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Whole grilled fish (CHINESE style) – HEALTHY recipe


[UltraVid id=377 ]hey guys welcome to beer biceps YouTube’s first in their specific fitness and food channel so today we’re going to be making a very very healthy seafood dish we’re gonna be cooking Chinese style whole grilled red snapper so seafood by itself especially fish is very healthy but in in a very often we tend to fry our seafood or we tend to add it to curries with a lot of coconut or a lot of cream now what this is doing is its increasing the total fat content of your dish and it’s kind of taking away the healthy factor from the fish so for today’s dish I’m going to be showing you how to make a we’re a half yellow fish with only one tablespoon of oil okay guys so let’s start with the ingredients first firstly I’ve taken orange because I want that to be the predominant flavor in this dish and orange works awesome with Chinese cooking secondly chili because all Chinese food always has a kick of chili freshly cut slips of ginger I feel this adds an awesome texture to the dish and flavors it really well thinly sliced garlic again awesome texture and all Chinese food always needs its ginger and garlic okay guys so these are the dry ingredients but let’s talk about the sauces that you need while cooking Chinese food mostly I’ve got oysters or seven or oyster sauce is difficult to get in India but you can substitute it with some kind of fish sauce that you get very easily next I’ve got white vinegar this works awesome with Chinese food and it’s then almost every good Chinese dish next I’ve got dark soy sauce the most important ingredient according to me when you’re cooking Chinese food okay guys now you need to remember that fish sauce and soy sauce are extremely salty and to cut through all that saltiness you need sugar so these are the basic ingredients you need to make the marinade for the fish okay so let’s talk about the protein now I’m going to be using a red snapper yolk but feel free to use any large fish like Java sauce or mine I’ve ordered this from a place called off the hook in Bombay they deliver any one Bombay an awesome quality of fish man I’m blown away but you can go to any fish market and look out for a really large fish just make sure you get the fish cleaned and butchered properly you can pay the fishermen of women little extra the pros are doing it and it’ll be worth it in the end now the first thing you wanna be doing here is making these slits these diagonal slits in the red snapper I’m going to be stuffing the marinade inside these slits so take a really sharp knife and cut it the way I’m cutting it make sure you don’t cut all the way through the slits should be kind of shallow about 1 1 and 1/2 centimeters or so so you got to make diagonal parallel slits on both sides of the fish we’re going to start flavoring the fish now with this thinly cut ginger garlic and chilies feel free to alter the proportions of the condiments completely according to your own taste just like Indian cooking great Chinese cooking is always made according to your own taste buds so if you like your food spicier add more chili if you like your food more garlicky add more garlic just make sure all the slits on either side of the fish are completely filled the more condiments you add the more the flavor you get in the fish once you’re done filling all the slits it’s time to fill the inner cavity of the fish now I’m going to be filling this cavity with orange slices when you cook it these orange slices are going to steam and the entire flesh of the fish is going to be flavored with their lovely orange juice use the remaining ginger garlic and chili to stuff the insides of the fish now make sure that there’s as much stuffing inside as possible because there’s a lot of meat to be flavoured so once you’re done with all the dry ingredients it’s time to mix all those wet ingredients that I showed you so you have mixed voice to sauce soy sauce sugar and the vinegar in One Bowl and I’m going to pour it on either side of the fish make sure you get some of the wet ingredients inside the fish as well ok guys the next step is optional now my oven wasn’t big enough to fit the entire red snapper so I chose to cut off the head like this if you can then it’s better that you ask your fisherman or fisherwoman to cut it off for you it’ll be much easier but if you can’t just use a very sharp knife and hack through the head for this particular dish I decided to use a banana leaf to wrap the whole fish now this banana leaf is going to keep the fish moist so you’re not going to get crisp skin but the flesh inside the fish is going to be perfectly moist and amazing to eat you can use kitchen foil instead but I feel the banana leaf is a healthy option so you have got a preheated oven that are preheated to about 175 degrees so for a red snapper the rule of thumb is generally around 12 minutes for every 500 grams so for this 2 and 1/2 kilo fish that’s about an R or so the red snappers are huge and it might be hard for you to fit it in completely but even if you can fit it in just like this it’s perfectly fine just make sure the heats trapped inside don’t open it too much through the cooking so once you’ve got your protein cooking in the oven it’s time to make the sauce now for this particular sauce I’m gonna be using very very little oil but just make sure that the wok that you’re using is really hot leave it on a high flame for at least 5 minutes now here I’ve just added about a tablespoon of really healthy rice bran oil what makes this dish special is that it’s crazily low in fat in the entire two and a half kilos of fish this is the only fat present the first step in making the pepper sauce is adding the freshly crushed pepper so when you crush pepper like this it kind of opens it up and it allows it to flavor all that oil after you’ve added the pepper add all the remaining sliced garlic so you’ve got this garlicky peppery awesome oil the next step is to add all the onions you have taken spring onion heads and I’ve sliced up one entire onion feel free to take as much onion as you want it just gives the sauce some body and some amazing crunch so once your onions have lost a little bit of color but they’ve not lost crunch you can start adding all the wet ingredients the order that you add them in doesn’t matter so I’m going to start with the oyster sauce and then I’m gonna add about three caps of soy sauce now you need to remember that Chinese cooking is just like Indian cooking it depends on your own taste preferences so you can play around with the proportion of the wet ingredients next we’re going to go in with all that white vinegar for some acidity I put about two caps of it the final step in making any Chinese sauce is adding cornstarch water to your sauce base all this does is that it makes the sauce a little thick and it gives it a better texture so if you want to keep your dish super super healthy ignore this step don’t do it but if you can afford a bit of extra carbs go ahead with this step so after 1r that’s about 12 minutes for every 500 grams I took the snapper out and it’s time to peel off the outer leaf oh my God look at that beautiful flesh it’s just steaming with all those beautiful oranges and the garlic and like ginger this is gonna taste awesome I know it so there you have it guys that’s my version of a whole grilled red snapper now this is crazily healthy and crazily tasty it’s a perfect meal to serve a large group of health-conscious people or even an entire family so this is how I like to serve it fish and sauce on either side of the plate and top it with some chopped spring onions just look at how beautiful that is this is the perfect and T healthiest meal for a large group of people hey guys thanks for watching my video today please please please give my video thumbs up subscribe to my channel leave a comment I want to know from you guys what kind of food videos you all would want to see from me so guys go follow me on Instagram and beer biceps go follow me on Twitter and beer biceps 93 and this is my facebook page given down below so send in any queries you have related fitness I’ll try my best to answer them so until next time guys see you

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