your balance from the ginger that are plastic and I put this in the freezer so this is the beloved sauce in the freezer y'all yeah I learned a trick here from tasty mukbang eat yes y'all did so this is the beloved sauce this in the refrigerator I normally eat this this week I don't know how I'm gonna eat the beet lo sauce today with a white shirt oh my goodness this shirt must don't go in a trash can so the next thing I'm gonna take the peanut sauce and I'm gonna pour it into this I'm a poured this is the beloved sauce I'm gonna pour it into where's my pot here it's already clean time I pour the meatloaf sauce into there now I let that warm up and because you're gonna still have some be little sauce left over when you get through you can just put the top back on it put it in a refrigerator and put it to the side until you get through eating it and pour your sauce right in there so that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put my lid on here the second thing I'm going to do the way I'm gonna cook my shrimp I mean my crabs today is I'm going to faint I'm gonna kind of like saw tail I'm gonna kind of like sort in so what I wanted to do is I'm gonna take a little bit of the beaver sauce I'm gonna add a little bit of extra water to it now this is just my quick and easy way of doing this y'all and it's gonna taste so good now you don't have to make the seafood ball complicated little extra water in there that's all your seasonings anyway a little extra water in there this is probably going to be the bowl we use this ball for my beloved sauce so we got everything warming up we got our food in the oven warming up I'm gonna raise that fire just a little bit more because I want that to be ready by the time this is ready so I'm also going to take my platter my can y'all see just over here I'm gonna take my platter yeah I got this cantaloupe the other day from Cobras for $0

99 boy that thing was so juicy oh it was so good it was so good I'm not gonna have to put any seasonings on my crap because believe me this Big Love sauce is seasoned let me take you guys over here and show you exactly hey thank y'all for 19 thumbs up we need one more to get to 20 so that is the V love sauce you guys simmering this is how to be love sauces looking before I warm it up so we're gonna take that simmering like that and we're gonna just dump our crabs in there put them in there with my hand so no extra water will get in there we're gonna take that and dump that in there like that and we're gonna take the lid and put it on top because that would allow the steam to cook the crab and it's not gonna take long for this crab to cook it all you guys so hold on a minute let me sit you down right there wanna get this lid – this time we're gonna take this lid and just put it on top oh and I just want to stir this because I want so to get on with a new area and if you feel like you need some more water up in there you can put some more water up in there this is gonna let me show you guys this this is going to take up at five to ten minutes so you could put a little bit more water in that if you want to when something is already boiling you guys if this is already boiling I don't want to add cold water to this because that's going to make you cool back down I'm gonna go ahead and add some hot water to this and if you're cooking something that you know you have how that you gonna need some extra hot water you can always be balling a extra pot of water on the side so that way when you add the boiling water to here you don't have to reheat up so I got my beloved sauce simmering over here I think I need my smaller way let it get any room to dip so we're gonna check on our yeah I'll see that just warming up everything inside of the opinion so it could be nice and toasty and we're just gonna put that on our platter let me get my platter let's get the platter yeah sometimes I wish I had four hands instead of four eyes so we're gonna take our platter thank you guys for 29 thumbs up how are you guys doing today and be sure to come and watch the video later and leave some lots of comments on the video later I want to encourage you guys to go subscribe to my other channel the nest of my life my journey I'm gonna be eating this seafood ball over there and probably listening 15 or 20 minutes so once you subscribe to that channel the nest of my life my journey then just turn on a notification bell hit the notification bill and get always so every time I go live over there you guys every time I go live and upload a video if you want to chat with me I will have the chat turned on so you guys can talk when I do the muck thing so if you want to talk to me in my live chat come and talk to me in the live chat the nest of my life my journey we be live over there cuz I know a lot more like where they know I be live all the time like where she was here I'd be live on the nest of my life my dream and he answers prayers and I know y'all saying woo is hard to keep up with her and on a SMRT with Queens so we have accomplished our watch time on Vanessa my life my journey and he answers prayers so now we're working on our watch time when ASMR tingling so if y'all wanna join us and fellowship with us and just enjoy the line check come over there and check with us and I do want to tell you guys when you come to my channel come cuz you and lo but tasty motivating eats calm cuz you are a genuine person do not come cuz you fishing for subscribers because y'all know I'm old-school I'm hip to the game and I know when people are fishing for subscribers I know the routine I know the method to your madness and like I'm not gonna allow you to come to my channel and you're just coming to my channel just to get subscribers only like I think that's way so don't do that don't do that cuz uh me and my mods we are hip to the routine and y'all I really know I heard somebody say in one of the videos she got a lot of mods yeah I do and they don't play just so you know I mean why would you find about me having a lot of minds if you doing the right thing like me having a lot of mods shouldn't even faze you if you here to do the right thing yeah while I'm sitting here now this why would you be concerned about me having a lot of Oz if you're here to do the right thing like that should even faze you that I have a lot of mods just the me affect the other country they live just a mere fact that you're concerned about me having a lot of mods means you're not here for the right reason okay while I'm here what I was gonna say I have these bananas here that I want to freeze for my smoothies I take them out come up and I put them in a ziplock bag so I usually take two of them and put them in a ziploc bag because I usually use two personally and the riper you let your bananas get you guys the sweeter the sweeter they're gonna be thus we turn they're going to be and that means the sweeter your smoothie is gonna be and you're not gonna I hear a lot of people saying do you ask sugar to your smoothie what add sugar to your smoothie man if you got a good sweet banana if your fruit is sweet you don't need to add no sugar to your smoothie that's why I've been making vegetable smoothies lately you guys because a fruit smoothie with all fruits is it could actually ruin it every day and I know some people might eat more than or drink more than one smoothie a day that could be a lot of sugar because just because you're eating fruits that are good for you don't mean that you can't over consume too much sugar so I've been doing the vegetable smoothies and I just use one one fruits in the vegetable smoothies which has been bananas and oh my goodness out that vegetable smoothies taste so good their vegetable smoothie taste some food yeah these crabs Oh Mamma Mia I'm angling my water tone yeah because I'm gonna put it right over we bout to be eating y'all we bout to be eating now we about to be eaten if y'all wanna eat with me yeah I better go to Vanessa I like my journey because that's what we about to be eating it in a few minutes it's a behind the scenes to taste them up playin eats I will go live eating it and I also be recording on a regular video to post on here a regular video to post on here at a later date so if y'all wanna see me eat this right now and not a week from now go subscribe to the nest of my life my journey that's the b-roll sauce let's check on the oven it comes back on there the top the secret to stay in this and kicking me and having all those season and stay in the pot is to put your lid on and because you do that you want to make sure you have enough liquid in there so it does not burn mmm yeah this go be good this is gonna be good yeah we finished my bananas cuz ya'll know your girl tasty is a multitasker I believe in doing 15 things at one time if I can I show dude I am a multi tasker y'all I don't believe in killing two birds with one stone I tried to kill about 10 and 15 why not why not that's how you do a taste to get so much done people say how can you have all of those channels you know I want you to know I have less channels then I used to have I got let's challenge then I used to have y'all I'd downgrade I've downgraded Olivia ty downsize okay so I need some more plastic bags yeah we getting ready to eat I told y'all that we're gonna be wrong let me go set up my camera while you're watching this let me set up my computer for the live on the other channel I'll be right there I'm coming y'all I know some of y'all saying tasty you left us in there by ourselves okay when y'all want to be here wanna be so imma tell you how I'm gonna see how many y'all really want to see me eat the seafood cuz that means y'all gonna come I'm setting up everything for the live y'all won't come and watch me eat the seafood Bowl Oh Vanessa my life my journey and y'all gonna be able to chat over there I'm gonna leave the chat open or Janka talk so I'm also going to set up my camera so I know that I need a battery I always make sure you got a fully charged battery when you start something nothing like when you see filming and in the middle of feeling the dissectors loop and the battery dies oh my goodness I hate that you guys I hate when the battery died let me get my new baby Todd you do we bout to be eatin y'all in less than five minutes I promise I promise because your girl is hungry I've been sleeping all day I eat anything I was so tired you guys I woke up this morning at six o'clock getting ready to fix me something to eat and I had to get back in the B coz I was too tired okay y'all listen let's wrap this up let's wrap this cuz we back y'all we bout to eat y'all we got the wrap t surface I'm hungry how many are hungry make sure when you saw sand with a needle make sure you down up water yeah but I want Alden Grady's to pull on top one thing to do y'all who'da seasoning strong maybe low stops yeah lets me yeah one more thing to do I'd have to make me some ice why is she doing with that hammer what is she doing with the ham I'm bout to make me some ice that's what I'm doing I take me some water put it in my old water bottles put it in the freezer machee up old lock y'all used to say that's what's wrong with these youngster nowadays they don't learn perfect that's perfect I shall perfectly crushed ice yeah mommy make a video okay yeah I'm Willie John I'm gonna do the owners give the video a thumbs up yeah we need one more 240 thumbs up we all got me 265 thumbs up the last time I was like really so let me turn y'all over to this platter and I'm gonna let y'all me make this platter right before your eyes first thing you wanna do is take my food out of the oven because I won't get to be the best and everything is good and hot y'all it's actually not too hot I'm gonna take that hold it in my look at that sausage oh the age then that stuff to the side of the thing all you got to do put it in a one of them paint pots or pans that you could put it in the to take it straight from the refrigerator to the oven put that in the oven and warm it up well warming your food up in the oven is so much better than microwavable food don't use the microwave oh don't use the I know it's hard and it's tempting not to do and I ain't trying to tell you what to do I'm just trying to tell you how to do it okay so let me tell you something we got these crab right here but let me tell you something you know Charlie know my secret this is so hot well I'm gonna pour it on there but yeah it might be to introduce me I'm trying to figure it out yeah there we go hold on these crabs about here what Amish marinated it seasoning you already know that's gonna be good cuz look all of this season is all up in there oh oh yeah that is gonna be some little yummy eatin yeah what am I missing oh there's me sitting down let me see take some of their juice look how dark yeah this all good though yeah the black of the bear the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice yeah remember that y'all go picking some berries pick the blackest one double the berry the sweeter the juice y'all see that see football mmm good oh well thank y'all for telling me see I'd be listening I'd be listening to y'all I know y'all think I can't hear y'all but I can somebody see where you living it tasty I tried the orange yeah I like to own you better the orange was so good I love the orange so we don't put some oranges on here we're gonna put some orange juice what else I'm not forgetting young what else am I forgetting I know what I won't put some celery on there innocent my peppers whoo-hoo yeah tell me how'd it look good yeah I don't forget to go subscribe to the nest of my life my journey we're about to go over there minute let me let y'all see me pull the beloved sauce in the bowl y'all see how hot and steaming it is let's take this to the table yep I think I'm gonna sit my food more today because let me turn this around Chelsey because y'all bonum yeah I wanna be nosy and know everything so so y'all everybody since y'all wanna know everything if you really want to know the stuff where it's not gonna be too hard to do cuz I'm gonna need this one closer to me today because for the simple fact that I got all white and white I'm trying to keep the shirt clean but I don't know do they cuz when the food is good okay so let me the child I'm gonna get the y'all out crooked and everything let me go get the UH and we'll put my camera on the tripod then you go get the food and send it on here I know y'all be willing to see that belittle sauce – okay I think that's everything yeah what else I know I said what else I'm glad I went to the kitchen I was forgiving my jury I was forgetting the trophy drinking oh I always be forgetting and picking it up at it so yeah okay let me get my camera in focus then turn the camera on and let me get everything set up without to see the food I'm gonna have to move you out for a minute by the way so I could actually see the food let me see how it looks so once you get your camera and focus sit down and look at everything from your viewfinder and I want that my light on in the background it gives it a little glare when I'm doing the life but for the camera that I am did it make it did it make me darker let me see see you gotta test stuff out I think go come yeah let me make sure I got my camera on the right setting yep I got it on pee you can play with them settings a little bit I want this light turned off you don't I play with my sitting a little bit and I think that's nicer but it could get a little lighter so let me see let me see I'm just suggesting the settings on my camera you guys and that's a little overexposed okay I think we Citgo I think we said so what we gonna do y'all we got 41 people in the house I'm gonna see how many of y'all really love me if y'all let me come on over to the nest of my life my journey we got to eat this mukbang live right now on Vanessa not like my journey so yeah I wanna see me eat this muck vane live come on down you are the next contestant on The Price is Right so let me start the lab I'm gonna in this life and start the live on the nest of my life my journey thank you guys so much for watching and tuning in today don't forget to give this video a thumbs up leave lots of comments down below don't forget to press the subscribe button turn on a notification bit and be sure to come back for another video tasty mother brain tasty one thing taste mukbang tasty birthday tasty mukbang tasty one thing tasty mukbang eat y'all I love you I'll see y'all later noon I know

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