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Hi and welcome to Pimp My Noodles, the show where we turn your delicious treats into no hang on, The show where we turn cheap eats into delicious treats Okay my name is Aaron you're watching Pimp My Noodles, I've already established that, today we are going to be cooking an outrageous Frankenstein of a sandwich, Heart Attack Sandwich!!! This sandwich it shouldn't have even been thought of, it's got kimchi in it it's got bacon in it it's got an egg, it's got cheese, obviously it's a grilled cheese sandwich and it's got instant noodles, it's damn good Titles & cool music Okay, so today we are going to be cooking with Paldo Bibim Men noodles from South Korea Can we get a shot of that Josh Josh: 'We have it there" Aaron: Thank you sir

The packet says it's got an additional more 8% apple juice in the soup which is good to know and that I should enjoy myself after cooking it I definitely plan to so let's get cookin To cook this dish you're going to need the following ingredients, if you've missed it got to Pimp My Noodles dot com, all the information is there Let's get started the first one it's pretty tough we're going to butter the bread Ahm, look I don't know how much I can teach you on that one and if you do need help I think the rest of this recipe might you might get past you So look all I can suggest is, you know, butter it to the edges and don't rip it umm, once that's done we need to add the cheese, which cheese you ask well that's really up to you I'm just going to use some cheese slices really I'm only using them because I like the way they melt okay so one does that's done that we need to get to cooking

Put your pan on and turn on the heat and add just a glug of oil and we just want to get this nice and hot because the first thing we're going to do is we're going to cook our eggs make sure you're careful not to break the yolk get in there nice I like a sunny-side-up egg if you want to flip it over that's up to you I think a runny egg kind of suits the dish so yeah that's what I'm doing anyway and I'm just going to put a little thing over the top here because I wanted to kind of fast and the steam is going to cook the top and it's going to turn out nice beep beep beep beep

And that's how you burn yourself on camera You like that? Ha, ha, ha you idiot

So when the eggs ready to go just take off the top get your spatula remove the egg put it aside for the moment and we're going to get started on making our noodles Bring a pot of water to a boil grab your noodles and we're simply just going to break this in two, and put it in for two minutes We're not going to add any of these flavor sachets today because well the dish is going to have lots and lots of flavor so yeah it's not necessary but I would like to try this apple sauce sometime so I'll save it for later On the socials we are at PimpMyNoodlesShow Remember if you want this recipe, if you want anything else go to PimpMyNoodles

com it is the one-stop noodle pimping shop Once these noodles are done just basically take them out of the water give them a bit of a strain and just drizzle just a tiny little bit of oil over the top we do that just so the noodles don't stick together Add a little bit of oil to your pan that you cooked your egg in I'm sure that there's oil in there but hey a little bit more I never hurt and make sure your pan is hot before you add the bacon no one wants boiled bacon we don't want to boil the bacon in oil we want to fry the bacon and oil, we want to render out the fat so it's all good and we can add the kimchi and it's going to go into the noodles and it's going to taste delicious Okay so get your bacon I've got two rashes here and just add them here, see that's the sound, that's the sound you want, delicious sizzle Okay cook your bacon till it is beautiful and brown on both sides

All those popping sounds, that sounds of love right there, that's the bacon telling you that it loves cooking at the moment it's having the best time See it's talking to you! I'm like the bacon whisperer When it looks like this grab the kimchi and just simply put it in on top don't worry about the bacon fat or anything like that that's what we want Look at that, man if you could smell that right now you would be in heaven I promise you this is the bomb

Grab your instant noodles – FIRE ALARM someone called the fire department So now the bacons cooked and the fire department's been called but get some noodles put it in the pan like this Perfect Mixed it up get all that wonderful kimchi, and all the bacon everything like that all together You could eat this just like this you wouldn't even need to put this in a sandwich but we're going to I'd even get a little bit of soy maybe just a little splash of soy put that in there

Okay so this is done we're going to start to make our sandwich so grab your noodles then just stack them neatly on top of the piece of bread with the cheese on it I'm salivating just looking at it, this is awesome Make sure you get all the cabbage all the good bits so grab your pan wipe it out put it back on the heat and then carefully place the bread, this is butter side down by the way and just place it on the pan as so turn up the heat a little bit you'll hear it sizzle so I basically want you to cook the bread until it's golden on one side then we're going to flip it carefully and repeat the process if everything falls out it's alright it's you know it's a bit of a hot mess anyway so who cares You really wanted that to fall off then didn't you I could see it in your eyes While we're waiting for this sandwich to cook why don't we clean up a little bit we don't want to be a pig

See at Pimp My Noodles we don't only teach you how to cook noodles we teach you how to have a better and clean and organized life we're damn proud about that here at Pimp My Noodles So let's see where we are Ohh, slamming Okay this bad boy's ready to go let's put it over here flip it over again and there we are ready to go okay so remove the lid and add the fried egg Put the top back on and there you have it, the He art Attack Sandwich

Instant noodles with kimchi, bacon, cheese, it's a melt in the mouth delicious moment And that's it That's all you need to do to put a heart attack on a board The director, Josh, he's going to be out official taster pick it up take a big bite tell us what you think 'Kimchi end or bacon end?' Oh, you gotta get bacon

Oh, go in the middle! *Laughs* Oh my lord! Okay, so if you were going to give a Pimp My Noodle (Urgh) Oh, he's down, has anyone got a defibrillator? oh, ahh, *laughs* can someone hit cut? 'Fire Department has been called, everything's okay' Hang on, these noodles have coagulated 'Didn't you put the oil on them?' No, I just advised people to do that, I didn't actually do it myself because I'm an idiot Oii!

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