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(bright piano music) – Good morning, everyone I am feeling ambitious this morning, so I'll be trying to make dduk guk, which is traditional Korean rice cake soup

It is absolutely delicious It is the first meal I have every year on New Year's day It's simple, but it just takes some time So, let's get started We're gonna start up with the broth first

It's gonna be really hearty and rich So, I'm gonna put in some dashima, which is dried kelp I'm putting in a piece that's around this large And then, of course, I've got my good old dried anchovies And I'm just gonna put in a handful, like this much

And then I'm gonna put this much of an onion How much is that? Is that like a sixth, a seventh of an onion? I like things prepared, so I've got my boiling water (burbling) And then we're gonna put it on the stove for 20 minutes So while we wait for the broth, I'm gonna work on the rice cake ovalettes Isn't that such a cute word, ovalettes? I bought this pack maybe a month ago, and I just put it in the freezer

I left it to defrost yesterday, and now it's ready to be submerged and soaked So I have a bowl of room temperature water And now I'm gonna figure out how much I want This step is optional, but it does make your rice cakes extra chewy and oh, sensational So, I recommend you do this

So, I'm gonna leave it to soak for around 20 minutes While waiting for the broth to finish, regardless, so you might as well do this step anyway So now I'm gonna prepare the toppings I have one egg, and I'm just gonna crack it (tinkling) And then, with a fork, I'm just gonna beat it

I'm also gonna add a sprinkle of salt, just gonna beat it some more We're gonna fry that in a little bit And now I have one green onion, just gonna shave off the unruly bits And I'm just gonna chop this very finely So I've brought you to the stove top

I'm just gonna fry this egg early because we're gonna have to fry it at some point, and the soup is just gonna make it really hot So, just gonna go ahead and do that Now we're just gonna wait for the egg to cool down and then we'll slice it Let's focus back on the soup It looks divine, it's been 20 minutes, and now we're just going to collect all of these items out of the soup

You don't need this anymore Thank you for your service Actually, what am I doing? I have this Let's use these tools Okay, so now I'm just strain everything out

And this is really easy to make vegetarian You just don't add the dried anchovies To add some more seasoning, I have this soy sauce for soup This is specific for soup, this is different I'm gonna add maybe two spoonfuls of this

That looks good I'm also gonna be adding some minced garlic So I just drained my rice cakes and I'm gonna plop them in Oh, okay, that's a good amount So, now this has to cook for another 20 minutes

So, it's been around 15 minutes now and I'm gonna add some dumplings These are kimchi and vegetable dumplings And I'm just gonna add five of them Just make life easier and get some frozen ones Then we're just gonna let that boil for another five minutes

This looks perfect, let's try the soup Mm, oh my gosh! Ah, it's ready So the egg is cooled, and now I'm just gonna roll it up And I'm gonna grab my knife, and I'm just gonna cut it into thin little pieces like this That looks sensational

I have my piping hot bowl of dduk guk, and I'm just gonna add half of this And then, I'm also gonna add some of my green onions Oh, my God, that looks fabulous And this is extra credit I have some seaweed strips

I'm actually just gonna cut it with scissors I think it looks nice (gentle piano music) Wish me luck That looks good I'm so excited to eat this

Holy cow! This is my first time making this myself, so, I am so excited to dive right in – Hi – He's joining me – I'm joining Jenn for breakfast, a breakfast that I don't usually have Oh, my God, mm

– Mm Oh, it just like slips in your mouth – Yeah – It's so good – The flavor is amazing

– So, it is lunchtime, and I'm gonna be making something very, very simple I'm making yubuchobap, which is something that my mom used to make me, growing up This dish looks way more impressive than the effort that goes into it I just got this pre-made pack from the Korean store So, I have some brown rice that I made yesterday and I'm just gonna heat this up

So, I just nuked the brown rice in the microwave And now I'm gonna open up this pack over here So inside, we've got these skins We've got two seasoning packs This one is just like, I don't know, like sesame seems and other dried goods

And this is like a vinegar-sugar mix So, I'm gonna put in this seasoning pack, and for this, I just like to put the whole thing in because I love the way this tastes And then pour this liquid I'm just gonna put a little bit I don't want that much 'cause it makes it quite sweet and tangy

And I just don't want that much of it All right, so I'm just gonna mix this all up That looks pretty mixed in, guys Let's have a taste test Mm, mm-hm

Yeah, you only like a dash of this I used to put the whole pack in and I was like (retches), like it's just too much sauce So, now I'm gonna drain the fried soybean curd Isn't that such a disgusting word, curd? Okay, as you can see, there's a lot of moisture to it, so, I'm just gonna squeeze that out A cheese cloth would be very effective

So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open up this tofu skin And now I'm just gonna stuff it with rice Here we go How cute It's just like a little pocket

(soft, gentle music) All right, guys, we have a finished yubuchobap It looks like I spent hours on this, but it's just like five minutes Let's give it a go (soft, gentle music) Mmm (soft, gentle music) It's so good! These would also be very impressive to make for a picnic

Just imagine these little yubuchobaps in a Tupperware, in a basket, like, how unique I mean, unique here in the States, but, oh my goodness It is time for supper, and I'll be making hwe dup bap, which is like a Korean sashimi bowl I like having this on night square I just wanna have something more light and refreshing

So, let's get started I'm gonna work on the greens first I'm gonna grab a couple of pieces of Romaine lettuce I don't really know what type of lettuce this is, but it's different (chuckles) And then I'm also gonna get some sesame leaves as well

I'm just gonna start cutting them into bite-size pieces Look at this bowl of health Glorious! So, now I'm gonna grab a cucumber, and I'm gonna slice that I've been getting a couple of comments, of people saying like, "Oh, my gosh, "I thought you didn't like cucumbers" You know what, that's true

I actually didn't like cucumbers in the past But for some reason, this year, I've taken a liking to them I don't know what changed, but somehow, I'm really enjoying this way ever more I think as you get older, you start to appreciate different types of flavors And for me, cucumber is one of them

I finished the cucumbers, and I'm gonna add them to my glorious salad And then I'm also gonna add a bit of carrots as well Ever since I saw my mom chop carrots and cucumbers like this, she makes them into little thin coins first, and then she'll stack them all together, and then she'll start chopping it like this And then, boom, you got little skinny pieces of carrot Let's also add that to the salad

So, for the protein, I have this sashimi-grade salmon I'm just gonna lay them all like this I think I wanna have, how many pieces do I want? One, two, three, four, five, yeah, all five pieces, that seems good Actually, I'll just have six, okay, okay And with this sashimi, you could just leave it like this, but I like to just cut it up because it just distributes better

I feel like when I cut things up, it lasts longer And then I'm just gonna add this to my bowl And guys, please get sashimi-grade salmon Don't just get the raw salmon and hope for the best You're gonna get sick

For another topping, I have seaweed salad You could also get this at the Korean store This is basically little pieces of seaweed drenched in sesame oil and other types of seasonings, but it is scrumptious, absolutely scrumptious So, I'm just gonna add a little bit of that over here I've got my leftover bowl of brown rice

I'm gonna add around this much The rice is ready, and I'm just gonna add it a little bit here, underneath there So now we're gonna make the dressing I've got some gochujang I'm gonna add around that much

And then, I'm gonna grab some sesame oil, and I'm just gonna do like half a spoonful of this All right I'm gonna add just like a smidgen of water I added a little bit of water, which actually probably wasn't the best idea I need a little bit more of this hot pepper paste

I mean, honestly, this will do Don't add as much water as I did To complete it, we're just gonna drizzle this And there you have it, a delicious bowl of hwe dup bap This is kind of like bibimbap, but with sashimi

I know it looks beautiful, but we're gonna mix it all together So this is the first bite Mm Mm This is a big yes, guys

It's so refreshing, it's so crisp It's also got a bit of a kick, which I love And it's so simple to prepare Mm (gentle piano music) Mm-hm

Mm-hm (gentle piano music) Mm-hm, yes (gentle piano music)

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New Cookery Recipes
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