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Hi, you guys! My name is kierra castle I'm going to be showing you guys what I eat in a week as a vegan and basically, it's all the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners I had over the past week and a lot of them really speak to my heart so I think you'll love them

And last thing, if you want to see more vegan content, just don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe so that I know And yeah, so, let's hop right into Saturday! So, I'm starting off with a sweet potato burrito bowl I'm going to put the sweet potatoes in the oven so I'm setting and preheating it to 400 and put the rice in there (the pot) Then, the olive oil, the salt, and the garlic powder And then I'm going to go ahead and mix in the sweet potatoes and this is actually one large sweet potato

There was a lot of pieces in in so that was exciting! And then, right here I'm laying them out so that I can go ahead and put them in the oven Oh my gosh, look how good they look! But next, I'm going to go and cut up an avocado and a lime because you know I love my limes By the way, this is a tip; when it comes out the fridge and you can't get any of it out, any of the juice, just like roll it and squeeze it so that, you know, when you have to squeeze the lemon out, I mean the lime (or the lemon) out, you know, it (the juice) comes out easier But yeah, I'm only going to use half an avocado I don't know why I took the ball out because I ended up putting in the fridge for later the other half)

And yeah, so, the rice is all done then I cut up one red pepper and I cut up the whole onion but you can cut up half I just really like sweet onions so this is a sweet onion that I used and put some water in there so it can cook and the vegetables won't get stuck to the pan And yeah! That is my burrito bowl So, on Sunday, I started off with a tahini dressing and I actually had what II ate what I had last night but I forgot to put the dressing and cheese Missed opportunities! But, you know, I put the tahini dressing in there, some lemon, some hot sauce, some garlic powder, and I think that's all I put in thereoh! And some Himalayan salt I love Himalayan salt It's so good It tastes so much better than regular salt

But yes, warming up my bowl and then going to put my tahini in there Like, guys, this was so good I don't like tahini and I don't like sunflower seeds cause you know tahini is made out of sunflower seeds (*sesame seeds), but this was so good and then I put some vegan cheese on top and yeah I had two bananas for a snack that day and moving on to Monday So on Monday, I had some vegan pancakes

Goodness, they were so good Let me tell you the key to vegan pancakes You have to #1 sift in the baking powder because you see those little balls in there? Yeah, you don't want to be tasting those and also, the baking powder gives it that fluff, right And then the second step is actually the chia seeds That's what people don't talk about but if, you know, since we're vegan, well if you're watching this, I assume you're vegan

But umm, we use these chia seeds for an egg uhh I cannot talk! For an egg substitute and that is the key Having that chia seed mix So, what I did is I let the chia seeds sit for a while and right here, I'm just cutting up the strawberries and bananas for the pancakes and then, the topping that I want to make for it but I let the chia seeds sit and now I'm putting the almond milk and the olive oil The olive oil is good because it helps the pancake cook all the way through and then I put some maple syrup, some vineg-not vinegar, sorry! No, don't put vinegar *laughs* but some vanilla extract and then I forgot to put my cinnamon in there at first in my mixture of like flour and baking powder and salt So I put that in there, mixed the ingredients, and look how beautiful this is Like, if you could just! It's just like AHH! This looks so good to me! And another key to good vegan pancakes is not to over-mix it You know, just leave it a little lump or two in there *laughs* but yeah, so starting off by using a napkin to put some more olive oil to coat the pan and then I made like at least 10 pancakes with this mix 10 or 11 and then put the bananas on top and goodness I love a fried banana so like when I was biting into the fried banana, I was like wow, this is so good! And yeah, so as for the toppings, use a lot of butter, a lot of maple syrup *laughs*, a lot of cinnamon I was going for like a sweet taste and then poured the strawberries and bananas in there Now, I know it looks really sweet but it was so good

I think next time, I'm not going to put as much maple syrup, though, no lie *laughs* But here, I'm using JUST egg If you haven't heard of JUST egg, it it a popular vegan substitute and then right here, I'm putting the Himalayan salt You can't really tell And then, I put the pepper and y'all

doesn't this look just like eggs? And the crazy part is if you season it right, it will taste just like eggs Like it already does, but AHH! It just makes a difference And then I sprinkled some cheese on there

I love cheese on my eggs Cheesy eggs! And then, umm, that's actually vegan That's vegan, don't worry But vegan syrup and then yeah I had these for snacks, don't recommend them

And then I had this for snack again later I recommend this 100% I love So Delicious Like, the snickerdoodle pieces in there just made it But when I got to the bottom, they were running out but the ones at the top were really good

Then, I drink GoodBelly at least once a day, uhh, for like health reasons or whatever For like good digestive health and then right here, I'm just drinking lemon water I love lemon water I try to drink it at least once a day Both that and the GoodBelly

But on to Tuesday I am eating some creamy vegan potato curry and y'allthis was my favorite meal that I've ever made, EVER! And I actually have never had kale because I had to use kale but right here, I'm cleaning off the rice

Just the starch or whatever I clean it off about three or four times and then like I said, oh I don't know if I said this but I haven't eaten kale before It was my first time eating kale So I struggled trying to get those off but I eventually got them off I massaged the kale for like ten minutes until it got this green color

As you can kind of see, and I tried to zoom in I poured the water out to re-massage it again in some new water and it should be that color when you are done massaging it If it's not that color, keep massaging it because it breaks down those fibers so that you can get those nutrients and so that your body can digest the kale better and yes, this is the kale It was so pretty after I got done massaging it But, I'm going to throw in one golden potato and then an orange pepper into the mix and some salt and pepper and roll that around in some olive oil so it can be all, you know, shiny *laughs* but I put it in the oven and then I put some garlic on the stove to get ready and make my curry and then I put the kale inside, let that shrink up a little bit and then my baby Bella mushrooms

Oh gosh, those mushrooms are just everything, everything! I love baby Bella mushrooms and got some coconut milk, some cayenne pepper I was struggling with that cayenne pepper so um, you'll see me put it in there a few times Then, the Jamaican curry and also the onion powder I put pepper in there and last but not least, I put some salt and I mixed that all up-oh! that's more cayenne pepper *laughs* but I mixed that all up until it came to this color Oh gosh, that color is so beautiful

Like, wow Golden But I poured that in the mix after everything was shrunken a little more All the vegetables were shrunken in and I didn't have any tomatoes, so I just used a can of tomato- diced tomatoes in my pantry and that made it Oh gosh, that made it

So then I threw in the rest of the stuff from the oven which is the potatoes and the orange peppers and y'alllook at this! Like, this picture doesn't even do it justice It was darker but it was lighter, trust me

It was so good But next, I'm making raspberry banana hummus Originally, it was supposed to be like a cake batter mix but I ended up making like hummus I don't know but it was so good I put some salt

I put, yeah, all this The salt, the brown sugar, the melted butter, and what else? Oh! The vanilla extract and I mixed it and mixed it The first time I tried it, it wasn't sweet enough for me so that's when I put more sugar And then, I put a banana I was just getting creative but it ended up being really good then I put a raspberry, or some raspberries in and like this is the best spread I've ever made myself

I can't say the best one I've had, but it's the best one I've made for myself *laughs* put more maple syrup because I like my stuff sweet *laughs* and more brown sugar! I love love love sweet spreads But yeah, I stored that in a little mason jar and I have like half left It's like all gone Used some organic vegan bread Put some flax seeds on top to give me that protein that I need and yeah

That was my little snack So, on to Wednesday On Wednesday, I had chocolatey-cinnamon granola So, I started off with making like a, a powder with the cashews and the oats and yep That's how it looked-it looked really good

So, took that out after I blended it for about two minutes and put some more oats in there Some salt, a pinch of salt A lot of cinnamon and I accidentally put too much cacao powder but made it! It made it I got lucky that I put a lot *laughs* it was so good But then next, I went ahead and got some almond butter

This is really good by the way That's why I'm showing it on the screen And then, some maple syrup I ran out, so I got to buy some more Yes, so I mixed those two until it came to this consistency and I just wanted to eat it off the plate but I had to make my snack so I went ahead and put it in here and mixed it all together and then I put it in the oven, which you will see in a second

Yeah, put it out on the parchment paper and THEN I popped it in the oven *laughs* and then, when it's finished, you have the option of putting freeze-dried fruit on there This is my freeze-dried mangoes I didn't have many in there but they were so good And yeah, now I'm making some toast with that spread I made yesterday I put that on the toast and then I ended up making like a cereal y'all

It was so good like I put bananas in it and milk and it was really good I was really shook And then, there's my mangoes on the side And then, yes y'all, my chia seeds on top! It was so good and then, you know, I had to get my GoodBelly in everyday So, next, later, it was like midnight

I ended up putting some cashews, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds in a bowl and then I put like some honey butter syrup I had some extra honey butter syrup I had, some old stuff and then y'all this was really good I was just craving honeyI mean not honey! Why do I keep saying honey? Syrup! I was craving Syrup! *laughs* and nuts So that's what I had and then I had my lemon, my lemon water and yeah So on to Thursday Look at this beautiful avocado Like, that looks like the memes *laughs* but yeah, so I had avocado toast and then I cut up my fruit for my breakfast and got the butter for my toast and then, I had some more of my eggs

Y'all these eggs are so bomb I cannot believe they're eggs Like, they are so good and my recommendation is to cook them on low so you don't overcook them in the beginning because I did that the first time I used them but yeah So, here's my toast No explanation needed

I mean, it's avocado toast with some chia seeds, you know, for that protein and then I used my blue agave for my, my strawberries If you can't tell, I'm a really, like a super sweet tooth and then I got some granola from yesterday I love like sweet stuff But on Friday, I had some broccoli and macaroni and cheeseoh! And carrots *laughs* So I cut up two heads of broccoli, cleaned those off, and then I threw them in a pot with a whole bag of frozen carrots and then, on to the best vegan mac and cheese you will have ever heard of But, I made the elbow pasta Put my olive oil and my butter Finished that up and then when I was finished with that I started on the sauce

With the sauce, I used a half a can of coconut milk I put some vegan butter in there I put some, oh yes, almond milk *laughs* and then I had to use this because I didn't have nutritional yeast so I just used my Daiya shredded cheese which I think made it It was awesome and then some pepper I think I used sea- oh no, I did use seasoning salt

So, I used some seasoning salt and onion powder I used turmeric to give it that yellow color Here I am struggling again with my cayenne pepper Come on, Kierra *laughs* and then, yeah The turmeric was at the end

But one thing I can say is like at the store, they ran out of tofu and nutritional yeast so I did have to substitute so yeah, that's why I had to get the vegan cheese I know not everyone has it but if you have nutritional yeast, I'd say just use nutritional yeast But here's where the magic happens y'all Just look at the colorlikejust *takes a deep breath*

I, I'm just like so shook! And then I put the paprika Oh yeah, and paprika Just look at this! Like it looks like real mac and cheese and it tastes BETTER

It tastes better than real mac and cheese I'm not even capping y'all I ate mac and cheese every single day in high school I LOVE mac and cheese! But yeah, after that was done, I sprinkled some paprika on top and then right here, I'm just adding some salt and pepper, Himalayan salt and pepper to my vegetable medley and yeah That pretty much wraps up my week, what I ate in the week

If you have any questions, you know, let me know below and if you would like other vegan videos, please let me know I would love to I had a lot of fun making these videos Please please please if you like these videos, too, don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe and I'll see y'all next time Okay, bye!

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