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What to Get at Trader Joe’s w/ VEGAN Recipes + Meal Ideas


[UltraVid id=492 ]hey guys what’s up it’s Nicole and today I’m bringing you another grocery haul everything I got is healthy vegan and affordable and in this video I’m going to include some recipe suggestions and also photos from my Instagram so you can see kind of how I actually use things I bought at the store and hopefully you’ll find that helpful so let’s get started okay so starting with the frozen stuff so I can get it back in the freezer this is my favorite dark cherries I use these in my cereal and in my oatmeal in the morning they’re so good and obviously they’re really good in smoothies I also have some frozen blueberries and some frozen brown rice these are amazing for busy weekdays there is usually two servings in a package and there’s three packages and they cook in just a couple minutes so these are a lifesaver next I got some sweet chili sauce and I like to put this on veggie dumplings or stir-fry but I also like to make a recipe that I actually got the original idea from vegan Fitness TV if you haven’t checked out their channel I’ll link it below they’re amazing but basically you just take one tablespoon of sweet chili sauce 1 tablespoon of tahini and then I do about half of a tablespoon of soy sauce and I mix that together and then I add either tempeh which I also get from Trader Joe’s or firm tofu and then I’m just going to coat the tempeh or the tofu in this mixture and then bake it I think it’s better with tofu actually but tempeh is a really nice variation has lots of protein and you just coat it with this sauce and it’s really really delicious it bakes up in just a couple of minutes because it’s already cooked so you’re really just kind of making the outside like golden brown and I bake that for about 10 minutes or until it’s golden brown at 375 and then and I put it on salads I put it in wraps or on potatoes or just in like butta bowls and you can see it gets nice and crispy and it adds a ton of flavor that’s sweet chili sauce it’s like just a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy it’s not overpowering but this is a super-fast like dinner or lunch idea and it’s something that I make all the time next I got some tofu and this is a great source of protein especially if you’re on a plant-based diet and I used something tofu was so weird and gross and that was before I tried super firm so if you think it’s mushy and flavorless and disgusting like I did then try super firm because it’s actually kind of a similar texture to like a you know kind of like a block of mozzarella cheese and it’s really mild it kind of just takes on the flavor of whatever you put it with so I like to just saute it with veggies or put it on sandwiches and it’s great next I got some produce I got some fixed I like to just kind of snack on these they’re really jammy and delicious and they’re great in fall time I also got some clementines they’re just a really convenient snack if I need a little pick-me-up I also put them on my oatmeal and then I got some potatoes because one of my favorite things to do is to just boil some potatoes it takes like 10 minutes I just chop them up and boil them and then I season them with whatever seasoning I’m feeling that day and add them to my salad and it’s just so delicious you get that nice hot cold combo and it’s super satisfying I also got some fresh basil I use this in my vegan caprese sandwich and I also got this balsamic glaze to make that as well if you haven’t seen that I will put a little box for a video here but it’s basically tofu with avocado smash and really delicious like Italian flavor so check that out then I got some rye bread this is one of my go-to –hz when I go to Trader Joe’s the spread is super simple it only has a couple of ingredients and I don’t eat it all the time so I keep it in the freezer but on an afternoon I just love to like have a little snack of jam and toast and tea it’s so good and my favorite new jam right now is this fig butter and also this strawberry fruit spread both of these are super flavorful I particularly like the strawberry fruit spread it’s hard to say but I really like it because it has really great ingredients and no added sugar so I love that on either out meal or or on toast and this fig butter is great on oatmeal as well got some green beans that I’m probably going to have one night with these mushrooms and I got some fresh rosemary to saute them with and I also got some snap peas I love these in my salads they’re just so crunchy and sweet and they’re also just good to snack on on their own and I’ve never gotten beads before but I’m going to try to use them in my juicer with some celery that I got here and also these pears and some ginger and some carrots next I got some broccoli and some mixed greens and then some shredded cabbage and some shredded broccoli slaw I don’t always get this but I’ve started using this instead of just lettuce and tomato on sandwiches and it adds a really nice crunch and it’s a really good way to sneak in some cruciferous vegetables then I got some staples I needed some garbanzo beans some black beans and one of my new favorite salsas which is the pico de gallo it’s just really really fresh and yummy something I’ve been doing recently is making my own oil-free refried beans so I just take one can of black beans that’s rinsed and drained and I add that with about three heaping tablespoons of this fresh salsa this has tomatoes cilantro onions lime juice so it’s super fresh super flavorful and I add that to the blender with about 1 tablespoon of taco seasoning you can get this anywhere but Trader Joe’s has a nice one and then I just blend it until it is smooth and you can heat this up and use this for tacos or burritos you can dip tortilla chips in it that’s so good or I also just like to have this on big potatoes it’s totally oil-free and it’s super fast then I got some tomatoes some bananas oh my gosh I’ve already tried these already you guys I was hungry when I got home from the grocery store but these are from Trader Joe’s they’re called just beads and they are literally just beets they’re not even salted or anything and the whole bag has 140 calories 7 grams of fiber 4 grams of protein and only half of Ram of fat it’s crazy not only do taste a lot like beets but they’re crispy and they’re crunchy so if you like beef you will love these and then I really like this marinara sauce I just make a really quick veggie pasta using this and a can of tomatoes and it’s really low-fat and there is just really simple ingredients so I love this one then I got my favorite hummus that you have seen a million times if you’ve watched my videos before because I use this one all the time then I got some limes and some coconut flour and I’ve been experimenting a lot with gluten-free flours this one is pretty affordable at Trader Joe’s and I actually use this to make my Mexican wedding cookies recipe that I made on lunch break live I will link that video in the description box but it had some raw pecans which I got I love getting nuts at Trader Joe’s because they’re way more affordable and I also got some powdered sugar for the cookies then I got my favorite sparkling water I’ve tried all kinds of sparkling water but this lime sparkling water it’s like a dollar ninety-nine for these four and I love them so I always had these on hand and finally I got some veggie broth and I like to keep this on hand for when I’m making oil free mashed potatoes or my vegetable chickpea smash which is basically like my version of a tuna sandwich I made it in my back to school lunch series so I’ll link that in the description box below and that is everything that I got like I’ve said a million times this video there are lots of recipes and links in the description box so if you want more information or you have any questions definitely check that out alright guys that’s everything I got at the store I hope that you enjoyed this video if you did and you want to see more healthy grocery hauls maybe from a specific store let me know in the comments and give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you guys soon bye you

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