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What My VEGAN KID Eats in a Day | As a Two Year Old VEGAN TODDLER



Do you need to go to the potty? Willow- no I want to go see daddy over there Ok lets go see daddy before he goes to work Nooo Sorry I have to go to work baby I'm sad too baby I hate leaving you guys

I'm sad too Why are you sad bubba? He's going away Daddy will be back soon Mugga mugga Your boobie! Where's your boobies? Right here Button your coat Pull it through Thanks dad I'll miss you You have a good day with mommy eating lots of yummy food Bye, daddy You give me kissy hehe Mwah You give me kissys Hi everyone, it's going to be a nice day in the neighbourhood

Look I'm a gorilla (continues to make gorilla sounds) Hey guys Willow, and I are taking over today gonna see hi, baby Hi We thought you'd like to see what's willow eats in a day Are you having a snack? Let's have hot drinks together no, oh you want a warm drink I'm a gorilla (continues to make gorilla sounds) You are an amazing gorilla It's pretty cold this morning so Willow and i are warming up with Jing Cheers baby Brushing our teeth Well, thanks for letting me help can you open up wide oh Crackers family!! Thanks, baby ready

Oh don't you love a good Avo Do you want to put avocado annual peace in your cracker? Or do you want mummy to do it Look look look Does it look good baby? Seriously how good does this look You want to sit at your little table? Okay, baby, are we gonna have a cracker snack? It's been really cold this morning I think we'll have roast potatoes for lunch and we'll mix it into a salad Let's go get stuff from the garden You're not scare of the wind baby we usually spend a lot of time outside even if it's really cold and windy or rainy Or whatever Thats rocket should we put it in the bowl and pick lots for our lunch a ladybug Let's play I can hear a plane its way windier than usual, isn't it? But we really want those cherry tomatoes You're amazing put it in your bag so Today is a bit of a winter edition of what will I eat in a day? It's Really cold? and here in Australia sometimes winter can feel just like a summers day so we often have Juice, but at the end of the video, we will show you our favorite banana and ice cream recipe Okay, organic oil onion powder paprika Is it nice to be outside Even if it's a crappy cold day we have to get outside So you both go crazy, otherwise and just feel so much better with a bit of Sun So we've got roast potato half an avocado Some cashew sour cream some greens from the garden and tomatoes in there And then we just mix it up This one has a smaller pieces Willow is 2 and four months old and breast feeds on demand during the night and once or twice during the day We usually wake up in the morning and make juice, but we didn't do that today So we haven't had much fruit So I'm gonna make some green banana ice cream Going to go in the wrap or the carrier Let's make this banana ice-cream that shall we when you put it all together So we've just got three to five bananas Cubes and passion fruit and a little bit of Are you excited? There you go, so if I'm feeling like a chocolaty treat I like to put two to three spoons of cacao powder and Some rice malt syrup in there But today we're going to have green powder Banana ice cream YUmmmm She doesn't like green powder at this start, but she always steals mine later on But bup bup What the heck bup bup bup Banana ice-cream our go to treat and it tastes amazing and this green powder literally tastes like sherbet I got green powder in my mouth You sure do wow By everyone, I hope you guys enjoyed our video Thanks for watching Don't forget to hit the like button I love this green stuff

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