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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Vegan/Plant-based



Hello, today I will show you what I eat in a day I've been to my village for about a month and I have eaten too much as I am here For me, 'bad' carbohydrates are my weak point Breads, pies and pasta I always do it with them So I decided to watch out for a while and focus my diet on cleaner foods Because I'm at my parents' home now, I do not have many kitchen tools here like my blender That's why I try to make simple meals to keep them healthy For my breakfast I really love to eat avocado in rice paddle Normally I would eat it with toasted bread but because I try to keep myself away from bread this is a good alternative I put on white pepper because we had this house, but I definitely prefer it with black pepper I also had some white almonds for a few more good fats Although it does not seem to him, this breakfast is very gratifying Mild also a coffee, and kept me well until lunchtime For lunch I like to eat a green salad but I always add various things inside to make her more delicious and more fulfilling I started with various green vegetables then I added the remaining half of the avocado I ate in the morning then I added a few beans for protein which first washed with water I put Tahini, which I love incredibly in salads I like the taste it gives I put the tahini straight into my salad But if you like more 'sparse' you can hit it before with lemon juice or vinegar and it is also very nice We also had fresh corn in the house which were really delicious, so I ate one of them And that was my lunch which I think had a good balance between carbohydrates, good fat and protein I usually eat some snacks in the afternoon and is usually what fruit I have at home This day I ate two peaches and a huge-sized pear Here you see me holding me next to my face to get an idea of ​​how big it was For dinner, one of my favorites is a dakos salad I put the nut on the base I do not wet it because it sucks the juice from the tomato and will soften I cut the tomato, sometimes I do it right on a cutting disc but I bored this time and cut it off I also cut the green pepper Then I put olives of Kalamata and oregano over And this is my dakos salad It is ready at 3 'and is a perfect choice for a healthy dinner I really like to eat out now and enjoy the garden at my parents' house Thank you very much for watching this video and if you want to see more of these videos do ike to know that you liked it Hello!

Source: Youtube

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