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Hi, I'm Shinichi It is satoshi Welcome to TabiEats Today's theme is What can you do with the remaining "SPAM"? A little while ago I tried to sample eight types of spam What's going on with this remaining spam, But there are many uses

At that time, everyone gave me various suggestions I could not do everything, but No, most have not been realized, Let's make some of the recipe videos we will make Today is how we enjoy spam I made seven kinds today There are many things What shall we start with? At first, spam egg grilled It's very easy to make Mince red paprika, Mix with eggs with chopped spam and green onion Just bake it in a frying pan Satoshi uses square frying pan, Maybe because everyone does not have It is all right with a normal frying pan How to make in a frying pan is Look at our previous Tamaki-yaki video This time, neither salt nor sugar is used at all I always add sugar and salt when making omelet, Japanese omelet can add sugar But since spam is a taste, No salt was added OK, let's eat I am very hungry It looks delicious I like this spam egg grilled, Even being colorful It looks like a festival it is delicious Is delicious The taste is just right Just good I do not need salt Spam is salty By adding red paprika, Something different comes out, I love you The next thing I want to introduce is Gyoza Spam dumplings Yes, spam dumplings I used spam instead of ground pork that's all Other materials are ordinary dumpling materials is that so Cabbage or leek or something like that? is that so Do you only use spam instead of ground pork? so that's all? so What about spamming? Engraving, cutting? Just fir fir Fir fir, fir fir I see It becomes like mince Let's try it This is spam dumplings It's Japanese dumplings It is delicious, usually using pork I think this is delicious because spam uses pork

It's delicious, this I do not know the difference You have some pork and some garlic I always get into dumplings I didn't add salt, this dumpling That's great Yes, I do not need salt It is originally included Because spam is salty Cooking becomes easy I became fond of this You don't have to put it on dumplings Yeah

But if you want For example, if you want some acidity of vinegar You can also imagine the taste with the sauce Another bite delicious! next, Spam salad Very simple salad Macaroni salad Yeah Spawn cut into squares for macaroni salad, after? With chopped carrots, celery It is chopped carrot and celery Do you also have salmon? No Is it not included? Not included Blue spot is celery leaves It's about time Nice Let's eat Mayo served with mayo it is delicious I love you I love macaroni salad and celery If you don't like celery, You can just ignore it It may be carrots and salmon It is also good pepper I think anything is fine Make macaroni salad as usual, Just put in spam What about spam tempura? How is it? What do you think? I just sliced ​​the spam and put it on the water-simmered tempura powder And fried that's all? Very easy Is tempura powder commercially available tempura powder? It's the easiest It's simple Tempura dough is only flour, eggs and water It's simple The ratio is in our video It is a video of a very old tempura But if you don't have time, You can buy tempura flour at the supermarket If you do not have an Asian supermarket in your neighborhood, take a look at our amazon store You will find Japanese materials The interesting thing is that we eat tempura with salt and tempura juice and so on But in this case, Imagine, it already tastes, Do you eat it as it is? it is delicious Very Let's have cabbage I already have enough saltiness, I think it looks delicious even over tonkatsu and so on Is it a cutlet Eat with cabbage and look I thought so too

I think it's delicious Because spam is salty Cabbage is Suppress the saltiness I feel that it is better to use reduced salt spam for tempura I think so? Is it too salty? I decided everyone Let's go to the main meal See, this is thick Tonkatsu sandwich It's spam Spam pork cutlet sandwich It's a spam cutlet Spam cutlet Spam cutlet sandwich I think there was a spam cut in Hawaii This looks delicious You reproduced the cutlet you ate for a while I like it, I do it how did you make it? It's simple Slicing spam Flour, eggs, breaded And fried that's all I took a bit of pork cutlet sauce If you can't find the pork cutlet sauce, Check out our amazon store As a simple alternative It's not perfect but You should imitate in this way Worcester sauce, the original name is very long To ketchup, Add some soy sauce Only this, turn into homemade tonkatsu sauce quickly When there is no real thing Looks delicious it is delicious this is good Pass! straightforwardly, I did not expect much A mass of spam I didn't think it was delicious But delicious Fried spam, very delicious The pork cutlet sauce will make it look like a pork cutlet again Because pork cutlet sauce is sweet, Spam is salty, You're right And this bread too Suppress the saltiness Be balanced it is delicious I think it's delicious even if the spam is not so hot Originally salty If it is half thick It may not be so salty I'm alone But it looks like it's dynamic It's wild Next is spam fried noodles so This is my recipe When I was young It is fried noodles, but I have spam Add your favorite vegetables to it, I'm in cabbage Shredded ginseng Green onion Spammed spam The stomach to taste is a little salt, In pepper And powder I'm selling it in a box It is not necessary to put in one bag, just sprinkle Soy sauce a little If you don't have a powder source in your neighborhood, it's in our amazon store Most of what's in the kitchen in Japan The soup is usually in the family Try eating, Satoshi I was always making Before meeting you is that so It's easy to make Today we I used yakisoba noodles, But you may use instant noodles Don't use soup Boil it for about 1 minute, Use it Is that so? I have not done that before Is delicious My mother always did that My mother liked that one Delivery one street, etc I used Sapporo Ichibanto Not Yakisoba noodles I was an instant girl How? Good taste It's perfect to eat with spam You don't need to add too much seasoning Spam is originally salty You can also eat vegetables You can do it in about 5 minutes We have been making recipes using spam My mom's favorite spam fried rice If you do not look, look Of course there is a spam end too! Look by all means one more There is teriyaki spam end It's fried, so it's a bit different There are three recipes Because there are seven today There are 10 recipes amazing There are 10 spam recipes, on our channel The last is ramen Spam ramen We saw this in Hong Kong and Macao Somehow "Delivery Ichou", It was very popular in Hong Kong and Macao is that so

Lawrence said, premium ramen, It's a bit expensive Noodles with one serving So I tried using one delivery I see, it's deluxe And on the top 2 spam I baked it before putting on ramen It and egg ・ easy over 葱 so Let's eat let's eat together Perfection I'm back in Macao remember? In Daipaidon The food stalls on the street I ate something similar to this I haven't eaten a while ago Me too I ate in macau Why is it so popular in Hong Kong and Macao, This ramen comes with sesame oil Oh, I think that is the reason? I think so Ask your Hong Kong friends Please write in the comment section The combination of ramen and this spam, Matches truly First of all, I can use a lot of spam, everything I did today It may be used for anything Mr Geymat said that she would make shepherd's pie That's great I had no time to make it today, I have not made it Some people said spam tacos I think that is a great idea You may try and make I think it's delicious I still have spam In the refrigerator Yes Yes But this week is already good? Thanks for watching Did you enjoy it? Please let me know what you think Thank you very much for your high evaluation Thank you for your registration Thanks for watching In the next "delicious" video!

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