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(pleasant music) – Hi friends Welcome back to another What I Eat in a Day video

If you're new here, my name is Alyssa And today I am just bringing you along for a full day of what I eat And it's just another work from home day (laughs) as it is during quarantine But if you missed my last video, which went up a couple days ago It was for chocolate zucchini bread

I mentioned that I really want to continue trying to amplify black creators in this channel and sharing their content with you guys So I've been doing that on the community tab of my channel but I also said that I wanted to start creating What I Eat in a Day videos that feature black creators and their recipes So that's what we're doing today I found three delicious recipes from three different black creators One is an amazing granola recipe and we're gonna have that for breakfast

The second is a chuna salad, C-H with chickpeas And then the third is vegan lentil meatballs which is what we're gonna have for dinner So I am so excited I already got all the ingredients I need what I love about all of these recipes is they're actually pretty simple ingredients and I bet you have most of them at home So I am going to make my matcha

That's really gonna be my, the only recipe that's mine today I'm gonna make my matcha and what I've been doing for breakfast lately is making granola and berry bowls I basically fill a whole bowl with berries, top it with granola A little bit of almond butter and almond milk and it's like so freaking delicious So the granola that I made is from a blogger named Charlotte

She has really delicious healthy food on her blog and Instagram Her blog is called confessions of a clean foodie And the recipe that I made is her apple butter granola It's applesauce and almond butter and nuts and tons of chia seeds It's so good

So I am going to cut here Insert the clips of me making the granola yesterday and then I'll show you how to make my awesome granola bowl Stuff is three cups of oats And then once you have the oats, you are going to add nuts and seeds Recipe calls for just one nuts, one cup of nuts which I really like

So I'm gonna basically just use up what I have here I'm gonna use my one cup measuring cup and just fill it up with a mixture of all of these Got my pumpkin seeds, cashews and pistachios And I really wanna use up the rest of this coconut so I'm gonna also add that in And her recipe calls for chia seeds

So I'm gonna do just a little bit less than what she calls for for the chia seeds because of the coconut And there is my oven Let's give it a mix I have white chia seeds here I'm gonna add about half a cup

And I really like that she uses chia seeds in this mix because chia seeds are really high in omega-3 fatty acids They are high in protein They are full of healthy fats and they are also really high in fiber So they're an amazing thing to add into your morning meal, really any of your meals like smoothies, granola, obviously in chia pudding They are awesome

Since we're, sea salt, well it's actually it's three, sea salt, nutmeg and cinnamon I do not have nutmeg I know but we recently moved into this apartment and I just haven't needed nutmeg yet because it's not the fall So I used some of my pumpkin pie spice that I use in my morning matcha So that's gonna give it that nice nutmeg cinnamon flavor

And that is it for the dry ingredients and now we need to melt our wet ingredients in this little pan So in goes half a cup of almond butter I'm gonna have to use two hands to do this To the almond butter, I'm gonna add in a cup of apple sauce And then the final ingredient is a little bit of oil

So I'm gonna add this olive oil just 'cause that's what's accessible right now and then we stir this together and let it melt and then stir everything else together Everything melted and now I'm just going to pour this over the oats and I'll scoop everything out of here and mix it all together with a plastic spatula Here it is all mixed together Look at all those chia seeds I already tasted the batter and it is so good

It tastes like kind of like a pumpkin pie, apple Sunday So good So I have my baking sheet here I'm gonna transfer it over here And we are gonna bake this low and slow

So it bakes, in her recipes it bakes for an hour and a half at 250 I'm gonna up it a little bit because I don't have an hour and a half right now to cook that So I'm gonna bake it at 300 degrees for an hour And you just stir it pretty consistently Switched my mind, I'm gonna do this in my big oven because this is too thick of a layer for this to cook evenly

So I'm gonna transfer it on to this larger baking sheet Pop it in this oven and the reason why I like to put parchment down is when you get all this done, you can just pick up the parchment and dump it into your jar So spread it into a thin layer and then you'll let it bake and get nice and crispy So this just came out of the oven It has been in there for about an hour

And it's still a little bit, it's not super, super crispy I mean it's pretty crispy but, it needs to cool And what I'm gonna do, I do this with all of my granola is that I turn off the oven I leave it in the oven and I just leave the oven door popped open like that and it just, as it cools, dries out even more and gets super duper crispy So that's what we're gonna do

And then I'll show you the finished product But it smells so good So here is the finished product It has like just the right amount of clusters I don't want it to be too clustery

But it's still like kind of clustery It's nice and crunchy, perfectly golden brown, just sweet enough and it's seriously delicious So if you guys wanna try this recipe, it is linked down in the description box And it's easily made vegan by using that oil substitute that I shared and it is so freaking good Okay so remember, I shared with you yesterday a little trick that transfers the granola really easily and that is parchment paper

I learned this from my mom Basically what I do is I get all of the granola on top of the parchment paper And then I pick the parchment paper up And carefully transfer it into my jar I'm making my standard matcha latte which is my favorite, Ippodo Matcha

It comes in this little tin And actually, something that I didn't know about Ippodo is that they have been around for hundreds of years and it's a very traditional matcha company And they are based in Japan And then I'm gonna add in my mustard extract, my pumpkin pie spice and just a little bit of coconut butter to make it creamy And I'm gonna top that off with hot water

Blend it up and that's it (blender whirring) (pleasant music) So here is my granola bowl with almond butter, cacao nibs and almond milk and my gorgeous matcha latte This is like the best summer breakfast ever Gonna head out on my mid afternoon walk with Trevi and I get my mask on I just wanted to show you what I'm eating

I am eating one of my mint chocolate chip energy balls which are so good I've had them in my freezer since last video that I filmed So if you wanna try this recipe, highly recommend it They're delish Hm! The recipe is up on the blog and I'll link it down below for you

Alright, it is about 1:00 o'clock and it's time for lunch So I am going to be making like I said earlier today, the or a chuna salad so a chickpea tuna salad and the recipe is from Rachel Ama She is YouTuber, vlogger, Instagrammer and so many other things Cook book author and I recently discovered her channel, so awesome! I love her personality I love the content she creates and the recipes she makes look amazing

So I wanted something that was gonna be simple that was also gonna be really flavorful and use things that I already have on hand Browsed her site, found this recipe It looks amazing and I can't wait to try it So let's go into the kitchen and make it Also, I have a new shirt on because it's really, really hot and muggy out so not a different day, just a different outfit

Alright so here is what we're using We're using a can of chickpeas and she says to use some of the water, tamari, nutritional yeast, lemon, capers, onion, vegan mayo, a nori sheet and then salt and pepper if I need it So, first start by adding that in there (pleasant music) All right so now we're basically just gonna add in the rest of the ingredients It calls for a quarter cup of mayo, a tablespoon of nutritional yeast

I'm just kind of eyeballing everything Tablespoon of tamari And then it also calls for tablespoon of nori and I just have the sushi sheets, so I basically just cut into or I folded it and then I'll just cut it into little pieces and it's gonna be kind of like stringy but that's okay And then also thinly sliced onion and thinly sliced capers And, you can see Trevi's tail, lemon juice

And then we will just stir this all together Smells awesome I do wish I had drained the chickpeas I think it's a little liquidy but I know it'll still be delicious That is the gorgeous salad

Alright so I'm gonna do some little Romaine lettuce cups It'll definitely be better to do this with the Boston lettuce leaf But you can still do it with Romaine You just basically (pleasant music) And then I'm going to finish them off with a little hot sauce And, a few little microgreens And here is my lunch Simple, easy and I can't wait to dig in

It smells and looks so good Having a little something sweet It's about 3:00 o'clock And I have a slice of my chocolate zucchini bread that I made mini when I was first initially testing this recipe And this is what I shared Tuesday of this past week

So this recipe uses apple sauce instead of banana and it still works really well but, not quite as sweet So I'm going to heat this up in the microwave and have a nice little chocolatey sweet treat Alright it is time to make dinner I am in my prop closet getting my uh, food processor And I am going to be making sweetpotoatosoul's vegan lentil meatballs for dinner

I'm probably gonna have them over zucchini noodles with our favorite tomato sauce and Mile's gonna have them on regular pasta But I am super excited because a friend of mine made them last week and said they were delicious And the recipe looks super simple So I think it's gonna be great The recipe's on her site, if you wanna try it I'll link it down below, of course, as all of these recipes are linked below

And let's go ahead and get into it So in here starts with two cups of lentils and then I'm going to grate one clove of garlic in here I'm also gonna add in some flaxseed meal, nutritional yeast, spices and a little bit of bread crumbs, which I actually have a trick for I don't have bread crumbs but I do have another thing that I will use instead Alright so we have our lentils, flaxseed, egg, quote, unquote, the nutritional yeast, some Italian seasoning

I didn't have all the herbs that she called for Salt, pepper, fennel seed, red pepper flakes and our garlic And for our bread crumbs, I'm going to pulse some Rice Krispies in and hope that that holds together Here it is I think this is might be a little wet, so I think I'm actually gonna add in a little bit of oat flour just to hold it together a little bit better because I don't have bread crumbs

But if you do have gluten-free bread crumbs, definitely use that or regular bread crumbs So yeah, let's pulse in a little bit of flour and then we'll be good to go Alright so, now I've got the consistency that I'm looking for and I'm basically just gonna form them into little meatballs and put them in my baking sheet (pleasant music) Here are my meatballs with a little baby one And they look so good

I'm gonna pop them in the oven and bake them for like 20 minutes And we'll make our zucchini noodles and that will be it (pleasant music) I'm a weirdo but I really like zucchini noodles raw I just kind of like the texture that they have I feel like when I cook them, they get a little too soggy

So I just have my one zucchini in here and I'm gonna cover it in hot tomato sauce And the meatballs and we're gonna have a side salad Here are our little meatballs They smell delicious They look done

And let me show you the, ouch They're still kind of soft, which is good, not dry Yum! And there we go Such a gorgeous plate I can't wait to eat this

These smell so good Alright my friends That wraps up another What I Eat in a Day video I hope you guys enjoyed today's video As always, I've linked all of these recipes down below

So if you wanna check them out, I highly recommend it Two of the girls I mentioned today, sweetpotatosoul, Jenne as well as Rachel Ama, she and Jenne are both YouTubers So I'll also link their channels down below I'll tag them and you can follow and subscribe there So definitely recommend doing that

And so far, I have had amazing meals today And I'm really excited to continue these types of videos So thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it Please give it a thumbs up if you did

Don't forget to subscribe by clicking the red button that is right below this video And I'll see you in the next one Bye! (pleasant music)

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New Cookery Recipes
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