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When would Coach Hyun finally learn to cook? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.06.25]



– Oh? / – I came here to eat – Will they learn it? / – Thanks to Ahn Junghwan

I want to talk things over later, so I'll bear with this for now Let's go learn (A man unknowingly dragged in) Let's hope we'll see the soup He's drenched in sweat (A man dreaming of opening a restaurant) (A man without a word) That poor guy

(Entering the battlefield of cuisine) How nice The perfect place to cook The ingredients are prepared They're learning the short rib soup Thanks to Ahn Junghwan, we get to see short ribs

(Finally, learning short rib soup!) How long do you drain the blood? – Around 3 hours / – 3 hours? You'll see red liquid draining out – In cold water? / – Yes, cold water The water must be cold You can add some ice cubes too

First of all (Teaching us the prized recipe?) – Where are the aprons? / – Aprons are a must – Wear this

/ – Yes, I'll wear it – Sanitation is key / – Sure – Wear this / – Sure

Turn around (Getting ready to learn) – I won't wear this / – Why not? That makes you look even more handsome Thank you (Huge smile) (Jealousy explodes) Hyeok, take that off

– Ugly guys should take it off / – Really? – Sanitation is key / – Sure (Aprons in place) (Time to learn the short rib soup?) First things first Slice the radish kimchi (What? Radish kimchi?) Season the slices – Radish kimchi? Why? / – White radishes For what? – It's a basic side dish / – For short rib soup It's a must (A must-have side dish) (Is the short rib soup out of reach?) – Radish kimchi before the soup? / – Yes

(Weren't we learning short rib soup?) Start by slicing those (Pile of white radishes) Time for radishes Sit down, Junghwan (Everyone flustered) – Slice them into quarters / – Quarters

Then slice them in half Junghwan, don't be such a slowpoke (Fanning the flames) (Slicing again and again) – Slice them into quarters / – Quarters Hyeok, get the car ready

(Endless pile of white radishes)

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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