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Yummy cooking Khmer traditional food recipe-Sour Soup/ស្ងោរម្ជូរត្រីប្រា-#Have subtitle in English .



The view of the forest behind my house I love it , It is very fresh and beautiful

Music So,first I wash the vegetable Put the to vegetable to the big bowl that full of water and wash it Hi welcome back to my channel Today I cook khmer traditional food call Sour Soup this is the recipe of my cooking

Then we boil the water Then we prepare the fish Now we prepare vegetable then we prepare tomatoes We prepare tomatoes already

And we prepare corn france And prepare Ma orm we prepare Ma orm already so, put it in the plate The water that we boil now boiling Now we put the fish to in to the pot that full of hot water

keep it 5 minutes Then put the vegetable keep it 6 minutes again and also put the pineapple too After that 6 minutes we add sugar

salt and seasoning And put Ma orm(called in khmer language) now we put the pan on the fire and add Oil And add chop garlic to it do like this until the garlic have good smell after we put the garlic that we fried already to the soup

Now we cook Sour Soup already HmmmIt smell so good Hmm,it is very deliciousDon't forget to subscribe my channel

thanks for watching

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