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what I eat in a day weekend edition (vegan)



Hey you guys! Welcome back to my channel Kierra Castle So right here, we're starting off with some fluffy vegan pancakes which were amazing and by the way, don't forget to subscribe so you can see more videos like this and if you do like the what I eat in the days, definitely let me know down in the comments

But yes, so here I am mixing my mix and this is the consistency we got to and then I put these on the stove I buttered a pan then put them on the stove, let them cook for about two to three minutes on each side until they got bubbles at the top and look at these beauties they were amazing and with this I did have benevolent bacon This was amazing I don't like regular bacon but guys, this bacon is so good guys and it cooks super fast I think I cooked it on each side for about two or three minutes and this is the final product It was amazing Here are the pancakes I made with the mix

For the Bananas Foster topping for the pancakes, I used these ingredients Actually, my husband did! So hey, my husband's in the video that's his hand *laughs* So yeah but he used to be like a chef or whatever so he's kind of fancy when he cooks He like flips the stuff and uses like lighters and so he's he's you know better cook than me but you know we we gettin' there we gettin' there So here he is making the Bananas Foster topping It was so good and yeah this is him topping it off and then that was breakfast so for lunch, I wanted something super simple and we weren't that hungry cause breakfast filled us so we had a pineapple green smoothie with a lot of a whole bunch of frozen fruit and mainly we did this mainly because we didn't have greens in our breakfast so this was perfect for lunch and we just mix all these ingredients together our favorite ingredients to get like a creamy mix and after mixing, this was the final product

It was so good So, so good Perfect consistency and it was just everything For dinner, we had sushi I haven't had take out in a long time so that was really good for me from Yama Chen

By the way, today's shout out goes to Faith Kelly! Thank you so much for commenting on my last video by answering the question The question for this video if you would like a shout out in my next video is who is your favorite vegan youtuber and if you don't have a favorite vegan youtuber, who's your favorite youtuber in general? So yeah, this was the final product It was amazing For dessert, we ate my leftover vegan carrot cake I have a video on me making this cake so definitely check out the cards above which I will link right here But the next day, my husband had a pineapple boba smoothie for breakfast and I had a blueberry pineapple boba smoothie for breakfast

So here I am making the boba and this is the juice for the boba to sit in once it's finish I just use agave and water To all my peeps with trypophobia, you might want to skip forward because it's gonna be a lot of lot of boba circles and yeah *laughs* But here's me putting in the bowl but or putting the boba in the mix when it's finished and then on to the smoothie part So for my husband, I did put a whole bunch of different things in it but mainly he wanted pineapples so here's me making that and then it wasn't thick enough in my opinion so I did put a little bit of ice to make it a little thicker for him and he loved it by the way and there's his smoothie and for mine, I had the exact same thing I just had blueberries I added blueberries in it and it was so good It's probably the best smoothie I've never made I'm not even lying to you look at this pretty color I just I love that color And this is the final product and then that filled us up for like most of the day but for dinner we, or, lunch dinner, we had vegan meatball marinaras inspired by abetweene/Ariane on YouTube Definitely check out her videos

Her videos have definitely inspired me to do more what I eat a week's but here I am putting the beyond meat in with a mixture and creating the meatballs for it so yes This meat tasted like actual meat It did not taste like plant-based meat It tasted like meat and it was good so here's me I made about 12 meatballs with the one pound of beyond meat and yeah

Then, I put the stove a little under medium and I let – I put a little bit of grapeseed oil That grapeseed oil was enough to coat the whole pan and then I put them all right put the meatballs inside of the pan to cook and it they took about maybe 10 to 15 minutes to cook in total because I wanted them to be super well done and then after this, I started with my marinara and put everything in the pot I let this cook a little bit and put a little more seasonings in it So I put Italian seasoning as well as Himalayan salt and I let this simmer for a little bit and after simmering this is how it looked And then, my husband made the garlic bread so he just put some vegan butter as well as some – 1 clove of garlic and then he put it on top of the bread with some dried oregano

We only had dried we didn't have any fresh oregano and then we put that in the oven, let them bake Well first, we topped it off with the, the meatballs and then after that we put it in the oven but look at how amazing this looks It was so good guys Thank you Ariane for this recipe Thank you so mu

But yeah that pretty much wraps up this video Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe and make sure you stay tuned for my weekly uploads on every Wednesday and Saturday Alright, take care Bye guys!

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New Cookery Recipes
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