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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN) ‣‣ Best Vegan Food In London



(gentle music) – Hi, friends, welcome back to another video Today is a What I Eat in a Day video, and we are in London still

So the past two videos that you've seen that have been travel-related are all based here in London You saw my apartment tour Last week was my grocery haul And today I'm using some of the groceries that we bought in that haul for our meals So not really sure what the day entails

We're about to go In like an hour, we're gonna go to a SoulCycle class So I am starting my day with Four Sigmatic And I'm actually bringing you today's video in partnership with Four Sigmatic, and the reason why is they are probably one of my favorite things to travel with I am making a Mushroom Mocha right now pre-workout

I actually love having these pre-workout because you get the caffeine from the coffee, but there's also mushrooms in here, which is really great This one has chaga, which his awesome for energy And Four Sigmatic, of course you guys know, is, comes in these little sachet packets, so they are amazing for travel I always have them in my carry-on bags, my backpacks, and (laughs) my luggage So I make sure that I never run out

So I'm going to make this right now And I also have a special coupon code for you guys, like I always do You can get 15% off by clicking the link that is right down below this video, and that gets you 15% off your orders from Four Sigmatic So let's go ahead and dive in to today's video I'm gonna make this, go to SoulCycle, come back, have some matcha, probably a smoothie, (laughs) and then we'll see what the day brings

I know you guys have seen me make these a million times, but I am just heating up some water in the electric kettle that came in our Airbnb And then I just add the Four Sigmatic packet directly into my to-go container I have one of these Hydro Flask things I'll link it down below for you But I am, like I said, using the Mushroom Mocha Mix, which is a blend of chocolate and coffee, which is so good

I add a little bit of monk fruit extract just for a touch of sweetness and then some almond milk, which really helps make it creamy And the almond milk that they sell here is this brand, and it's made with pure almonds, so it's very creamy, which is great I'm just gonna add a splash of that in there And then I top that with my hot water And the thing that I travel with which I think if you're a coffee drinker or a matcha latte drinker is (laughs) essential is one of these frothers

It's battery-powered You don't need to charge it And it makes things super creamy, and it whisks them up to be the right consistency And you can see how frothy it gets And since we're doing pre-SoulCycle, I'm also gonna have half of a protein bar

These protein bars are from Pulsin I bought them at the grocery store, and they are delicious I really, really like it Half a protein bar is always my go-to pre-workout snack 'cause it gives me just a little bit of energy, but doesn't fill me up too much And we walk to SoulCycle

It's in Soho, and it's a beautiful studio It was really, really fun There's a teacher that we've both really liked, and she's great So it was just a nice way (laughs) to get moving in the morning and get a sweat in (gentle music) Post-SoulCycle, I made my standard matcha latte, which has pumpkin pie spice powder, as well as my monk fruit extract, some matcha powder, which I brought all of these things from home

The beauty is that you can also actually buy the Four Sigmatic packets that are a matcha latte, and it mixes everything I just didn't wanna carry all of those packets, so I do have a few of them as I want to use them on the go, but I still brought my traditional matcha ingredients And then I bought some coconut butter here, so we're just gonna add a scoop of coconut butter, top that with the hot water And this is the blender that I bought, which I mentioned in the tour And I just blend it up until it's smooth and creamy

You guys have seen this probably a million times, so I don't need to share everything But standard matcha latte My favorite way to start the day Same old, same old Once I have my matcha done, I'm also going to make a smoothie

So we bought some spinach at the grocery store, so I'm just gonna add a ton of spinach as always I'm gonna use some chocolate protein powder that I bought at the store I really liked this one This was my favorite protein powder that I've tried so far It's from Form protein

And some raw cacao powder Top that with some frozen peaches which I chopped up and froze in the freezer They were starting to go bad, so I just chopped them up and froze them And they are so good in smoothies And then I add a little bit of ice and some almond milk and coconut water to blend everything up, and then I pop it on the blender base

And (laughs) I'm definitely not used to having these types of blenders because they aren't quite as powerful as the one that I have at home, so it takes some shaking and some stirring and things like that to get everything combined But I was very pleasantly surprised with the final texture It was on the thicker side, very smooth and creamy, and really tasty So I topped it with some peanut butter and some Deliciously Ella granola, and that was my yummy little breakfast (gentle music) So we are about to head out for the afternoon

SoulCycle was so much fun, as it always is You guys know I love a good SoulCycle ride And then we came home, showered, got ready, and you saw me make breakfast And breakfast was delicious I really like the protein powder that I used

I'll link it down below for you And my matcha was just my standard matcha I brought enough matcha tins to last me for the rest of the trip I brought monk fruit extract with me And then the powders that I have are just gonna, I'm gonna use them, and then I'm not gonna replace them

So I just brought whatever leftovers I had at home and I was taking with me in Colorado and everything like that, brought them here And once they're gone, they're gone So luckily I do have some of the Four Sigmatic individual packets, so of things like lion's mane, chaga, and I think I also brought a reishi packet I can't remember So if I do feel like I wanna add adaptogens in, I can do that once I'm out of the ones I brought

The other benefit of being in London is that Four Sigmatic is also sold here I'm sure it's also in other parts of Europe too But I did see it at Whole Foods, as well as Planet Organic So if you are in London and have those stores locally, you can actually find Four Sigmatic there locally So I'm really excited about lunch because I'm going to, I have to switch hands

We are going to Farmacy, which I have already been to once on this trip Had never been there before It was not included in my London What I Eat in a Day last time But it is incredible It's a fully vegan restaurant

It is so good We already went, like I said, got the truffle mac and cheese, which is vegan and gluten-free and out of this world Definitely getting it again And I can't wait to show you guys 'cause it's also just a really cute restaurant, really great options on the menu, and it's in a really great area So I will see you guys at lunch

We found this cute little tucked away hideaway spot off of a busy street in Soho We just went to the Hideaway Coffee House And it's so cute back here There's some little shopping There's a secondhand bookshop over there

There's a salad bar little place It's really cute So for the coffee, I have been getting some oat milk lattes sometimes I really like the texture and consistency I'm still not a huge fan of coffee, so I don't get them every single day, but they're kind of like an afternoon treat for me

And this was really delicious (gentle music) So we just got off at the Notting Something is going on with my camera, there we go Just got off at the Notting Hill Gate tube stop I was gonna say (laughs) T-stop

The tube stop I think that there's a few around here that you can take to get to Farmacy And so this is it It's in Notting Hill It's in West Grove, Westbourne Grove I think is what it's called

And I'm gonna show you Notting Hill 'cause it's really cute It's full of white houses and very residential, but also really beautiful And the tourist attraction here is called Portobello Road, which is full of kind of like vintage type shops and jewelry shops and things like that We're not going there We're going to a different area

But I'm gonna show you what Notting Hill looks like 'cause it's so pretty (gentle music) So it's fairly loud in here, so I'm not sure if you're gonna be able to hear me But they have a seriously amazing menu We are definitely getting the mac and cheese It's so good

And they always label if everything is gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, everything like that So, as you can tell, tons of gluten-free options The last time, I got these, and they were good, but not awesome This is the best thing I've almost ever eaten that's vegan But I'm gonna go for one of these bowls, either the Macro Bowl, the Kimchi Bowl, or the Middle Eastern Bowl

And definitely getting dessert And then the other thing that I wanna show you is the cocktail menu because they have the best margarita that I have ever made It's Tequila Mockingbird It is absolutely amazing And they have a really great wine list

And everything is just healthy and fresh and bright and delicious So here is the Tequila Mockingbird It's with rock salt or sea salt, Himalayan salt on the back, on the thing (laughs) I don't even know what I'm saying But honestly, it's so amazing

It tastes incredible All right, friends, here is the mac and cheese – Thank you – My God, I am so excited And then this is the gorgeous Market Salad, which sounds like it changes daily 'cause they have different stuff on it today

But we're splitting this as our starters I can't wait for you to see how good this is (gentle music) Right, so there's the pad Thai, gluten-free, vegan Looks really good And then I got the Macro Bowl, which has avocado, roasted sweet potato, quinoa, kale, a yummy dressing, pickled beets, seaweed

So beautiful This is everything that I love inside of a bowl It looks so good Finishing off with some lemon verbena and mint tea And you guys know I got that cake

Here is the gluten-free Victoria sponge, which is a light sponge cake with a vegan frosting, fruit, vegan vanilla ice cream (people chattering) Oh my God, it's so light Very good So when we got home, we had been walking for, I think we had like eight miles on our step counter, so we wanted a little snack And I chose to pull out that vegan Camembert that I bought at the grocery store

And I was so excited to taste this It literally looks exactly like Camembert cheese, and it tastes so good It has a really nice texture It has that rind that Camembert has And it was so awesome on top of crackers

It was such the perfect little snack before we made dinner (gentle music) And for dinner, we decided to do the vegan raviolis Again, if you haven't watched that grocery store video, this is stuffed with tofu and roasted cherry tomatoes So they are vegan, they're gluten-free, they're made with lentil pasta, and you cook them just like you do regular raviolis So I'm just boiling them in the pot

While those are boiling, I wanna show you what we're gonna add on top So we're gonna use the pesto, but then we're also gonna add some roasted tomatoes And I do roasted cherry tomatoes I've showed this on the channel before, but I roast them in the oven with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic for about 35 minutes, and they are the best addition to pasta ever They are so, so tasty

So if you want to try that recipe, I will link it down below for you because it is heavenly So while that cooks, we're also gonna make a quick salad dressing Matt is the king of salad dressings So he added some garlic, salt, pepper into a little jar, and then he's also gonna add in some red pepper flakes and some chopped up shallot We also add to that some olive oil and some red wine vinegar, as well as some lemon juice

And you just stir that together And I like to let this sit for 10 to 15 minutes to let the garlic kind of chill out a little bit 'cause raw garlic can be quite powerful and potent So just let it kind of sit, and it's honestly the perfect topping to salad I love this dressing so much It's delicious

So once we are ready to assemble everything, just drain the raviolis in the pot like you would regular raviolis They don't have a strainer here, so I had to (laughs) do it this way We're gonna add in two big dollops of pesto, as well as all of those cherry tomatoes And we had to add a little bit of salt and pepper at the end 'cause the pesto wasn't that salty, but it was still so good And I wanna make sure that you can see the texture of these raviolis because they are literally, I was so impressed

So they have a really soft, tender pasta dough, again, made from lentils And the filling was that roasty cherry sweetness, and as well as the tofu So it was just so good And our salad was fabulous It was a really, really good and also surprisingly easy meal

(gentle music) To round out the night, I had a cup of my favorite Egyptian licorice mint tea I thought that I had brought some Four Sigmatic hot chocolate, but I didn't, (laughs) so I have this tea And then we had stopped at Deliciously Ella's Deli the day before, and we got one of her brownies So we split this little brownie, and it was the perfect end of the day treat Okay, my friends, I hope you enjoyed today's What I Eat in a Day video

Thank you so much for watching We had a ton of amazing food And if you ever come to London, you have to check out Farmacy because it is excellent And I also wanna thank Four Sigmatic for joining us in today's video You guys already know how much I love them

They are one of my favorite partners I love traveling with their things So if you have upcoming travel, if you are on the road a lot, even if you just commute to work, Four Sigmatic is a great thing to just throw into your bag and just keep with you at all times, whether it's the coffee, the matcha, the turmeric latte if you need (laughs) something to chill out with Also the hot chocolate's amazing, or some of their individual mushroom powders, so the reishi and the chaga They're just great to have on hand

And if you do wanna try Four Sigmatic for yourself, I highly recommend it obviously Use the link right below this video That will get you 15% off your first order So thank you so much for joining, and thank you for watching I hope you guys enjoyed it

Don't forget to also check out my London guide, which is already on the blog, if you wanna see other vegan and healthy places to eat in London This city is amazing It's so fun I absolutely love it I could totally live here

And then if you haven't seen the other two videos that I posted from this trip, I will also link those down below, the London apartment tour, which is this place, and the grocery haul, which includes some of the food that you saw tonight, like our raviolis for dinner, as well as a bunch of other really awesome vegan goodies that I found at the grocery store So I'll leave those down for you below Otherwise, have a fabulous rest of your day Thanks so much, and I'll see you guys in the next one Bye! (gentle music)

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