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Wheat Flour Laddu Recipe | Krishnashtami Special | Godhuma Pindi Laddu | Special Sweet Recipes



Wheat flour is easily available at our house Today, We will learn how to make 'Wheat Flour Laddo'

For this, let's take some ghee(clarified butter) and heat it First add little amount of ghee and then later add more if required Ghee has melted, let's add 3 cups wheat flour in it Mix it well and we have to fry this flour until its aroma lingers Fry this flour upto 15-20 minutes

Keep stirring continuously and add ghee if required Roasting the flour is done, let's switch off the stove and allow it to cool down The mixture has coold down, let's add 15 cup powderd sugar Because, we have taken 3 cups of wheat flour

Next, 1/2 tsp Cardamom powder Add 1/2 tsp chopped Almond and Pistachio, mix it well Mix it well with hands Let's start making laddoos now Wheat Flour Laddo is ready now

Let's garnish it with almond and pistachios See, how tasty laddoos are made in less time Do try these healthy laddoos at home and enjoy the taste

Source: Youtube

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