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[UltraVid id=169 ]ok everyone welcome back to Sara’s vegan kitchen in this video I’m gonna show you everything that I ate yesterday I decided to challenge myself to eat SuperDuper healthy just for fun for me healthy means eating a variety of whole plant foods I’m not saying you have to eat this way to be healthy I don’t eat this clean ever really but like I said I thought it’d be fun to come up with some healthy recipes to share with you so that’s what we’ve got today for breakfast I made a chickpea scramble and this is another idea I got from the minimalist Baker blog I’ll link the recipe below and this was actually my third time having it this week because I loved it so much the first step is to make baba ghanoush so i salted some eggplant i let it sit for 10 minutes and this draws out the bitterness and the eggplant then i rinsed it patted it dry and roasted it until it was really soft and in the meantime i took a can of chickpeas along with a few tablespoons of the liquid from that can and roughly mashed them and i added some spices including turmeric garlic powder and black salt when the eggplant was finished roasting i pureed it with some garlic tahini lemon juice and some more of the chickpea liquid instead of oil to make a really simple fluffy baba ghanoush i sauteed some chopped onion and broccoli in water for the scramble and i try to eat a serving of green veggies for at least two of my meals each day after the veggies were soft it costed my chickpeas warmed those through and then stirred in a few tablespoons of baba ghanoush this is what binds it together and makes it fluffy and creamy then I stirred in some tomatoes at the last minute and that was my breakfast I did eat the entire thing so it was pretty filling it had a good amount of protein and I think you should give it a try if you’re looking to mix it up from your usual tofu scramble for lunch I made some hummus wraps you can use tortilla or flatbread but since warm and super extra healthy today I decided to use some Collard leaf some Oh collard greens I have some red pepper hummus and store-bought this time some carrots some cucumber the spicy sprouts roasted peppers and avocado you can use the Collard leaves raw but I do like to blanch them for about 30 seconds till they soften up slightly it just makes them easier to work with also easier to digest and you also want to shave off the thick part of the stock to make it easier to roll up your ingredients and being super generous here with the hummus and the avocado since all the other raw veggies are pretty low in calories so I know what you’re thinking they seemed like they would taste way too healthy but I actually like them a lot I mean for sure gonna make them more often moving forward I was able to finish all but one of the halves but at that point I was just so ridiculously stuffed so seriously to all those people who ask me about sustainable weight loss if you’re dieting add more raw veggies and greens to help you feel full that’s my number one tip for dinner I made teriyaki tempeh with cauliflower rice and I don’t know why but in the past year I’ve gone from not really liking cauliflower to being kind of obsessed with it like I’ve literally gone through four heads of cauliflower in the past week it’s so good so I used my food processor to rice it I also had some defrosted peas chopped carrots green onions and garlic for this dish and I just sauteed my veggies in water till they were soft then I added in some cold brown rice left over from the previous day and then I tossed in my cauliflower rice and if you’re trying to go lower in carbs or calories you could for sure use all cauliflower but I do like to mix it with real rice real rice as well to get in a bit of extra protein carbs kept it super simple just seasoned it with some soy sauce and a dash of pepper and by the way this is more than one serving I had leftovers I did not eat this all that night but I set it aside while I prepared my tempeh for this I cut the tempeh into strips and then I steamed it and a little bit of water just for like 10 minutes or until the water cooked off this softens it up a little bit and it I think it improves the flavor slightly it makes it less bitter then I drizzled on some teriyaki sauce not too much because teriyaki does tend to be pretty high in sugar just enough to get a nice glaze on there and I kept it moving let it caramelize for a couple minutes and served it now as my dinner I had a little bit of humid she on the side for some reason all week I’ve been craving like sauerkraut kimchi pickled ginger just sour things I don’t I don’t know what’s going on but I used the King’s kimchi this one is vegan I got the spicy kind and I don’t even think it’s that spicy personally but it is really really good I recommend it so that is it for this video I hope you enjoyed it I will see you in my next video let you be Chitti ching-ching come buy anything pop that color green then you please home again me trap that Oh [Music]

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